"Scandal" Mama Said Knock You Out (TV Episode 2014) Poster

(TV Series)


Tony Goldwyn: Fitzgerald Grant



  • President Fitzgerald Grant : [throwing a file down on the his desk]  Give him to me.

    Jake Ballard : Who?

    President Fitzgerald Grant : Dmitri Belenko.

    Jake Ballard : I don't know who that is.

    President Fitzgerald Grant : You know exactly who it is. We had eyes on him. You took him. We know you took him.

    Jake Ballard : And now you want your ball back.

    President Fitzgerald Grant : This is not a game, Ballard.

    Jake Ballard : No, it's not. But let's suppose I did know who this Dmitri was. A terrorist maybe working for Ivan Yushkin who popped up in Baltimore three days ago. Just making this up, obviously. But if someone like that did exist and I had him, why on earth would I give him to you? So you can puff out your chest and announce his detention at a swing-state pancake breakfast?

    President Fitzgerald Grant : I am the Commander in Chief!

    Jake Ballard : And I am Command, which means you don't tell me to do anything, because I'm not your bitch. You are the President. Your job is to shake hands, hold babies, pose with prime ministers, and sit down to interviews with your family. You comfort people, and you look pretty, and you talk tough. You don't do anything. I decide if there is a war. I decide if a world leader dies. I decide what to do with the Dmitris and the Ivans. I decide if America sleeps at night. I decide if America endures. This is not a game, Mr. President, and you're not getting your ball back.

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