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So good, yet so underrated
joeoreilly56 March 2014
I thought this episode was great. I never thought that any kind of character relationship would work with Daryl and Beth, I always thought their personalities were too different, and this episode showed that. But the great writers of the walking dead, made it work, and turned it into one of my favourite character bonds in any series. My only disappointment is how underrated this episode is, people are complaining about the fact it was just Daryl and Beth, and that there wasn't much action, but I still found it one of the most entertaining episodes since the mid season premier.

Fantastic episode
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So underrated brilliant character development episode
CM-Drunk1 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Great episode one of the best written and character development episodes ever made for the show, even though it lacked the main story the writing and development and acting made up for it big time! For example remember the season 3 episode clear with just rick, carl, michone and Morgan? That lacked the main story also but people loved it because of the character development and acting as well!

Daryl and Beth are both becoming even more interesting, they may become an item they may not but they are definitely becoming closer and that is making their character more interesting and more important to the show.

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Excellent performances and character profiling...
Blacksapote4 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I take my hat off to Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney for their subtle but powerful performances in this episode which literally moved me to tears.

This episode is the reason why The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on television - how this episode only has a rating of 7 on IMDb surprises me, but let's face it, a majority of zombie genre fans who watch the show are obsessed with the mindlessness and killing scenes these genres are popular for: gore, non-stop action sequences and blood letting and pretty much NOTHING else.

Thankfully, this is where The Walking Dead departs beautifully, it takes the genre to another level and gives it meaning, depth, a reason to keep watching, wondering, hoping.

If this were anything like the typical zombie genres out there, I would have stopped watching a long time ago, you can only watch so much gore before it just gets boring and predictable, I might as well be watching some B Grade horror film (just a tip there for those who like that stuff, if that's the case, then The Walking Dead is clearly not for you).

"Still" is a cathartic episode for the characters, an attempt to let go of their pasts, their former selves - and both characters are integral to this transformation in each other. The normally optimistic Beth and the emotionally removed Daryl, what an awesome combination and opportunity to explore this tension between the two characters, that proverbial "elephant" in the room. Beth wanting to be stronger and initially seeing herself as weak in comparison to the other female characters in the show and Daryl tormented by a dark past that seems to be nipping at his heels after the loss of the prison, the place where he was just beginning to find the family and sense of self he never really had.

You begin to realize that despite their superficial differences, the commonality lies in their intense and mutual sense of loss, hidden initially by either Beth's optimism or Daryl's detachment. In a way, Beth "saves" Daryl from slipping irrevocably into his grief and potentially losing sight of his humanity again, and in doing so we're now aware of how powerful her strength really is in this apocalypse, how it's just as valid as physical strength. It feels as though Daryl's walls have been burned to the ground and how poetic to have this happen at the closing scene, Beth and Daryl both flipping the bird at despair and giving us hope for the rest of their journey. I think the closing song summed up this episode a treat:

"There's bound to be a ghost at the back of your closet, No matter where you live, There'll always be a few things maybe several things, That you're gonna find really difficult to forgive, There's gonna come a day when you feel better"

Thanks The Walking Dead, this episode really hit home for me, in more ways than one.
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Extremely Underrated Episode!
g-bodyl1 February 2015
This is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of the Walking Dead. I'm surprised this is the lowest-rated episode in the entire series so far, but then again people don't seem to like filler episodes. I thought this was an excellent character-driven episode and it highlights at a possible thing between Beth and Daryl. The screenplay is excellent as both characters have meaningful words to say.

In this episode, "Still," tensions arise between Daryl and Beth as they try to figure out what to do next. Beth decides she wants her first alcoholic drink, as Herschel never allowed her to have one.

Overall, this is a vastly underrated episode. Sure it lacks on the zombie violence, but this is more focused on character development. We see a new side to Daryl, but it's nice to see more of Beth whom we haven't seen in many episodes as the leading figure. I rate this episode 9/10.
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An excellent character development episode!!!
themis-agor4 March 2014
Unfortunately it's highly underrated. Some people cannot understand the meaning of the phrase 'character development'. The only thing they want is guns and all these things. The Walking Dead turns into a psychological horror which is awesome in my book!! THEY didn't want the prison. And now, as the prison's destroyed, they are complaining about the ''boring' episodes after the mid-season finale!!!! And because of them, 'Still' will maybe fall under the 7s!! It's absolutely unfair!!!

As I previously said, 'Still' not only is it one of the greatest episodes of the series, but through this episode we learned more about Beth and Daryl, something that we didn't have the chance to do some days ago.

An excellent episode from an excellent TV-series!!

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Excellent character development, 9/10
olaparmros3 March 2014
Beth and Daryl are both on the verge of breaking down, but finds hope and courage through each other. We see Daryl showing true emotions for the first time in a long, long time. This episode proves that Walking Dead can be just as great without constant plot twists and zombie killing action scenes. I know that many people will not agree with this, but I find this episode as one of the better ones in the series. The character development of Daryl through this episode is just amazing. I liked him a lot before but know I absolutely love him. Great, touching episode. Episodes like this one are sometimes needed in order for us to appreciate the more action filled and dramatic ones. 9/10.
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My favorite episode + one of the very best of the series
actionstudiosco20 November 2014
First things first: I was shocked at seeing that this episode got the lowest rating out of any in the show. Most of the reviews complained about how the episode was "boring" or about who they find Beth "annoying." This doesn't make it a bad episode. Those are the sort of people who watch the show just for zombie-killing and action, and have no idea what good filmmaking or story- telling looks like.

First off, I hated Beth before this episode, but now she's my favorite character. Furthermore, this episode wasn't boring at all. Sure it didn't have very much action, but action isn't what makes something good. If action made for good film, Michael Bay would rule the world, and everyone would hate Stanley Kubrick.

This episode was a masterpiece. There was so much character development, so much rich dialogue, and just overall a lot to like about it. Definitely my favorite episode.

P.S. One review complained that they directly ripped off Lost, which I was also a big fan of. The thing is, that drinking game was an excellent plot device; Lost proved that. Not to mention it's a real drinking game, and it's not exactly a major plot point. Based on these things, why should't The Walking Dead use the scene? Not to mention I lost all respect for Lost after the Finale and am offended that anyone would ever defend it.
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Worst Episode So Far
caitlinmurphy12 March 2014
Possibly the worst episode of the entire series so far. An hour of Beth putting hers and Daryl's life at risk over a drink. And those are the only characters we see all episode. Don't get me wrong, I think Daryl is a good character, but when paired with Beth, the two are a combination of annoying and just plain boring. I felt as though there was no plot progression whatsoever, aside from a small amount of character development. The content of this episode could have been cut down to 20 minutes, allowing time for other character groups. I really hope we don't see another episode similar to this one.

The description for this episode is: "An enlightening mission springs from a request from one of the group members." If an enlightening mission includes a frustrating teenage girl demanding the search for alcohol, then gosh knows what we've got in stall for us in the next episode. I really hope that the episodes to come are of higher quality than this dull, uninteresting - should I say garbage?

I love the walking dead so I hope next weeks episode will make up for this weeks blunder.
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Happy hour at the golf course
meslon22 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
People are so set in their zombified ways that a show which is truly intelligent and touching is looked upon as a boring piece of filler. I for one found this episode a deep look at what two wildly opposite characters... a normally brought up young girl learning what the real world used to be. Zombies used as a metaphor. What a person who grew up hard, cold and loveless learns from a young normally raised lost soul of a young woman. A tale of growth and inner feelings. A perfect tale of the walking dead and the walking sad. Life is a ghost waltzing. through a sad song.. there's gonna be a party when the Wolf comes home... absolutely brilliant
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Finally some good episodes/ Why do people watch this show?
AverxgeJoe10 March 2014
Why do people watch this show?

These last episodes (8-13) of season 4, have been the best episodes since season 1 and some occasional good episodes in 2 and 3. But then I see people hating on the 12th episode "Still". We finally have some good character development, since Andrea, and I see people hating on it. Makes me wonder who are the people who watch this show? Little kids who only want to see zombies beaten up?

It's a zombie series and that is the point for sure, to kill zombies. And I like good action, but it's gets overwhelming at times and the action scenes HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN GOOD recently.

Episode 12 "Still" where is not much action if not at all, gets a rating below 7. But every other episode 9, 10, 11, 13 gets a rating over 8. All those episodes have same good character development, but episode 12 doesn't have "action" in it, is immediately hated. I can't understand, because the action in those other episodes is horrible. There is always the same pattern, zombies' brains are plastered and the the character in question kills the last zombie in anger, first knocking it down and kicking it. Maggie does that and new blonde soldier fella' (who was in Band Of Brothers). Same boring, meaningless, and and tension lacking action scenes repeated over and over again. And one episode without those bad scenes gets a bad rating?

This really makes me wonder for what reasons people watch this show. Are people really so dependent on their weekly dose of zombies' brains blown away, that they freak out when they don't get that dose (the case of episode 12)?

I watch this show because I care about the characters and want to learn more about them. Action of course is expected, and I mean GOOD action, not these lazy action scenes that are in there just cause they have to be in there.

AverxgeJoe - A Fellow Viewer
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You guys aren't mature enough to look deeper into the story.
cecejonesfan6 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I thought that this episode was amazing. There was hardly any killing, as it was more focused on the character development. Beth was a "useless" character, as said by many. She has always been my favorite, and now that we are seeing more character development, I just laugh when someone calls her useless.

Beth.. - took care of Judith. - helped lighten everyones spirits. - kept her father and sister going. - gave Daryl a friend (and hopefully more than that soon) - comforted Daryl what...twice now?

I think she is a character that will become stronger. Especially beside Daryl.
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Can you say unnecessary? Also with a good 5 minutes of plagiarism.
m_lasker3 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't want to be unreasonable and give the episode a 1/10 like some people are doing, but damn this was a very boring episode. The fact that we spent 45 minutes watching Beth and Daryl talk to each other and nothing else happened is an insult to me. Also, I feel like I was the only one who caught this, but in the scene where the two characters are playing their little drinking game, that scene is a direct rip off of Lost's season 1 episode 16 "Outlaws" where Kate and Sawyer play the exact same game and the male character is forced to reveal things about himself through the female saying things she "never" did. That in itself is plagiarism. You can argue whatever you want, but that great scene from Lost was stolen and rewritten for Beth and Daryl, 100%. When I saw that, that pretty much proved to me that the writers weren't trying for this episode and can be labeled as a filler episode. Whenever people say that you can skip an episode and you wouldn't miss anything, they normally are exaggerating, but in this case you definitely could skip this and not miss a thing.
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Just perfect!
jackiesalisbury4 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I don't normally write reviews but I am quite frankly stunned by the negativity towards this episode so felt the urge to express my views. I must admit, the thought of a Beth/Daryl episode left me feeling a little uneasy. Are they both strong enough actors to pull it off? Would the script/acting/zombie kills meet my high expectations? Well yes indeed to all of the above! On the whole I've really liked these little vignettes post-prison but this one has been by far the best with regard to character development. It was inevitable that Daryl would revert to type given the loss of support from the group, especially the men who he looked up to & aspired to embody, especially Rick & Hershel. He was part of a family for the first time in his life so would of course feel the loss more so & blame himself! Personally, in their situation, knowing I could die any minute, I'd want a drink too! It may be my last chance of oblivion before being eaten by walkers so hell yea, I'd go for it! Just the right blend of despair, anger, action, suspense & ultimate breakdown to make this oh so perfect. Great performances & a nice f*ck you to round things off! I'm sorry but I don't just want an action packed zombie kill episode each week. The characters & their interactions make this superior television so keep it up! 10/10
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Watch it again.
tajanterces29 March 2019
If you've watched the show from the beginning until now, you know what the characters have been through. Watch this episode again and you'll see what it means. Daryl will be the last man standing and this episode should be ranked highly in the fandom of his character.
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Worst Episode of the Series So Far
jackwhiteyo3 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'm not one of those viewers who want non-stop action in The Walking Dead. On the contrary, the 3rd season (which was nothing but poorly choreographed action sequences)was my least favourite out of the three (and a half). This episode was one of the most boring to date. There was no story progression AT ALL in this episode. Here's what happened: Beth and Daryl start the episode, distant from each other personally, and end the episode with an understanding. Did they REALLY need to spend 45 minutes doing this? Nope. They could of cut out most of what was shown in this episode, as a lot of it was just them walking around without any dialog. Yes I understand the writers were going for character development, and I'm all for that. But there needs to be progression in the plot at least a LITTLE bit. The only part I liked about this episode, was Daryl's drunk rant, which is saying something because I hate Daryl's character. However it was quickly ruined by the out of place, awkward, cringey and creepy backward hug from Beth. A lot of Beth's dialog felt very forced and pretentious, and you can tell the writers are really trying to make Beth seem edgy but she just comes off as a brat (like Carl). I'm pretty sure a teenager in a zombie apocalypse wouldn't be so argumentative and disobedient. Really didn't like this episode. They need to get back to: Rick, Carl and Michonne...and Tyreese, Carol and the kids soon, because they are the only character's I'm interested in. Sadly, from what we've been shown of next episode, these characters wont be in it. I would say Glenn and co. but Eugene is the worst acted character I've seen...I face palmed. Also, UH OH he shot and destroyed the truck so now we're stuck in Georgia some more.
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Excellent Performances In Under Rated Episode
slightlymad221 April 2015
My favourite episode of the second part of the season so far. Criminally under rated on here.

I always do a plot in a paragraph, but this episode could be summed up in a sentence. So here is my plot in a sentence.

Plot In A Sentence. Daryl and Beth bond, as they continue their journey.

Both Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney totally knock it out of the park in this episode, putting in superb performances as they both fight and bond with each other.

The episode only features the two actors, the first time the show has had such a small cast.

I'm amazed that this episode is rated as the worst episode ever of The Walking Dead as this reviewer loved it.
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Agree with previous reviews ... boring waste of time
thorpunious4 March 2014
I subscribe to this thru Amazon, so I'm an avid Walking Dead fan. I'm so disappointed with this season. Okay, I understand that a little warm up is in order. Last season was catastrophic, the characters are scattered, etc. But by episode 3 I began to realize that the ENTIRE season may be about the characters wandering around and MAYBE finding each other. I don't think the writers know what to do next and are just killing time! This last episode is the worst so far...character development aside, which was only slightly interesting and totally unnecessary, I could have skipped the episode...the whole season (so far) for that matter...and not missed a thing.
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Really good episode give it a chance!
morowjoan18 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was a great episode with a lot of character development like people have previously stated. What I don't understand is why people think this was such a bad episode. I get that some people won't like it because they don't particularly like the characters who were featured this episode but the reason this episode needed to happen was so people would like these characters because neither Daryl or Beth have been in the spotlight a whole lot. We've never known much about their characters and now that we know them better I love these characters even more! A good show does not follow the same pattern every night, they surprise you with SHOCKER HERE development of the characters and the storyline! That's how a show naturally progresses!! And for people who are calling out that the 'I never' scene was plagiarism straight out of Lost, umm are you kidding? They don't own the game 'I never' and it fit really well with the episode because it gave you a good idea about how Beth and Daryl were before the turn. Overall this was a great episode and nice change of focus! I'm not saying this should happen every episode but the change had me so invested in this episode and re-watching it over and over! GREAT EPISODE!
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One of the best character development episodes of the show
sharpcourse4 March 2014
I have to say this episode had great acting & good pacing. It even had a little comedy inspired moment with the "rich b**ch" tag-board. And then Beth's new dress becoming zombie-golf target practice.

The opening scene was very intense & nicely done. Beth & Daryl finding themselves having to be caught in the trunk of a car for the night. Beth's insistence on getting alcohol seems a little stretched & ridiculous. But it's worthy enough with her being a teen who's gradually been losing members of her family. Her story has been developed bio-analytically that she's grown with a pretty functional family that's in contrast to Daryl's. The scene with the Zombie taunting & tongue lashing between both characters might have seemed forced but is played fairly strongly by both actors especially Norman Reedus. Their chemistry is likable. Daryl's obviously not old enough to be her Dad & not quite young enough to be her boyfriend but he could function as her older brother. Seeing as he's only ever been a follower in his life, first to his brother Meryl & then to Rick, he seems to do well with a female company and no strings attached.

All in all, even though there's very little to non- action present, it was still a touching episode. Only downside is the absence of any other character whatsoever.

My vote's 6.
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Pointless and Boring – A Waste of Time
claudio_carvalho4 March 2014
Daryl and Beth are camping in the woods and Beth wants to have her first alcoholic drink and forces Darryl to follow her. Along their journey, Darryl finds booze and they drink together until they are drunk. They also disclose their hidden feelings to each other.

"Still" should have been titled "Stall" instead since nothing happens in this pointless and boring episode. In the end, "Still" is a complete waste of time.

Now there are only four episodes to the next break of the series.

Curiosity: the cliché "character development" appears fifteen times in the other reviews (in the end of the Fourth Season).

My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Still"

Note: On 16 April 2016, I saw this show again.
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While it did feature a few nice moments, "Still" was bland, boring, poorly written, horribly paced, and uneventful.
ao663 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Before the start of Season 4, Scott Gimple said that he wanted a complete season of fantastic episodes. While there were some that were just "fairly good", that promise has been fulfilled and then some. This was the week when that was broken. While it did have its moments, "Still" was just plain boring (what a fitting name for the episode). Before anyone starts on the "you don't appreciate character development" shpeel, look at my previous reviews to see the fact that I absolutely love a well-written character drama, action or no action. Episodes like "Clear" and "After" are some of my all-time favorite episodes of The Walking Dead despite being very "slow". Despite having some great character moments for Daryl, "Still" was a dull, uninteresting, and meandering episode with mediocre writing and horrifyingly bad pacing.

FULL IN-DEPTH REVIEW AT http://www.ign.com/blogs/ao66 Overall Score: 6 out of 10 (might even be a little generous)
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Filler Episode, You don't miss anything if you skip it
sonofhades8 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The episode was awkward watching experience. It was supposedly character development episode, but what was that development? It revealed nothing of Daryl's past that any intelligent human being should have already known by now.

And as far as Beth goes... She is turning another Lori. In my books that means a female character that is so whining and annoying that the viewer keeps wishing that the character gets bitten by the zombies.

What was so annoying about the setting was that it was unrealistic. If we can accept the fact that zombie apocalypse (unrealistic, yes I know) has happened, one would still expect the characters to act accordingly. In an adult manner that aims for survival. Risking life to look for a drink of alcohol. Sure, if you're an alcoholic.

Beth finding a new shirt was one of the few realistic developments, I've been wondering all the time why the characters do not pick up new clothes from one of the houses they raid. Seriously mates, you would not want to walk around in clothes that stink of death and decay. I can still understand from logical (viewers have to identify the characters) point of view that they wear the same gear all the time.

However, drinking moonshine as your first drink would most likely end in alcohol poisoning. Possibly death. I know a 15 year old guy who drank a bottle of Scotch and rests at the cemetery. It certainly would not involve stupid drinking games copied from an episode of Lost.

And well... at the start of the episode, the characters have to crawl inside a car trunk to survive the night. They take the car's hub cab and broken mirror for equipment. No need to pick better stuff from the golf club, no. At the end of the episode they happily burn the cottage and walk into the night (full of walkers). Sure thing, drunk people could do that kind of thing, but in that case the scene should have ended with the walkers eating the stupid drunks who would not be able to walk straight after drinking moonshine.
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Not terrible, would rate higher but...
dlizeeee7 March 2014
This episode featured 2 characters, which was probably because they used a lot of their budget on to far gone. Now overall i did not hate this episode but the reason i rated it 1 star is because its extremely obvious that some fanboys are creating multiple accounts, and giving it a review of 10 on 10 because they can not accept the score (if you look in the reviews today, as of march 7th, there are 2 identical review of 10 on 10 by the users Connor and cmccarthy123, pasted and copied...). Also, the argument these people have for rating it so hight is that the character development made it one of the best episodes of the series so they rate it 10 on 10... rating it that hight means that your telling the writers that you WANT more episodes like this, a mere episode to save money. Being critical is what sometimes saves a show from becoming dull, like this one could if it follows this path.
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Nothing Much Happens Plot-Wise, but the Character Development is More than Enough to Make up for It
matttblack423 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Much like the Governor centric episodes during the first half of season four, this is the type of episode you'll either love or hate. For those who've always wanted to spend more time getting to know Daryl and Beth, this will be a much-loved episode. For those wanting the plot to move on already for @#!&'s sake, you'll probably be a tad bit frustrated.

What I loved about this episode is that Beth finally got something to do other than sing and take care of Judith. They delved deep into her character and got us to both know her and care for her. Before this episode, if Beth died I probably would have shrugged and said something along the lines of "Wait, who's she again?" But after this episode, I'd probably say something like "Aw shucks," which means a lot coming from an emotionally distant psychopath like me.

Daryl just continued to be cool, as usual, but we learned quite a lot about him in this episode:

1)While this apocalyptic world is sort of COMPLETELY TERRIBLE for all the other characters, Daryl's actually better off in it than he was before.

2)Daryl is suffering from Survivor's Guilt after the whole prison fiasco.

3)He used to be a borderline-junkie living an all around horrible life, and feels a bit of resentment towards Beth, who grew up in pretty much the exact opposite situation as him.

4)He's a bit of a light-weight. Seriously, only two drinks makes him go off the wall, while Beth drinks who-knows-how-much moonshine and is still fully functioning by the end of the episode.

I'd argue with another IMDb reviewer that this episode wasn't badly paced. It was slow-paced, sure, but the whole episode was building up to the argument outside where Daryl starts tearing up, which I thought was a very well-written and emotional scene. And another idiot complained about them burning down the house, clearly not getting the symbolic meaning behind it.

Also, one of the spoons had "Washington D.C." on it. Could that be a clue concerning Abraham and Eugine's plan to save the world? Nah, probably not.
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More the same.
mm-393 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Still is about Daryl and Beth going out and looking for supplies. Beth wants an alcoholic drink. The usual wondering through derelict buildings and chopping Zombies heads off. The last three Walking Dead episodes are exactly the same. My wife called Still boring! Well acted, but with little new material to act with. The Walking Dead series is running out of material. The stories are all the same go out and seek supplies. It is always about surviving. When is the show going to combine all the characters again? How will the army guy and scientist fit in. Are they going to find another prison to hide in or the next thing will be a mall! 4/10
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