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Then suddenly, plenty wasn't enough
antonellarzp22 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was a really good episode but doesn't contribute much to the main plot, although has really good moments. Nucky goes to Florida and I enjoyed every minute of him there, from the business talks to the ones with Sally.

At the same time, we had a resigned Richard who has a difficult situation and his sister saved him of it.

Another great moments comes with Chalky, Narcisse and Purnsley. I really enjoy every time Jeffrey Wright's appears, he make a really good smooth criminal.

I think what I really enjoyed most of this episode was the ending with the Bill McCoy scene.

+ Ending.

+ Terence Winter's scrip, once again, outstanding.

+ Sally, Emma & Daughter.

+ Gillian's scenes.

+ Nucky in Florida.

+ Narcisse with Purnsley.

+ Richard's coming home.

+ Bill McCoy story.

  • I don't like much Willie's scenes.

  • I need more of Chalky

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Love Laughs At Willie Thompson
Dan1863Sickles3 February 2016
I thought Season Four of BOARDWALK EMPIRE was off to a strong start, especially with the African American characters taking greater prominence and some very violent and exciting sexual machinations going on behind the scenes at Chalky White's club.

Then came this episode, and all of a sudden BOARDWALK EMPIRE is like an old, really bad, Andy Hardy movie. Lame teenagers getting drunk for no reason. Endless teen whining about dad being mean.

Willie Thompson: "Gee, I've just got to get some booze for the party! I can make out with all the girls if I just have enough booze!"

Instead of moping around the family farm, why can't Richard Harrow come back to town and kill all the whiny teens?

Meanwhile, Chalky's new nemesis Dr. Libya, is like something out of Marvel Comics. "I am the evil Dr. Libya. I am an educated black man who wants to take over the world!" Gee, racist script much? Who wrote this tripe, a repressed, closet racist Catholic from Boston?

No, it was award-winning mystery writer Dennis Lehane!
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