"Covert Affairs" Dead (TV Episode 2013) Poster

(TV Series)


Piper Perabo: Annie Walker


  • Swiss Cop : [heavy accent, strict]  The auto route is not the Autobahn. Forty kilometers over the speed limit. Let's not have any more trouble while you're in Switzerland.

    Annie Walker : [on motorcycle, sweetly:]  I'll try.

  • Annie Walker : [bothersome building supervisor looking to worm his way past door]  Hey.

    Reese : Did you hear that?

    Annie Walker : Hear what?

    Reese : It's the pub. It's calling your name.

    Annie Walker : [scoffs]  It's probably tired of calling yours.

    Reese : [laughs]  Good one. Hey. That's a fancy scarf.

    Annie Walker : A friend took me shopping.

    Reese : Sugar daddy?

    Annie Walker : She's trying to get me a job.

    Reese : So no... no boyfriend then?

    Annie Walker : No.

    Reese : Are you going to invite me in?

    [she tries to close the door, he sighs] 

    Reese : You've spent every night alone for over a month. A human cannot stay human very long like that.

    Annie Walker : Hell is other people. Sartre, right?

    Reese : [sighs]  You're too smart for your own good.

    Annie Walker : So I've been told.

    [manages to close door] 

  • Deric Hughes : [tied to chair, being tortured]  You know, if you were any good at this, one of my fingers would already be gone.

    Annie Walker : Too much blood.

  • Deric Hughes : In order to beat him, you have to become him. And that's not you, is it, Miss Walker?

    Annie Walker : [whispering]  I'm no longer Miss Walker, remember?

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