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Sex & Nudity

  • A boy accidently touches girl's breasts.
  • Some shots of underwear can be seen.
  • A dead woman is shown lying on the floor. We see her shirt open and her bra revealed.

Violence & Gore

  • Strong sadistic violence and gore throughout the show.
  • A girl has a vision: she wakes up in a dark room lying on the floor and having her legs and hands tied. She finds herself lying among some children (a boy and two girls), who are tied as well. She gets her eyes tied by a man. After that, the children get themselves killed one after another. We see the boy's tongue being cut off and thrown on the floor. Then, his body is stabbed multiple times (not shown, but in the end of the scene we see the boy's dead body with its entrails revealed). A little girl gets a half of her head cut off (not shown, but in the end, a part of her head is shown dropping on the floor and leaving a lot of blood). Then, a girl that has a vision, gets her eyes revealed. She finds a little girl standing in front of her with scissors in her hand. A few seconds later, we see the little girl stabbing another girl in her eye and pulling it out. Though the most murders are committed off-screen, the overall scene is very intense as we hear everything that happens to the children. We hear them screaming in pain while being killed and disturbing sounds of stabbings.
  • A little girl is shown being tied to the table. Soon, a man that stands in front of her, stabs her in leg. Then, she gets her eye pulled out (not shown, but heard). We see her bloody eye socket and a wound on her leg later. After that, a man stabs a girl in chest (we see a blood spraying and hear a girl screaming).
  • A boy is pierced in stomach from the back with scissors (his entrails are shown falling out of his body). Then, he gets his skull smashed graphically (we see a bloody hand sticking out of his mouth).
  • We often see a lot of mutilated and dismembered bodies throughout the show.
  • A cut in half body of a girl is shown in detail.
  • We see a decaying body of a woman.
  • We see a huge bloody spot on the wall with entrails being stuck to it. It is implied to be a result of a human been killed.
  • A couple of children (ghosts) kills a young girl by dragging her body along the floor and smashing it on the wall with very bloody results.
  • We see a group of children (ghosts) joyfully killing other children by stabbing them in eyes, neck and head.
  • A boy knocks a man's head off graphically.
  • A woman gets her head cut off by a piece of wood that accidently falls on her.
  • A boy is stabbed in neck with bloody results.
  • A boy is stabbed in eye off-screen.
  • A man is stabbed in back.
  • A girl wakes up in front of a pool that is full of blood and mutilated bodies.
  • A little girl stabs a boy in hand with scissors. After that, she stabs him in stomach.
  • A man commits a suicide by jumping off the roof. We see his bloody body as a result. This sequence is repeated a few times.
  • A man cuts a dead girl's tongue off. Afterwards, he stabs her in chest several times.
  • Another scene of a man cutting a dead girl's tongue off. It is thrown into a bucket, full of bloody tongues.
  • A girl finds another girl being hang, but still alive. She tries to rescue her in panic, but fails. As a result, we see a lifeless hanging body of a girl with urine flowing down her legs.
  • We see a man strangling a little girl. She is revealed to be alive later.
  • A girl is strangled to death by a man.
  • A man is strangled to death by a girl.
  • We see two little girls, who are ghosts. One girl has an eye missing and another one has a half of her head missing.
  • We see two girls holding two arms of one boy, that were torn off accidently.
  • We see a dead woman with her neck broken lying on the floor. It is implied that she fell off the stairs accidently.
  • A boy goes mad and starts hitting nearby dead bodies with a crowbar.
  • A man (ghost) attempts to stab a woman off-screen. Later, however, it is implied that he missed.
  • A little girl is threatened and chased by a psychopath.
  • A little boy (ghost) attempts to kill a couple of high school students, but is stopped.


  • Very mild.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This anime includes a lot of high impact gory moments and bloody/grisly violence.
  • Age 18+ Very violent and disturbing.
  • Rated NC-17 for strong graphic horror violence and gore throughout including explicit images
  • Throughout the show, kids are tortured and killed brutally. Some scenes get so intense, that even adults can find this show hard to watch.
  • Most characters kill other characters just for fun. In most cases, the ones who commit murders are little children.
  • It is one of the most violent animated shows ever made.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is a very dark, disturbing and upsetting show that involves death of most main characters.

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