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  • Annie begins her first deep cover operation completely on her own. Meanwhile, Auggie, Joan, Arthur and the rest of the CIA manage the fallout from Annie's "death" at Calder's hands.


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  • Auggie takes a moment before he is able to dial his phone. He calls Annie's sister Danielle, to tell her that Annie is dead. At Langley, Eric Barber cleans out her desk.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe, Annie dyes her hair, adds extensions and makes a passport for herself as Jessica Matthews. She studies the file on Henry Wilcox's ex-wife, Sana, whom she's hoping to turn as an asset against Henry.

    Back at Langley, Calder Michaels submits his official report about shooting Annie, including that she was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Annie hops on a motorcycle and crosses into Switzerland. She's stopped by police and given a speeding ticket, and promises not to get in any trouble in the country - the first of many lies as a dead woman.


    Annie stakes out Henry's wife and snaps a photo of her kissing a man good-bye. She follows her to the Mont Blanc counseling center.

    Later, Annie goes to a tattoo parlor attached to a nightclub, looking for Reese. She wants to rent his apartment for a month. He shows her to the dingy, out-of-the-way place.

    "Jessica" goes to the group grief counseling session and says she's there because she lost her brother.

    Afterward, she plays aloof with Sana and tries to get her talking about Jai or Henry, but Sana excuses herself to take a call.

    Joan visits Arthur in lock-up after being discharged from the hospital. His lawyer, Bianca, comes with the good news that she got him released on house arrest. Joan is getting demoted at work, but will still have health care. Arthur hates the idea of her there with Eric Braithwaite with Henry lurking around, but they both want to get back at Henry.

    At Langley, Eric Barber wears a black ribbon to remember Annie. Calder reminds him harshly that she was a "rogue operative."

    Calder is summoned to Eric Braithwaite's office, where Braithwaite tells him they're increasing security screenings and polygraphs on employees, so no one can abuse agency resources like the Campbells did. And then Henry Wilcox walks in, perfectly timed.

    Braithwaite suggests Calder get to know Henry better since he'll be around a lot with his Lexington Global working as a contractor.

    When Braithwaite leaves, Henry asks Calder what Annie said before she died. Calder says he shot to kill, she said nothing.

    Joan is shown to her tiny drab office in her new demoted position.

    Calder and Braithwaite watch Auggie take a polygraph. He's asked about the stolen flash drive and knows they want him to blame Annie.

    After, Calder commends him for cooperating. Auggie calls Calder the enemy and blames him for killing Annie. They shoot daggers with their eyes at each other.

    Later, up on the roof, Auggie and Calder meet again. "You make a very convincing a--hole," Auggie commends Calder. They check in on the status of the mission. Auggie is upset that Calder didn't set up a way for Annie to check in, but she refused. Calder got a dead woman's body to ID as Annie and have it sent ome. He even signed the death certificate. He's in deep. Auggie asks him to transfer him to IT so he can keep an eye on Henry's communications.

    Next, Calder gets to cozy up to Henry.

    Back in Geneva, Annie has been working her grief session cover for three weeks. She shares that she lost her brother Theo (Teo), who was framed for a crime and killed. They haven't caught the person responsible yet. She blames herself and is angry.

    "I let myself get manipulated and my brother had to pay for it," Annie says. She chokes back tears and says it's too much. She starts to leave.

    Then Sana starts talking about Jai.

    Later, they go for lunch. Sana notices Annie asking about Henry, but doesn't seem suspicious. Sana mentions she didn't speak to her ex for years, but then saw him a few weeks ago when he was in town.

    She offers to see if her fiancé David can get Annie a job in his office, saying it feels good to feel a little bit like a mother again.

    Back in her apartment, Annie reviews her files on Sana. Reese drops by to try to ask Annie out, but she blows him off.

    At David's office the next day, Sana explains she met David at a conference and he hired her. David asks Annie's opinion about a Norwegian shipping contract and Annie impresses him with her knowledge of global shipping and is hired. He gives her an American real estate deal to review.

    Back at Langley, Calder sidles up to Henry, who invites him to lunch.

    Auggie checks in with Joan, who doesn't know Annie is alive. She struggling with seeing Calder with Henry, not knowing what's really going on.

    At the office, Annie digs through the secretary's desk to find Sana's password. She looks up her emails and finds one from Henry in which he apologizes about Frankfurt and says he only wants the best for her.

    David gets Annie to join him in a meeting, which she learns too late is about Solstar. She walks in the room and sees Henry's main goon, going by the name Andrew Goodman, the one who actually blew up the helicopter. He recognizes Annie immediately, but neither of them reacts.

    When David introduces Annie, she asks Goodman who he's representing since there are no names on the paperwork. Goodman offers to go call his boss and steps out and Annie follows to "smooth things over."

    Instead, she attacks him in the stairwell before he can call Henry. She kicks him down the stairs, but he gets an arm around her throat. She kicks him again and he falls over the railing. Anne sees the unsent text to Henry saying she's alive in Geneva. She deletes it. She drags the unconscious man away.

    Auggie and Calder meet and Auggie suggests trying to drive a wedge between Henry and Braithwaite by making Henry believe that Braithwaite is looking in to him.

    Back in Geneva, Annie has Goodman in a trash bin covered in plastic. She takes out his keys and stuffs him in his own trunk, leaving him bound and gagged inside. But then she sees Sana pointing a gun at her. "Who are you?" Sana demands.

    Annie tells her that the man's name isn't Andrew Goodman and he was sent by Henry Wilcox to hurt her. Annie tells her to get in the car, unless she wants David to find out.

    As they drive, Sana keeps her gun pointed at Annie as she tries to convince Sana they're on the same side. Annie tells her Henry destroyed her life and she wasn't pretending about suffering a loss, it was an operative who died because of Henry. Sana says she knew Annie was pretending the first time she mentioned Henry, and she doesn't trust the CIA. Annie tries to convince her the CIA doesn't know she's there. Annie asks what happened in Frankfurt.

    Henry wanted to win Sana back, and got upset when he learned she was engaged to David. Annie thinks Henry is setting David up. "If you want to help him you need to stop treating me like the enemy because the enemy is waking up in the trunk," she says.

    Annie pulls the car up to her apartment and makes something to knock out Goodman for about half an hour.

    Calder and Henry chat over martinis. Henry senses Calder has an agenda and Calder conspiratorially shares that Braithwaite asked him to open a "blue file" on Henry personally, so that Henry wouldn't know Braithwaite was the one investigating him.

    Back in Geneva, Annie and Sana drag the unconscious Goodman up to Annie's apartment, but run into Reese in the hallway.

    Annie tells him he's her ex-boyfriend, he tracked her down and had one too many. She convinces Reese she can handle it and he leaves.

    Annie races to get Goodman tied to a chair before he wakes up. He can tie Henry to everything, so Annie plans to make him talk.

    Sana worries what Annie is going to do to him, but Annie assures her she needs him alive and if he sees Sana with Annie, Sana and David are dead. Sana goes in the other room.

    Annie wakes Goodman up. At first he denies knowing Henry, then he spells out how things will go, saying she'll have to push him to his breaking point until one of them makes a mistake.

    In DC, Auggie and Calder meet again. Auggie tells Calder his whisper campaign begins tomorrow, using all the friends he has in Langley.

    In Geneva, Goodman critiques Annie's interrogation approach as she beats on him and asks questions that he deems "too vague." He questions her ability to do what's necessary, using Henry's methods. She sticks Goodman's foot in a bucket of water and tears the wires from a lamp, preparing to electrocute him. He continues to mock her, saying she's not strong enough to go through with it.

    Annie demands to know what he's going to do to David. When he doesn't answer, Sana busts in from the other room and tries to attack him. Annie drops the wire, the bucket of water gets kicked over, it shorts out the lights, Goodman gets knocked over and the chair he's bound to breaks. He's free and attacks Annie in the dark.

    Sana whacks him with the chair leg as he's attacking Annie but he continues to attack her. Someone grabs for a gun in the dark. A shot rings out. Sana shot Goodman, he's dead.

    Annie jumps to her feet and tells Sana they have to wipe the place clean and run. Annie burns her clothes and they take off.

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