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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense and bloody depiction of The Crucifixion, and for some sequences of violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Adam and Eve appear in a head shot with nude shoulders for a few seconds.
  • In a sword practice scene, a man is clothed in a loincloth and we see close-ups of bare thighs and lower legs, chest and abdomen.
  • A newborn baby is shown nude and looks wet (we see no genitals).
  • In a long shot, several men wearing loincloths are shown hanging from crosses. In a mid-range shot and a few close-ups, three men wear loincloths.

Violence & Gore

  • As a darkly shadowed silhouette, a warrior shoves a large sword blade through a man and pulls it out (we see blood dripping from the blade). Soldiers on a dirt highway overturn a large cart on top of a child; the camera cuts to the mother as she cries over the dead boy whose face is red with blood on the forehead and cheek. In a long shot of a field we see many crosses on which men are lashed, bleeding from shallow slashes on shoulders and chest. A man dies on the cross after the sky blackens, winds roar and he prays; he slumps forward, no longer breathing as soldiers laugh, shoot dice and enjoy the crucifixions; at death, a soldier stabs the man in the side off-screen and brings away the red tip of a spear.
  • Soldiers chain a man to a short post and two guards flog him with whips, as the pain causes shouts and screams; more lines of blood show, along with dark blood smears while the man trembles increasingly and nearly has a convulsion as a woman shouts, "They're going to kill him"; he is forced to carry a heavy wooden cross down a long street, while other men carry crosses across their shoulders following him as crowds of people cry and soldiers whip and beat him continually as he walks; he falls several times, a woman wipes his face with a cloth and a soldier kicks a cup of water out of her hand while two women in the crowd cry and embrace. Reaching a field after carrying a cross down a street, a man trembles as soldiers rip his long burlap garment from him, leaving only a loincloth before he crawls onto a cross, where his hands are lashed, and 8-inch nails are driven into his palms off-screen as the hands become blurry and the camera cuts away (we hear pounding and screams and we also see a nail through the insteps of the crossed feet).
  • A man is covered head-to-toe in blood after profuse bleeding on a cross (blood drips from his forehead, hands, feet, mouth, nose and eyes); a man walks to the edge of town to a hill where he can see the city and tosses the end of a rope over a high tree limb; we see a noose around his neck as he steps off the hillside, descending quickly and the camera cuts to a view of his feet hanging in the air.
  • A large protest group gathers at a Roman governor's home and demands clean water and he orders soldiers to beat them, kick and punch them and slaughter them with swords; the scene cuts to a ground covered with male and female bodies with dirt and some ants on their heads and faces and we see a little blood here and there, on a cheek, a hand and a forehead, a few times. Roman soldiers grab people in an street and force them to pay taxes by beating them with fists and sticks (no blood is shown). Two men fight over a chicken on a street and one man punches the other unconscious and the loser sinks off-screen. In sword practice a man is slashed across the shoulder and chest, with some blood flow as he shouts in pain and turns away from the camera.
  • Soldiers with torches capture a man in a garden at night with his followers and fistfights ensue; another man cuts the ear of a soldier and the man heals it with a touch (we see the bloody sword fall to the ground) before he is dragged to jail in chains and manacles and with a black burlap bag over his head; in jail the man suffers kicks, punches, beatings with fists and whippings with cat o' nine tails as we see close-ups of him grimacing; the camera moves back to show bloody lash marks, blood smears and some clotting on the man's back and later on the burlap shirt placed on him; in a jail cell, he slides down a wall and leaves it bloody while later, soldiers push a crown of large thorns onto his head and he groans.
  • A temple crumbles in an earthquake and winds, a long, wide curtain comes down and tall urns of fire for lighting crash to the ground and extinguish causing people to run, screaming; people at a crucifixion look frightened with the continued loud thunder and large bolts of lightning, the sky clears and a man is lowered from the cross in a sheet, which becomes bloody and we see his whole body caked in blood and dirt; the camera cuts to a scene of a woman washing the shoulders of the body and covering the face and head with a sheet and the camera then cuts to the inside of a tomb with the covered body on a slab and we see a stone rolled across the doorway as if we are still inside.
  • A man has a vision of himself writhing on the ground and shouting in pain from bloody whip lashings.
  • Two soldiers drag a crying woman and slam her down onto the dirt; she rises to her knees, wailing as several priests prepare to stone her until a man raises a stone in the air and says, "I will give my stone to the first man who has not sinned" causing the other men to drop their stones and walk away.
  • Two men are shown hanging from crosses in a field and their faces are covered in blood. A priest slits the throat of a half-grown sheep and we see blood flow.
  • A man with long multiple and puckered scars from his temple to his chin agitates a crowd by mocking a man and spitting twice (we see spit leave his mouth and move off-screen).


  • This is a Christian movie so there is NO profanity

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Jesus is known to be a big fan of drinking wine. He loves wine so much that he even says it taste like water.
  • Two scenes of communion show red wine being poured and it is referred to as the "blood of Jesus" while several men drink it from a common cup, and a man in a moving crowd carries a wine skin, but does not open it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is a TV movie re-edited and sent to the theaters. Nothing is too violent.
  • Many of the violent scenes are very intense and sometimes frightening.

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