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23 Jul. 2013
As Bank Holiday looms immature flatmates Tom, Matthew and Ben prepare to play Propertyopoly whilst Matthew's sensible sister Rachel goes on a murder mystery weekend. However when the trio go to the cash machine for their stake money they are given an unauthorized five grand. With the bank closed until Monday they try not to spend it but Tom succumbs to the advice of his bookie Aggressive Gary and puts it on a losing horse, depleting the fund to a hundred pounds. Tom's fragrance Mouldy Chops comes to the rescue when it proves to be a winner at unblocking sinks. However...
30 Jul. 2013
Matthew decides to throw Rachel a surprise birthday party with food prepared by cooking enthusiast Tom. Ben meanwhile has embarked on a home education course on insects and brought some stick insects back. The party is a disaster and Rachel walks out but a culinary expert is impressed by Tom's food and encourages him to turn the flat into a restaurant though his charmlessness scares off the diners. To make things up to Rachel Matthew invites her and two friends for a meal cooked by Tom, but Ben has discovered that Tom has been using his stick insects as his secret ...
6 Aug. 2013
To raise cash Tom decides to make a film in the flat starring Ben as the Pirahasaurus whilst Matthew decides to take his job seriously and goes in for Rachel's boss's apprentice initiative to promote the sales of kitchen utensils. However he is not inspired despite his flatmates dressing as sexy spatulas. The film a failure Tom and Ben try to rob a bank but are foiled. Disguised in their spatula costumes they run for cover to the office where Matthew's sales presentation is not going well - until the boss sees the sexy spatulas, thinks they are part of the promotion ...
13 Aug. 2013
Matthew has met the lovely American Tess over the Internet but because Ben is better-looking than him has used his face., Then Tess turns up unexpectedly and instantly falls for Ben, though he struggles to understand the Avant-Garde cultural tastes she shares with Matthew. Tom's mother Carol also turns up after he has told her he is a lawyer, engaged to marry Rachel but Rachel also arrives, following a row with boyfriend Andrew and seeking comfort from Matthew - whom Carol is amorously pursuing. In an effort to stop the women learning the truth the flatmates initiate ...
20 Aug. 2013
Carabine fires Fuzzy, his Head of Cool, and, with Rachel indisposed with a sprained wrist, he makes Matthew his replacement, charging him with giving the company a hip image. Meanwhile Ben discovers meditation and Tom finds an all-in-one remote control with which he composes a pop song. He and Rachel use Ben's mediation chant as a vocal but find it is only tuneful when he is in a trance, otherwise he bellows. Nonetheless, under the group name Hairy Monk, they send it to DJ Ribby, who thinks it is wonderful. Indeed Matthew gets Hairy Monk to give a live performance at ...
27 Aug. 2013
Watching 'I Remember the 90s' on television the flatmates learn that a recent complete set of Pogs sold for half a million pounds, prompting Matthew to look out his old collection - though one pog is missing. To recall where it went the trio think back to their last day at school before Tom went travelling in Europe - though he never got beyond the Calais hypermarket - and Matthew went on to college at Grimsby, dating possessive, domineering Fiona. They have no luck remembering but Fiona, now a changed person, comes to visit with her little boy Martin, who looks just ...

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