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TV does not get any better than this....
A_Different_Drummer26 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I consider myself an historian of TV, been watching since the 50s, and what really amazes me is that TV has taken a quantum leap forward in quality in the last few years.

I set the point of demarcation at 2010. I could be off a year but you get the drift. From for example the remake of Hawaii 50, to Blacklist, is a jump of quantum proportions. The Nolan brothers could even use it in a sequel to Interstellar...

Which brings me to the point of this review. With the bar suddenly raised by shows like this one, and POI, and Banshee, and even Suits, how do you make that final leap to excellence to separate the good episodes ... from the spectacular ones? In this episode, the main arc, which usually involves bringing a Blacklisted baddie to justice .... the baddie turns out to be a lovesick 15 year old. That is clever, and fun.

On the side arcs, we not only have further development of the Tom Is Not A Nice Guy arc, but in the reveal at the last 4 minutes, Lizzie realizes that the hobby project Ray has been building for the entire episode was in anticipation of her needing comfort for what she was about to discover.

That is beyond good, that is bloody brilliant, because the audience makes the connection at the same time as the character. Shared emotion character-to-viewer is as good as TV gets.

Super TV.

Another IMDb reviewer took this episode to task because Lizzie throws a temper tantrum. Really? As the series builds, and given the cool way Raymond has been treating Lizzie until this point, the tantrum actually makes the story more real, not less real.

Just saying...
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Love the series but Keene annoyed me in this episode
kmmedina17 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this series. Without a doubt James Spader is the highlight but generally most of the supporting cast is solid. However in this episode some of Keene's actions were downright silly even though probably intended to move the plot forward.

Firstly if you are going to check out a lead, why in the name of all that is holy would you call a civilian? You don't do that at any other time.

The second major annoyance was her little temper tantrum when she visited Red. She goes to ask for info, he does not give her exactly the response she wants and she turns into a two year old.

Still a critical episode in the larger story arc, but I really wish they found a more believable way to get to the point.
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kanyid15 March 2019
1. A top secret project would never be transported in a civilian car! Really! 2. Oh let's just ask the perp his name when you're yards down the hall. Hopefully you knew his picture already dorks! 3. Oh yeah let's turn on one light post at a time. Yeah that is totally possible. 4. Hey you think we should turn the sirens on whenever we're going to nab him? He'll never figure it out.
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Teen Drama!
shawdawn-5586719 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have been enjoy blacklist but this episode is a NO for me. The kid who wasn't even Ivan all for the love of a girl. Then Keen being dumb this episode why would she tell her husband about a case in the first place but, she told almost every move she was about to do. Well at least she knows about her husband now.
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The silliest episode in the series
sungjew-769-88265518 April 2019
Honestly! What is the screenwriter doing? The silliest episode in the series so far. So many flaws in one episode .
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