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There is a great movie hidden in there somewhere
GirishGowda29 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The film concerns a father's love for his son on one side and a son's possessiveness of his mother on the other. All four characters are connected in which three are Upendra and one is Catherine Tresa, the mother. Shiva is the rich 'God Father' who caters to his son's every need. However, he is confined to a wheelchair, but is well respected. The hiccup is to his son Vijay (Upendra) from Ajay (Upendra). One is growing up with the 'God Father' and the other one is being raised by a 'Mad Mother'. For what Shiva did to his mother, Ajay wants to take revenge on his father and hence begins troubling Vijay and makes everyone believe that Vijay might have a split personality disorder.

I wrongly assumed that this would be a vanity project for one of the best directors (who went on to become a leading actor and didn't direct for more than a decade) in the Kannada industry. This isn't Upendra's directorial effort, but it could have been handled effectively if he was in the driver's seat. He portrays three characters and there are three different timelines. Early on, it has lewd comedy which is surprisingly funny and later turns into a serious thriller about whether the son has a Jekyll and Hyde kind of split personality disorder or not. Upendra shines as the young classical dancer, Shiva. If only it focused more on the graceful male dancer's story about how society considered him to be impotent and an eunuch and ridiculed his manliness which made him create a monster within himself or how a little boy went psychotic in trying to protect his mad mother from the evil world instead of giving equal importance to the son's marriage which came off as superficial on all levels, it could have been amazing. Of course, the movie has a weird and disgusting sense of morality since it basically preaches that rape is alright if its done by a 'good man' in in an enraged state. That said, there is a great movie hidden in there somewhere.

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