Flowers in the Attic (TV Movie 2014) Poster

(2014 TV Movie)

Ava Telek: Carrie



  • [the children go up to the attic: Christopher leading, then Carrie, then Cory and Cathy heading the rear, who shuts the door a bit and looks around curiously. Each person holds the rail and when they reach the top, Christopher opens the door and flips on the light as piano music plays and they explore, Carrie with Cathy and Cory with Christopher] 

    Cathy : Carrie!

    [puts hands on her shoulders] 

    Cathy : You can dress up for days in here!

    Christopher : Hey, Cor', check it out. You finally get your own record player.

    Cory : But it doesn't have a plug!

    Christopher : [softly]  You just have to crank it.

    [music crackles on and Cathy and Christopher come upon a cloth-lined adult mannequin, which they stare at next to each other] 

    Christopher : Better hope you inherit from this half of the gene pool.

    Cathy : [scoffs, somewhat annoyed]  Like you know anything!

    Christopher : [meanwhile, the twins are looking at a photo album and Christopher comes behind them and puts his hands on their shoulders and looks down at the album]  Our entire family.

    Carrie : [looks back at Christopher with a smile]  They're all grumpy, like our grandma!

    Christopher : They're not grumpy.

    Cathy : [looks back at her siblings]  Guys, you gotta come check this out.

    [Christopher slowly takes his hands off his brother's shoulders and comes over to Cathy] 

    Cathy : Looks we weren't the first kids up here.

    [she wipes away a table to reveal etchings in a table: Adelaide age 9 1896 and Jonathan Agen 1864] 

    Carrie : [Looking at the older siblings with her brother]  It's hot and dusty.

    Cory : I don't like it.

    Christopher : It's not so bad.

    Carrie : I wanna go outside in the garden. This is a bad place.

    Cory : [agitated]  I want Momma!

    Christopher : [calming with a note of desperation]  Okay. We're going to make this a game. Pretend we're outside. The floor can be the garden, and the ceiling can be the sky and I'll even make a swing.

    [next shot reveals Christopher tugging on the safety rope of a self-made swing with Cathy on the other side. Satisfied, he stands up with Cathy, who is in thought] 

    Cathy : What do you think she meant, grandfather punishing us for even being alive?

    Christopher : Sh-She's just trying to scare us.

    Cathy : Then how come she said we'd be here for months?

    Christopher : [holding onto the rope]  Don't worry. Mom's gonna take care of us.

    [he turns and goes to a ladder and starts climbing and a stair snaps and breaks; Cathy subsequently gasps and gasps the rope tightly in concern] 

    Cathy : Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

    [he continues climbing and tugs the top of the rope] 

    Christopher : [looks at her]  See? It worked.

    [Cathy laughs nervously and Christopher looks back at the twins] 

    Christopher : Cory, Carrie, come try this out.

    [the twins obediently come and sit on the hanging chair, hanging onto the rope] 

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