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  • Now that Oliver no longer has the list to work from, he's not sure what's next. Roy continues doing his own vigilantism and has to be bailed out of jail by Thea. When he mentions to Oliver that someone is hijacking medical deliveries to the Glades Memorial hospital, the Arrow knows exactly what he wants to do. His visit to the hospital doesn't go well when local politician Sebastian Blood takes him to task for what his family has done. When he tries to stop a hijacking, Arrow comes up against China White and her new partner Bronze Tiger. Thea tells Roy she's not going to wait around until he gets killed. The flashback to the island shows the aftermath of Oliver's violent attack on the unknown visitor. Shado takes him in hand.

  • Oliver remembers how Slade called him to order and face it's dangers while he made love to native Shado. Roy risks being dumped by Thea for taking excessive risks in his attempt to take absent his savior's vigilante place without superhero powers, but once back, Green Arrow recruits him as informer instead. Oliver must save Queen Industries and his social standing after too long without family CEO, but is forced to miss the grand benefit he proposed throwing to his crucial critic, Sebastian Blood, so the alderman turns it into a negative platform. Oliver barely notices that team mates Felicity and Diggle make sacrifices too, now to stop the theft of vital medical supplies to the Glades by combined thug forces. Laurel has lost trust and, as new D.A., sets a trap in hospital for Green Arrow.


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  • Open with a truck carrying FEMA supplies being hijacked by the Triad via two motorcycles. Roy arrives in a car and attempts to stop the crime. He is unsuccessful and his car ends up being flipped. The police arrive and place him in custody.

    Queen and Digs talk about the future of the Hood and Carly's name is mentioned. Thea gets a call about Roy.

    We see Laurel question Roy about the fact one of the Hood's arrow tips was on his person. She tells him she no longer thinks the Hood is an agent for good.

    Queen and Thea arrive at the station. Laurel won't press charges if Roy gives up his vigilante activities. Queen tells Roy he understands his desire to help the community. Roy tells him FEMA medical supplies destined for Glades Memorial Hospital are being stolen.

    Flashback to the island just after Queen killed the men who attacked Shado. Slade finds a map of the island on the person of one of their bodies. Slade tells Shado to help Queen, who is trying to process having just killed somebody with his bare hands.

    Queen and Digs go to Glades hospital. They run into the Glades' Alderman and he is no great fan of Queen. He turns the crowd against Queen and forces him to quickly flee the mob in his car.

    With Queen as CEO, he needs Digs and Felicity close to him in the building. He's having Digs be his driver and wants Felicity to pretend to be his personal assistant/secretary. She absolutely hates the idea. We learn there is something Digs hasn't told Queen about Carly.

    Shado talks Queen down from the ledge. This leads to sex.

    Felicity figures out that medial-grade opiates are being stolen by the gang. She learns a shipment is on its way now and Queen prepares to intervene.

    Arrow runs into a hired-gun of the Triads, a character with blades on his fingers called Bronze Tiger. The two begin to fight but are interrupted by Laurel and the police. Arrow gets away but it shot on the leg in the process.

    This interaction leads to an argument with Felicity and Digs. Digs asks about Laurel leading the charge against the Hood and Felicity brings up the fact Digs and Carly are breaking up and Queen has no idea. Digs says he can't get past Deadshot and what happened with his brother.

    Thea gives Roy an ultimatum. She gives him two weeks severance and a rock symbolizing reconnecting that Queen gave her when he returned from the island. She doesn't want him in her life if he's going to continue risking his life.

    Queen invites the Alderman to his office. He offers money but the Alderman thinks throwing money at the problem won't help those people. Queen suggests holding a benefit and becoming the public face of a movement to help the Glades. The Alderman seems to warm to this idea and apologizes for his past behavior.

    Slade tells Queen and Shado he has something to show them. On the way he warns him not to fall too hard for Shado, as she'll be a distraction.

    Arrow goes to see Laurel. She's hostile and calls him a criminal. It seems her opinion of the Hood changes when she saw him leave Tommy on the night of the earthquake. She thinks he's a coward and promises to put him in prison. She warns him never to pay her another visit.

    The Alderman and Laurel speak at the benefit. Queen is nowhere to be found.

    As Queen and Digs arrive at the benefit Felicity gives him a call. There is another shipment headed to FEMA at that exact moment. Queen has to skip the benefit and leave right away.

    When the Alderman realizes Queen isn't going to show he takes to the microphone to tell everybody what kind of man Queen really is.

    Arrow and Digs team up to take down the Triad motorcycle gang. Felicity helps by diverting the police to a different part of town. Arrow leaves the Triad leader alive for the police to find, but she tells Arrow he'll never be a hero.

    Queen and Digs watch a media report that confirms the Hood played a role in the gang being taken down. Queen apologizes for Digs and Carly.

    Back on the island Slade takes Queen and Shado to an area shown in a picture in one of their files. Queen spots a cave and the three of them enter. Inside they find skeletons of Japanese soldiers from World War II. Queen finds the stone he would later give to Thea.

    Arrow pays Roy a visit. He tells Roy he can help him by being his eyes and ears in the Glades. Roy then comes to Thea and promises her he'll stop the fighting.

    Arrow goes to see Laurel again. She pushes a button and the room is filled with police.

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