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John Travolta: Stanley



  • Dennis : You were suppose to count to three.

    Stanley : Is that right?

    Dennis : Yeah, it's one, two, three. Not one, three, boom.

  • Stanley : Are the arrangements satisfactory?

    Stanley : They're fine.

    Father Loomis : Then shall we join your friends to say goodbye to Vivian together?

    Stanley : She's already gone.

  • Det. Gibson : You sure, Mr. Hill? Now you said he was wearing a hoodie. You had blood in your eyes. Did you see his face?

    Stanley : No, I didn't... I didn't have blood. I wasn't hit yet. That, that's him.

    Det. Walker : You told us in your statement it was a tattoo of a bat. You seemed pretty sure. This is a homicide case. We can't go on a guess.

    Stanley : No, I thought it was a bat. But it's a fly. And that's him. I'm certain of it.

  • Stanley : I want justice.

    Dennis : You want *vengeance*, Stanley. I know you.

  • Stanley : Is he dead?

    Dennis : Well he's not looking that well.

  • Det. Walker : Sir. I can't even imagine what you must be going through. But you know every little detail is gonna get us closer to the people that did this. And it's best to do this when the memory's fresh... Sorry. I make this speech way too often... Mr. Hill, what was the state of your marriage? Were you getting along?

    Stanley : What the hell kind of question is that?

    Det. Walker : It's just a standard one, sir.

    Stanley : Are you married, detective?

    Det. Walker : Was. Didn't work out.

    Stanley : Well then you don't know.

  • Det. Gibson : Thanks for coming in, Mr. Hill.

    Stanley : So what's happening?

    Det. Gibson : Well, we may have gotten lucky. They picked him up at a traffic stop last night, tweaked out of his mind.

    Det. Walker : Good ears, Mr. Hill.

    Stanley : What do you mean?

    Det. Walker : He was driving a '67 Charger.

    Stanley : Really? A Charger?

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