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Katherine Ryan interview: "Celebrity is a religion now"

With spots on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo, you've almost certainly seen Canadian-turned-Brit Katherine Ryan on your TV in the last few years.

If you were in Regent's Park this summer, you may have even seen her on your lunch break. Along with Josh Widdicombe, Ryan performed a set to Londoners at the Volvic Juiced Comedy Event.

"It was wonderful," she told Digital Spy about the show.

"One of my favourite things about living in the UK is having that chance to go to festivals.

"So many festivals all come along and this really felt like an opportunity to bring the festival to the people, right in Regent's Park."

Of her new set Glam Role Model, Ryan said: "We don't have glamour models in Canada at all.

"I mean we do have girls who get their tits out, but it's frowned upon. It's not totally, totally mainstream.
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Ones To Watch: Badults Series Two

Everybody’s favourite loveable idiots Matthew, Ben and Tom return to our screens tonight with series two of Badults, and the lads in the BBC Three get up to more hijinks than ever.

In the opening episode it’s the start of the World Cup season, and the trio get together to keep up with their tradition of watching the match in their flat (with Tom taking a few dramatic measures to make sure their tradition is complete!). It all goes wrong of course, and the three of them (well we say three…it will make sense when you watch it!) find themselves trying to find a place to watch it. They go everywhere, to the local pub where their hard nut landlord (Bottom’s Steven O’Donnell) watches the game, to Matthew’s work where his patriotic Scottish boss has put a ban on anything World Cup related. The show also features amazing cameos,
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Thn Talks ‘Badults’ With Matthew Crosby

If you love a bit of good ol’ fashioned comedy then BBC Three’s Badults just might be the one for you. It returns for its second series June 2nd, and we spoke to Matthew Crosby and talked about love interests, World Cup, and BBC Three’s possible channel closure.

Going into series two, where do we find Tom, Matthew and Ben? Still trying to be adults?

Yeah they’re still three idiots, not trying to really cope with life, and they’re still living together. It’s quite funny they are sort of…you know you can be this way with your friends, especially when you’re a bit younger, you can be very close to your pals but you’re also antagonistic, they annoy you more than people you don’t know. Does that make sense?

Yes, Definitely!

That’s the kind of set up we’ve got between the three of them.
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TV highlights 20/08/2013

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Dead Or Alive | The Great British Bake Off | Top Boy | The Midwives | Family Tree | Badults | The Naked Rambler

Dead Or Alive

8pm, Nat Geo Wild

Two shark encounter tales are spliced together to generate maximum suspense in the first episode of this documentary series about wild animal attacks. One concerns surfing South African newlyweds Kristy and Denver, the other occurs when friends Randy, Cliff and Red go diving for shellfish off the coast of California. As both groups become potential prey, the programme rather tastelessly delays revealing who escaped and who didn't, using dramatic reconstructions and on-camera testimonies from the survivors. Rachel Aroesti

The Great British Bake Off

8.30pm, BBC2

The Americans took a bite of Paul Hollywood and pushed the rest of him to one side – his show The American Baking Competition got cancelled after one series – so he's back in the UK like a floury Martine McCutcheon, asking us to take him back.
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