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Good-Natured And Satisfying Sequel
CalRhys24 August 2014
The typical good-natured yet vulgar humour the four lads have offered for years has returned in this hilarious sequel to the beloved predecessor and television series. Whilst definitely more gross than the first film, this enjoyable instalment in the comedy series has a more cinematic feel set against the stunning Australian outback. A film that overcomes the flaws that were present in the first film. Whilst the majority of the laughs generated from the film were conceived from shocks and puerile humour, the general light-hearted look into the lives of the four esteemed teenagers leaves us contented with their satisfying conclusion.
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Inbetweeners on the Beach
kosmasp23 October 2014
Actually in Germany they still used the title they gave the first Inbetweeners movie, which was Sex on the beach. Now they added "Down under" which stands clearly for Australia ... well and probably something else, but I don't have to point that joke out for you I reckon. Apart from weird German titles, this has a few things that work better than in the first movie, but the first had a different kind of charm.

Well at least for someone like me, who hadn't seen the TV show (and still hasn't). The four boys are at it again, though one of them seems to have hit the mother-load over in Australia. Which is the starting point of the new adventure and the reason they all find themselves in Australia. Predictable? Yes. Still funny? Also yes
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Did someone forget to write an ending
poan-72-6720147 August 2014
As a inbetweeners fan of the series and first movie I was looking forward to this movie and cant say I was diappointed but then on the other hand I cant say it was anything else than OK.

There were enough gags in their as you'd expect and one or two are worth the money on their own but the script seems very contrived to fit in certain characters or in creating a reason for the movie in the first place.

The real thing that let this down was after 90 minutes of chasing trying to achieve their goal the whole movie is wrapped up in 2 mins and then it finishes apart from some Hangover-style end credit scenes.

This movie did all the classic inbetweeners things to the extreme , I'm not sure what they could do if they ever made a 3rd movie

All in all an OK movie but I wont be too sad it thats the last we see of them.

I'd be happier watching repeats of the TV series.
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Disappointing end to a legacy
hooleydavid12 October 2018
For me, the first film wasn't at the standard of the TV series, but I was accepting of that because films rarely are as good as the series. I was disappointed that they then decided to milk it one last time with a second film, which bares no real relevance and adds no real closure to the previous title.

It isn't as if the first film ended on a cliff-hanger, it's not as if they had to close anything off. For me, this was a film made for the money they knew they could make. Okay it's funny, but it's very average and easy humour.

The Inbetweeners should have remained as just the 3 series, but I understood why they'd want a grand slam finish with a movie, but the second was unnecessary. I'd watch it again, but it's not something I'd jump at watching. More of pass time than a hobby.
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Not as good as the first one
PeteMcCue6 August 2014
Just got back from the first screening of this and, on the whole, found it to be a decent film, albeit not as good as the first one.

The plot is bit weak, but there are plenty of laughs along the way to keep you giggling like the inner school child that you are.

I wonder if the boys are too old now to be acting like kids, and if this will in fact be their last outing as the Inbetweeners? I just hope that if they make more the quality doesn't dip too much.

Overall, you know what you are getting when you see the Inbetweeners, and you get plenty of it. It may not win any Oscars, but it's a damn fine way to spend a rainy August afternoon.
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Strangely Hilarious. The Best Sequel!
danielbelcher976 August 2014
I have always been an avid watcher of The Inbetweeners TV program and have enjoyed it. The first Inbetweeners movie was fairly funny on a first viewing but didn't trump the quotable down to earth TV show.

The Inbetweeners 2 from the Teaser and the Trailers looked like a predictable sequel that used the same jokes and quotes. I thought the same old jokes would be repeated since the teaser had a very unfunny twist on the famous "BUS ******" line. This set me up for the usual sequel experience (Worse).

I was incredibly surprised by how much I enjoyed the film. There were several scenes where I was crying with laughter! Its cringe toilet humor had worked and I was in tears at several moments.

The whole film was embarrassing to watch just like the original Inbetweeners. That was always what made the shows so good. I was uncontrollably laughing and looking away because it was too much!

There were some unfunny moments where the jokes failed after a minute of building them up. I found that this was more common at the start and the bad jokes at the start made the hilarious jokes stand out even more.

There where some graphic parts in the film. All were dirty rather than violent and anyone who is made sick by the sight of very very dirty slapstick toilet jokes won't enjoy some of the funniest parts of the film which could ruin the experience...

Overall I would have to say one of the best comedies and the BEST sequel I have ever seen. It wasn't just me and my 17 year old friends. The whole cinema was cracking up! If you enjoyed the first Inbetweeners movie you will enjoy this, since in my opinion it trumps it in almost every way.
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Distinctly Average
gapiro6 August 2014
The Inbetweeners 2 - the sequel to the original amazing film. What a disappointment.

Distinctly average film with some laugh out loud moments, but mostly cringe and not funny jokes. The ending was very sudden and not well thought out. It smells of an attempt to cash in but the material is not fresh/original and doesn't really work compared to the original. The original was witty, clever and had lots of great awkward moments that you could empathise with however the sequel seems to just try and recreate that rather than try and be original in its own right, and as such just leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth.
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Brilliant Sequel! MUST SEE
bbihenni6 August 2014
I wouldn't usually review a movie... but this film was so good i felt it needed one! From the beginning to the end it was fantastic! Couldn't keep my eyes off the screen! Had me laughing throughout. Will certainly be seeing this again!

The screen was packed and this was at a late showing put on as extra due to the demand! The characters were brilliant as before however Neil was particularly funny!

A must see!

Best Scene The water park scene has me crying me laughter! wished it lasted longer!
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The Inbetweeners 2
phubbs26 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So after the somewhat mediocre affair of the first film the boys are back for more vulgar adventures, this time down under. That's pretty much my whole synopsis right there, this film is virtually the same spiel as the first film but set in Australia, game over.

The film follows on from the last movie with Simon having relationship issues with the girl he met in Malia and Will doesn't seem to be with the nice blonde he met in Malia anymore. Neil has also moved on from his girl but Jay has run off to Oz to find the chubby bird he also met in Malia. So most of what happened in the last movie has been jettisoned for a clean slate and basically the story revolves around Jay going after his bird from the first movie.

No sooner have the guys met up in Oz and discovered Jay is actually working in a nightclub toilet (nicely done), Will bumps into an old flame and all four are dragged off up the eastern coast to Bryon Bay following her. After a slow start the story does pick up a bit when we meet Jay's uncle in Australia, I can't deny the obligatory stereotypical beer swilling racist foul mouthed Aussie is a hoot if somewhat predictable with the verbal gags. From there on the movie does nail each and every stereotype perfectly from the guitar playing, bead wearing, bracelet adorned, backpacking UK hippies with their silly head wear and earrings.

I guess its no surprise the whole film is one big predictable cliché, we all know that right, we know to expect that but does this make for a fun flick? In all honesty no it doesn't, I still can't quite work out how or why this film has done so well here in the UK, well I know why...its because the TV show was so popular and it has a huge following that's why. I must declare I found myself second guessing almost every scene, every line of dialog and every gag, the whole scenario, the whole setup...everything was just so formulaic and predictable it really felt quite lame dare I say.

Sure there are scenes and lines that made me laugh of course. The most horrendous of these must be the lumps of poo shooting down the water chute after Neil has an accident at the top. This wasn't exactly funny...more utterly disgusting as the lumps of poo did look very real and the fact they hit Simon in the face followed by him gushing vomit did leave me actually gagging. Seeing Jay wanking under the covers as Will comes close to getting laid was very amusing, the lads getting stranded in the outback brings up some good lines despite the fact you knew right from the start that whole scenario was bound to happen and Will having a spiritual campfire moment (and outburst) with the hippies was quite good.

I did find myself enjoying this in places but generally it all felt extremely repetitive in my opinion. Its all a thinly disguised rehash of the first movie, the plot is near identical and follows the same routine. The lads try to get in with the pretty folk, one or two of them manage to nab a sexy bird somehow, they all fall out over silly issues, they almost get their leg over but end up getting dumped in the end for a jock and then finally making up with each other. Hell even the verbal and visual gags are almost the same stuff rehashed but just slightly altered, instead of the 'pussay patrol' its now the 'banter brigade', worth a giggle but meh. The location this time made things more interesting and visually more exciting which I liked although I wish more had been set in the wilds of the outback. The short teaser trailers did tend to make you think that but alas twas no more than a tease.

The finale is again all the same guff from the first movie literately scene for scene including the end credit extras, plus it does feel like they shoehorned in as many cast regulars from the TV show as possible when they didn't really need to be there (Jay's dad?). In the end I do think this is better than the first movie outing but only marginally. The Aussie setting is great but lets be honest here...this film could of been set anywhere as they don't really take much advantage of that Aussie factor. I do believe (personally) that this franchise has now run its course and should quite while its ahead, its become very repetitive and making another in yet another location may not succeed.

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That Joke isn't Funny anymore
gary-4441 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of the Inbetweeners. I have watched every television episode, and thoroughly enjoyed the first feature film. This sequel had all the previous ingredients, a big budget, and a big canvas on which to paint. Yet I found it painfully unfunny.

I watched it on DVD, and it took me around four goes to complete it, so uncompelling was the storyline, so laborious the script. Maybe it is an intrinsic problem with gross out humour? You can only take it so far- then you have done it.

The fake promo video at the start where Jay is eulogising about his imaginary life is good, and amuses, but that should have been about it. A premise of the "inbetween" existence from sixth form to adulthood had been previously brilliantly realised to date by both script writers and cast. As that premise is exhausted, so the joke is exhausted.

Devotees will find the film entertains in the context of well -worn jokes, stereotypes and scenarios, but Inbetweeners 2 is definitely the coda on this project. In cash terms, it has been enormously successful, creatively it has run out of fuel.
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oh how the mighty have cashed in.
LydiaOLydia17 September 2014
The inbetweeners series used to be about tightly scripted "off the cuff" clever banter and a pretty good sense of chemistry between the boys. the first movie was a bit looser but fit the bill as a 'vacation' away from the school environment and the plot was at least passable as light fare. even well before the time a piece of Neil's poo slides down a water-slide and hits will in the face, it's clear that the inbetweeners are utterly finished and this is the cast members trying to stretch one more pay day out of a low budget, presumably after the failure of their follow-up series 'chickens.' If you're a fan of the inbetweeners and want to keep cherished memories of them going forward, for the love of god stay away from this film. it's if Monty python made 'the love guru.' avoid at all costs. 2 stars not one simply because 1 is truly bottom of the barrel, but this may be the worst movie of 2014.
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Very disappointing
stefan-woo6 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted The Inbetweeners 2 to be good, I really did. Yes, I did laugh at times because ultimately the characters are still funny however the film started slow, picked up very slightly and then came crashing down. Their was no ending, the film just stopped. Any and all of the emotionally engaging stuff was palmed off immediately, Jay's quest to get Jane back which ended with an emphatic 'no' it didn't get a laugh, Will's trouble with another generic blonde girl who I can't even remember the name of, where was Allison? Simon's trouble with psycho girlfriend Lucy who seemed perfectly fine in the first film and finally Neil who had no story as such but that's fair enough, because, well it's Neil. Bitterly disappointed. Even the supposed emotional moment with the group stuck in the desert wasn't done well because ultimately we knew they would be fine. It made me smile at times and got a chuckle out of me but it just wasn't put together very well.
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OMG, how bad was this
superteduk30 August 2014
As a massive fan of all 3 series and the first film, I couldn't wait for this. This was one of the most eagerly anticipated films since the first on for me and was like a kid in a sweet shop. I watched this last night and was bored to tears and couldn't wait for it to end. I think I laughed once, chuckled once and then rest was tedious, boring, predictable drivel.

The only points worth watching are in the trailer so save yourself 90 minutes and watch that.

Never did I think that I could say this about the second best comedy ever behind OFAH. I really hope this is the last one before it changes persons opinions.
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Best big screen comedy for ages.
Gremlyn7015 November 2014
This film resulted in a manifestation of what I like to call 'a lot of laughing', hence achieved it's raison d'être. Don't eat while watching, you may choke. It has not tried to change the winning formula form the series or the first film yet in my opinion was as enjoyable as any episode if not more so. I hope that long may it continue and look forward to 'Coach Trip: Scotland' or 'Ocean Cruise' when the lads reach their octogenarian era. Having lately seen Neighbors (yes spelt incorrectly), 22 Jump Street and numerous other American comedies I can safely say this has trounced them all without trying too hard. If you haven't already you can stop reading now as these lines are for the requisite 10 line review for IMDb, just buy, rent or go to the cinema and see this film and enjoy.
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The downside of success...
The_Movie_Cat25 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
With the original, so-so Inbetweeners movie generating surprisingly high box office, a sequel was inevitable. Sadly it's a sequel that's made by people too in love with the success of the first.

Almost written to order, we get by-the-numbers gross out gags, the now- tedious cameos from the parents (how many times can you laugh at Will's mum being desired, or the 1000th "Neil's dad is gay" gag?) and the total absence of any genuine characterisation whatsoever.

Most importantly, there's no realism in the film. Neil was always slow, but he's a human cartoon here, and the Australian Uncle is just Jay's dad with a different accent. Everything from the plot, to the performances and motivation is phoned in and xeroxed from previous glories.

The likable television series, while perhaps unlikely to be described as "sophisticated", had a good-natured heart to it, the idiocy and inadequacy of the leads the joke. Here their rampant misogyny is the joke itself, including Neil taking advantage of a woman under the influence of cannabis. Cannabis was a plot point of an entire episode of the series, of course, but here it's casually shown as something Simon smokes, while with Neil's reaction we're called upon to laugh at a rape joke. I thought such things had died out of cinemas in the 1980s. Though the final joke being a routine about transgender might also showcase the somewhat antiquated, mean-spirited tone.

The TV show coasted by on a nostalgic feeling... the 1980s songs in the end credits, the feelings of first love, school discos, etc. It also contained leads who were flawed but ultimately decent human beings. The Inbetweeners pictured in this 2014 movie aren't particularly likable individuals, and the women involved are just ciphers.

A sad end to a great TV series, a series that tried to break new ground each year. The movies do nothing of the sort, content to recreate past glories. Other than the dying scene, there's perhaps little that's new in this film, the remainder just a tired, uninspired reheating of old jokes, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of humour.
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This was my first impression, and it wasn't good...
rockefeller-701-6922289 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Based on recommendations from friends + teachers, along with some critical hype, I decided to see this movie; having never previously seen anything else Inbetweeners related. This was a very bad first impression.

I am a teenager, and I am - judging by the marketing and the audience I saw the film with - the target demographic for this movie. And evidently a lot of teenagers do like it (the cinema was packed). However it appears that I am not most teenagers.

The characters themselves are all rather one-note: Will (the sarky narrator) is "the geeky one" who spends most of the movie lusting after a girl he used to go to school with who he randomly bumps into in Australia ("such a small world") - on a side note that girl, when she isn't annoying, is actually a rather good flip on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl concept; Jay is the "lad": a sex-obsessive who actually does have hidden depths surprisingly enough; Neil is "the thick one" (who despite this being his main character trait still manages to surprise you in quite how thick he is) and Simon is the "one with a psychotically possessive girlfriend" - the subplot of which is really badly resolved.

A lot of the comedy is rather disgusting, which isn't my taste, but evidently is for a lot of people. I was turned off by scenes of one character throwing up after an unfortunate accident on a water slide, another character having something close to bestiality occurring early on, and yet another character urinating in another's face - although the majority of the cinema found it entertaining.

There are good moments - the plot itself would be quite interesting if the characters were more developed (though I haven't seen the show or the previous film), there's a scene involving swimming with dolphins which despite the sheer idiocy that occurs is actually rather entertaining and and most scenes between Will and the girl he lusts after are relatively good compared to the rest of the movie (with one exception). There's a cameo at the end that's also quite funny, as well as the odd line here and there. But otherwise, I found it boring and irritating (especially "BANTS!").

If this is the sort of thing you like, then good for you, go and see the movie. If you're like me and turned off by it, do what I wish I'd done and not see it.
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Not even close.
lambada2326 April 2015
This movie was basically a Kevin Hart movie. Predictable plot, really played out gags and guest appearances from familiar faces. If you're a fan of Adam Sandler's poop jokes, this might be a hit for you- if you love the inbetweeners, just forget about it.

As far as comedy goes, the inbetweeners is in my top 10 TV series' of all time. I genuinely loved the program and had many good laughs from the first movie. The point is, the jokes came from left field and were unexpected- and that's what made it funny. We have had time to watch every season of the inbetweeners and let the jokes and type of humor marinate for years before the release of this film.

If this movie was just a standalone item, I would probably give this a 5/10. Because it's a follow up to one of my favorite television programs of all time I hold it to a much higher standard. For that reason, it deserves an awful 3/10 just so fans don't have to watch this monstrosity.
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tr9127 August 2014
The Inbetweeners is up there with my favourite comedy series of all time. I love all the characters involved and the situations they find themselves in absolutely hilarious.

The first film I thought was good as well but in my opinion this 2nd film was better. It seemed more like the original TV series and it was pretty much non stop laughter.

There were a few scenes in particular where I was close to tears, especially Will going down the waterside!

It was great to have the lads back on our screens again and I don't think this will be the last we see of them. If you're thinking of watching this then make sure you watch the series 1st to get used to the characters or the jokes may pass you by.

Overall it was pure "bants"

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Pretty bad
Red_Identity26 August 2014
Wow, was this a huge step down from the first film, which was already a step down from the great television series. It seems like the actors are all trying their best, but when the material is just so painfully unfunny and sort of embarrassing at times, there's so much one can do. It's not all bad though, there's some few delightful, funny, or entertaining scenes. But yeah, this is a huge disappointment. I just don't even know what to say, this is just stupid humor we've come to expect from bad writing, not the kind the show mostly had. At worse, this is grating. At its best, it's mildly amusing, just mildly. Yeah, I just can't recommend this at all.
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Fairly funny but a step down from before
Red-Barracuda12 August 2014
The Inbetweeners was a great TV series, it was followed by a movie spin-off that was pretty good considering how those types of things usually are and now we have a sequel. Both films do that thing that virtually all film versions of TV series do and that is take their sitcom characters and make them go on a holiday abroad. It sort of worked quite well in the first movie when they go to Spain because it seemed like exactly the kind of thing that the characters would have done and while that movie did have some of the contrivances you get with spin-off movies, it was on the whole very amusing. This sequel also goes abroad, this time to Australia. You can imagine whoever pitched this idea thought it would be the logical next destination because it's even further afield than the last one. What's next? Perhaps 'The Inbetweeners 3: In Space'.

The plot-line is certainly quite awkward in getting the boys to Oz and it remains quite a weak story-line in general throughout. The boys are all basically exactly the same, with the same traits and situations, just now in Australia. We have some other characters too, in the form of pretentious spiritual travellers but not much beyond that. It's a weaker film than the last one and you do feel that maybe this is the end of the line for these characters. But the four leads are still likable and well played. Simon Bird as Will is probably the one with the best story arc here and he consequently is the funniest character. It's certainly funny in places and definitely one for fans of the series to at least see but it's not up to the standard of before really.
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not very funny,badly put together, spoiler alert
jpdhadfield10 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i was looking forward to this film, thought it was odd there was no trailer or professional reviews, now i know why, its awful, the only bits i liked were the ones with just them in them. Too much of the film is about the other peripheral characters, stereotypical backpackers etc.. dull dull dull, i even drifted off into a day dream half way through the film.its really annoying as i love this show, and to have it ruined is annoying. spoiler alert things i really hated were how Simons girlfriend had a personality transplant, and jay was sleeping in a tent, just ludicrous jokes, that fell flat, wandering round the desert for too long,the beginning should have been an omen, so much money was spent on the beginning, not enough in jokes. i wouldn't recommend this film to anybody, it is their American pie reunion. nearly a turkey
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Later Bender's
MattBrady0995 December 2014
A squeal that didn't suck and actually was better than the first movie.

The story to The Inbetweeners: Movie 2 is basically about Neil, Simon, and Will join Jay on his gap year in Australia.

If your not a fan of these sex jokes and these dick jokes or your not a fan of the series, then this is not the movie for you, but if you are then this movie will make you laugh and smile.

This movie is more funny and even more gross then the first movie and the TV show. The characters have all there moments to shine in this film and the Jokes were so funny that everybody in the cinema laughed there ass off.

P.S "See you later benders".
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A laugh for each of Jays apparent lovers!
CrisMovieCorner27 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first film was a complete and utter let down, they took a step away from their Comedy roots and went for a Rom-Com and failed across the board, anyway back to this one.

The film starts off with Jay (James Buckley) giving us a wonderfully and the lads an overly dramatised version of his life living down under in the land of Aus working in a top nightclub calling himself "DJ Big Penis", back in sunny ol' England, Simon (Joe Thomas) is in University studying sociology and still dating his girlfriend from the first film Lucy (Tamla Kari) who is now an absolute psychopath to say the least. While Will (Simon Bird) is also at University having the same luck he as always had when it comes to friends, then we have Neil (Blake Harrison) living his deluded happy life as he always has done.

The three lads stuck at home decided to go to surprise Jay and flight to Australia for a visit, they arrive in the top night club in which "DJ Big Penis" is claimed to be working, they find Jay working in the toilets in the club. Will bumps into an old friend Katie (Emily Berrington) who he claims was his first love, she persuades him to go to Byron Bay where Will meets a rival for her heart Ben (Freddie Stroma) a guitar playing, trust fund inheriting, dreadlock rocking douchebag, type of person you want to fail at life.

As the film unravels, we find out Jay has an ulterior motive for moving to Australia, he has his own little "side mission" shall we say, leading him to have some extremely memorable scenes. I don't want to delve any more into the story without giving away pivotal parts of the film, however don't be expecting a perfect script the film is all about the gags and boy does it deliver in that department.

Overall, in my honest opinion it is at least ten times the film the first one tried to be, where the first relied heavily one the romance and letting the comedy slide, the second has its romantic elements but never lets it get in the way of some of the funniest moments in films in recent years. The film is full to the brim of gut busting laughs, I advise you buy it on DVD/Blu-Ray when you can because you will need to pause at times to catch your breath. There's a laugh for each of Jays apparent lovers, all 6,004 of them ha.
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They should have stopped at one film
Cameron-Smith199620 August 2014
I'm not a great fan of the inbetweeners TV series or their previous film but they both did make me laugh when they where on. Unlike this film however, which for the majority of I groaned and sighed more than I laughed. The jokes were unfunny and over the top crudeness that had no brain behind it. I think I smirked twice, chuckled once and went huh a few times (like 3). The story itself was predictable and boring with some plot points just being plan annoying. In fact one plot point took up a good percentage of the film just to lead to a unfunny predictable joke and made me feel as if my time was wasted. In the end I hated myself for going to see it with my friends, who all but one equally disliked at as I did. In the end fans will flock to this but I have a feeling a few may flock out in disappointment as for average film goers avoid it like the plague.
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Several of the years funniest movie moments so far.
CharlieGreenCG6 August 2014
Like most close school friends come school leavers, we often go our own separate ways. Jay (James Buckley) for instance has gone down under to Australia, where he is living it large with countless women at his luxury mansion whilst knocking out Koala's with one punch – or so he says. After announcing such antics he invites his pals Will, Simon and Neil to join him.

Once there and settled in at a hostel full of spiritual travellers, Will spots Katie (Emily Berrington) an attractive fwrend' from his previous, much posher prep-school, who entices him to go along with Aussie traditions and more. Continuing with the usual Inbetweeners style they quickly let the banter flow, bruises glow and bushes show like we have never seen before.

Spun off from the Channel 4 sitcom, the 'Betweeners remain conventional to what we all remember and expect – so much so that the gags and one- liners now seem rudimentary like the Family Guy or The Simpsons in-jokes that we have all grown to love. Only far, far ruder – which is why it has a 15 rating slapped on it.

Featuring (for the second blockbuster this year) the song 'The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face' – this time sung by Will (Simon Bird), it was as you imagine… A possessive girlfriend who cuts Simon's (Joe Thomas) trademark hoodies; Jay's (James Buckley) The Wolf On Wall Street spoof tour of life down under (minus the drug intake), and Neil's (Blake Harrison) usual, well special Forrest Gump behaviour – plus much more, overall it is great fun!

Although now all in their late 20's and early 30's, the boys are back (for another 93 minutes at least anyway) Yet producers (Damon Beesley & Iain Morris) and Inbetweener actors alike have all stated that they would 'never again' come back to relive the characters and that this will in fact be the last outing… but knowing the trend of recent films expect a reunion in about 12-15 years from now.

Yes – the fwrends' are back and easily provide several of this year's funniest movie moments so far, confirming why they are quickly becoming the UK's most successful comedy show. Move over Monty Python, there is a new boy band in town.
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