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  • Tom struggles to keep his secret safe. Ressler goes after the man who's taking down his old team one by one, Mako Tanida.

  • An agent whom Ressler knows is found dead. All evidence points to a Japanese criminal whom he, the man who died and two others apprehended while he was pursuing Reddington. And when one of the other men is found dead, Ressler tries to get his girlfriend to safety but the Japanese finds him and during a struggle, she is killed. Ressler only wants to find the man and even asks Reddington for help. Liz asks Red for help and gives a piece of information, they were not aware of which changes things. And Red tells the cowboy to bring the woman Tom's been seen with to him but things don't go as planned.


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  • "The Blacklist" - "Mako Tanida" - March 17, 2014

    A man escapes from prison in Japan.

    An FBI agent puts his kids to bed in Tokyo. They are all headed back to the States in a few weeks. Later, while he is sorting through a mountain of bills he is visited by the prison escapee. His name is Mako Tanida (#83) and apparently this agent and other members of a task force the agent was on were responsible for putting him in prison. He calls himself collateral damage in the FBI search for Red.

    Tanida brings the agent up to the roof and gives him two options: He can commit sepukku and rip out his own innards or he will kill him himself and then kill his wife and kids. The agent makes him promise about his family and then guts himself.

    Jolene drops by Tom and Liz's saying that she and her fiancé are looking for a place in their neighborhood. She drops the news that they went to an art exhibit and he didn't ask her to go because she was working. Liz gives Jolene her cell phone number so she can give her a realtor recommendation.

    At the funeral, the other agents from the task force, including Ressler, toast Sam and can't believe that he committed suicide, it just doesn't feel right. Audrey shows up and the other agents are happy to see she and Ressler are back together. Before she and Ressler depart, one of the agents says he thinks Red is involved somehow. He goes to see Liz to get in touch with Red and she says oddly enough Red is looking for him too.

    At the moment Red is at the ballet delivering a check to a ballerina and wondering if something will be ready in time on the 22nd. She says it will be. Dembe comes up and says he found Ressler.

    Ressler and Red meet and he tells him about Mako Tanida. He explains he broke out of prison. Ressler figures Red wants something in this deal, like Tanida's head in a box. Red says the scalp he's worried about is Ressler's own since Tanida will be coming for the other members of the task force.

    We see Tanida passing through homeland security with a fake passport. We cut to Tanida confronting another of the agents from the task force. We then cut to that agent face down in a pool of blood in the snow by a bridge.

    Everyone gathers at the Post Office to debrief on Tanida, the killings, and their next move. While he was in prison Tanida's operation grew extensively somehow, including in the U.S. His younger brother has been running the show. They find out about the agent and Tanida entering the U.S. Ressler's distracted, he goes to get Audrey to keep her safe.

    Jolene approaches Tom on the street and he is angry that she came to his house noting that she is not his handler. She tells him "Berlin" is having doubts. He says he doesn't care and that he's done everything they asked including marrying Liz and making her think his entire world revolves around her. He leads her into his safe house/HQ where he has a big evidence-style wall with pictures and documents and colored yarn strung across it. He explains about the attack and the situation with Red and Liz finding his bag so he said he had to go dark. He tells her about the cameras in his house which he knows weren't FBI. She says she can't help him unless he calms down. He explains his wall saying as far as he can tell their paths have crossed a few times over the years and that Red has been funneling money to Liz through the adoptive father. He explains the Post Office. He notes he sat right next to Red once and could've put a bullet in his head. Jolene says that wasn't his mission. As they leave, Red's guy snaps pics of them together.

    Ressler gets Audrey from his place and they take off. He starts to explain about what's happening when an SUV pulls up next to them and shoots at them. They chase and crash. Ressler goes after Tanida, who shoots Audrey dead. Ressler is bereft. Tanida gets away.

    Cooper tells Ressler they'll find Tanida but they have to follow procedure. Ressler isn't interested in procedure which Cooper understands but also tells him he's a good agent and a good man and he shouldn't compromise himself. He promises to bring Tanida to justice for him. Ressler isn't waiting. He calls the final living member of the task force, a retired agent. He doesn't have any leads for Ressler except Red. The guy says he wants to get Red alone for five minutes.

    Red goes to visit his private eye who shows him the photos. Red says to bring her to him. The PI wants double the money in that case, mostly because he doesn't like Red or his hat. Red agrees.

    Ressler goes to the bridge where his friend was found and meets with Red. He asks Red where Tanida is. Red tries to offer condolences and says there are few like him that truly understand about grief. Red says to go home and turn back from this quest for vengeance because once he goes dark he will never be able to come back. Ressler says all he feels his hate. Red says he's going to need it. Red tells him about an underground hospital where the survivors of the ambush might be getting stitched up.

    Ressler and his agent buddy go there and coerce an injured guy into telling them where Tanida is by shooting him.

    Jolene goes for a walk and just as the PI is about to grab her, Tom attacks him from behind and knocks him out. He and Jolene grab his body and take off.

    Meera and Liz check out the scene of the underground hospital and work out it was Ressler and his buddy. Liz goes to see Red, who is still trying to work out details at the ballet. He admits that he helped Ressler. She is mad at him. She thinks they need to find Tanida before Ressler does something he can't come back from psychologically. Red tells her that the younger Tanida brother is dead not running his brother's business. They realize that Ressler's retired FBI buddy is the one actually running Tanida's business, he went bad.

    But Ressler has found him.

    Tom ties up the PI at his safe house and tries to get info out of him. Jolene is nervous. Tom says this is all her fault and Red tracked her and she is compromised and her trail will lead to him and she needs to disengage, call Liz and tell her she's leaving town. The PI thinks it's a double-cross and he will kill them both if she does that. She does it. Tom kills them.

    Ressler and his buddy drive a handcuffed Tanida into the woods. Tanida taunts Ressler about Audrey and his other agent buddies. The dirty agent is driving and pretends to tell Tanida to shut up. But when he realizes Tanida is giving away important info about his brother Ressler starts to get confused and wants to hear him talk but his buddy shoots him and Ressler tries to wrestle away the gun and they get in an accident. When Ressler comes to his now injured buddy is running away into the woods. Ressler tracks him down and his buddy confesses and tries to make his case and says how could he kill his best friend. Ressler is disgusted by this. He points out that it's Red that brought Audrey back into his life and why he had 3 more months with her and it's this guy's fault now that she is dead. He hands his buddy a knife to commit seppuku or, Ressler says, he will kill him himself.

    Back at the Post Office they figure out where Ressler went and they take off after him. They arrive and head into the woods and Liz tries to stop him from shooting him. Ressler asks her what if this guy killed Tom? The guy starts asking him to shoot him since he knows what will happen to him in prison. The guy keeps taunting him. Ressler shoots near him but not at him. The guy apologizes tearfully. Liz tries to comfort him. She shakes him off. Suddenly, the guy grabs the knife and guts himself.

    Back at the car, Tom sees that Tanida is gone, slipped his cuffs in the crash.

    Later he sits, bruised and battered at home, finally grieving about Audrey. He finds a home pregnancy test in her things and starts to cry.

    Tom also heads to the woods, under the cover of darkness, and buries the bodies.

    Red comes to the ballet, the dancers gossip about him backstage, saying he's one of their biggest donors and that his daughter used to dance ballet. Dembe meets him in the box and says the PI and Jolene are both gone. Red is the only person in the theatre, he watches the ballet and the dancers disappear and he sees his little daughter twirling onstage. We see he is clutching a weathered program, likely from his daughter's last dance recital.

    Tom is in the shower scrubbing off the blood. Liz joins him and tells him she got a call from Jolene saying she was leaving town. She kisses him and we see his bloody hands smear on her back.

    Dembe delivers a box to Ressler with a note from Red saying he knows nothing can take the pain away but eventually he'll learn to live with it. Ressler opens the box, inside: Tanida's head.

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