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  • Tommen is crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei builds her case against Tyrion. Sansa and Lord Baelish arrive at the Eyrie. The Night's Watch attacks Craster's Keep.

  • Tommen is crowned king, the first of his name. Cersei can see that her newly-crowned son and Margaery are exchanging friendly smiles. Cersei is surprisingly frank with her about Joffrey and asks if she is still interested in being queen. Tywin tells Cersei of the Lannisters dire financial situation and needs the Tyrell family to be part of the crown. Jorah Mormont advises Daenerys of Joffrey's death and they contemplate attacking King's Landing by sea. There is other news as well. The freed slaves of Yunkai have been re-enslaved by their old masters and a coup in Astapor has enthroned a butcher who has declared himself emperor. Daenerys decides to rule over the territories she has conquered. Sansa and Petyr Baelish arrive at the Eyrie where he introduces Sansa as his niece Alayne though her aunt, Lady Arryn, is aware of her true identity. Brienne and Pod continue their journey but Pod proves to be a not very useful squire.

  • Jorah tells to Daenerys that King Joffrey is dead and also that she lost the cities she had conquered in the Slaver's Bay. Daenerys decides to stay and rule the cities. Tommen is crowned at King's Landing. Littlefinger brings Sansa to her aunt Lysa Arryn and marries her. Lysa recalls him that she had poisoned Jon. Arya and The Hound travel having friction most of the time. Jon and the Night's Watch fight and kill the mutineers at Craster's Keep and burn to the place to the ground but Bran hides himself from his brother with his friend to proceed with his quest for the three-eye raven.


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  • "Game of Thrones" - "First of His Name" - May 4, 2014

    We open on the crowning of Tommen Baratheon in the hall of the Throne.

    He gets crowned and receives cheers of "Long may he rein" and nice applause. He smiles sweetly at Margaery. Then there is a big party and various people come to bow to him including Varys and Maester Pycelle. Throughout he smiles at Margaery. Cersei takes note of this.

    She approaches Margaery who says Tommen sits on the throne like he was born to it. Cersei notes they both knows he wasn't. Cersei asks if she still mourns Joffrey, and Margaery says she does since he was her husband and her king. Cersei says he would've been her nightmare. Cersei says she loved him but the things he did shocked her and she is not easily shocked. Cersei says Tommen is a good and decent boy and will likely be the best king of the last 50 years. Cersei says he will need help if he's going to rule well. Margaery says he has Cersei. Cersei says a mother is not enough. She asks Margaery still wants to be queen. Margaery lies and says she hasn't even thought about it with all that's happened but that it would be a great honor but she'll need to speak to her father. Cersei says she'll speak to hers as well. Margaery says they may be faced with an alarming number of weddings soon and when that happens she won't know what to call her, sister? Mother? Cersei doesn't care for that last bit.

    Barristan and Jorah inform Dany that Joffrey is dead, and that Daario has taken their navy. Dany says he wasn't instructed to do that. Daario says he heard she liked ships. They've got 93 ships. That might be enough to capture King's Landing but not enough to win all of Westeros.

    They also tell her that in Yunkai, masters have re-established control re-taken those slaves who didn't leave and in Astapol a man has declared himself "His Imperial Majesty." She dismisses everyone but Jorah.

    She says her liberation of slaves isn't going quite as planned. He says she could sail to King's Landing and take it, put all of this behind her and that the man who serves is one many think is a bastard who doesn't deserve the throne. She wonders how she can rule 7 kingdoms if she can't control Slaver's Bay. How can anyone trust or follow her? He says she's a Targaryen and the mother of dragons. She says it's not enough. She won't let those she's freed slide back into chains and won't sail for Westeros. He wonders what she'll do. She says she will do what Queens do: she will rule.

    Sansa and Littlefinger walk towards the Eyrie. He tells her to cover her head since her hair might give her away. It's a tough path and Littlefinger explains how these mountains have provided good cover for 1,000 years. They arrive at the "Bloody Gate." He announces himself as Lord Petyr Baelish and "his niece Elaine."

    The gate opens. They arrive and meet Lysa in her throne room. Her young son Robin is also there, both being creepy. Littlefinger gives him a gift of a small crystal bird and the little boy seems to love him. Lysa recognizes Sansa and welcomes her with a big hug. She calls her Aunt Lysa and Lysa says she mustn't call her that in front of anyone since the Lannisters can't find out that she's there, noting the've been trying to destroy them all for years and now they've gotten a little taste of their own medicine, like the poison they gave her husband. Young Robin talks about the time he wanted to kill Tyrion and throw him to his death and throws his new gift through the moon window. Lysa says she's sorry Sansa had to marry "that filthy troll." Sansa confirms that Tyrion didn't force himself on her. Lysa tells Robin also not to call Sansa by her name in front of anyone but herself and Littlefinger and tells him to take her to room.

    Once they're gone, Lysa attacks Littlefinger with a sloppy kiss. She wants to get married tonight. He wants to wait for a more proper time. She says they had their wedding night many years ago and asks if he remembers. He says it was like yesterday. Apparently, he was the one who told her to poison her husband and starts talking about that plot. He silences her with a kiss before she can blab more. He says the deed is done and fading into nothing and only speaking of it makes it real.. He says okay to getting married tonight. She brings in the person to preside over the marriage and says she's going to scream so loud when they make love they'll hear her across the Narrow Sea. She wasn't kidding as we see Sansa suffer through listening to the screams.

    Cersei and Tywin agree that Tommen and Margaery must wait until it seems "decent" to marry. They agree on a fortnight. Her marriage to Loras will follow soon after. Tywin says marriages are for alliances not trust and that they need the Tyrells on their side to get out of the "tremendous amount" of debt they are in to the Iron Bank since their gold mines have run dry. They move on briefly to the trial and how she's building a case against Tyrion and how he can't talk about it. She asks what Tyrion deserves for lighting their future on fire. (Although she and Tywin both know it was probably for the best.)

    Arya lies by the fire chanting the names of the people she is going to avenge for her family. The Hound asks her to shut up. She says she can't sleep until she says the names. The Hound's brother the Mountain is on her list and he says if they come across his brother they can both cross a name off their list. He tells her to finish her chant. She says there is only one more name: The Hound.

    Lysa and Sansa eat and talk about Catelyn, who had a sweet tooth. Lysa notes how much interest Littlefinger has in Sansa and how he seems to feel responsible for her. The pleasant conversation takes a tense turn as Lysa gets angry and asks Sansa why she thinks Littlefinger feels this way. Sansa says because he cared about her family. Lysa says she means her sister Catelyn and gets angrier, squeezing Sansa's hands and says she knows Littlefinger loved her and asks if Sansa has had sex with him like he did with the whores in his brothels. Sansa insists she's a virgin and points out that Littlefinger has called her a silly girl and a bad liar and she swears she's a virgin. Lysa gets calm again and tells her not to worry soon the Lannisters will execute Tyrion and Sansa can marry Robin and become the lady of Vail.

    Brienne is annoyed with Pod who can't seem to control his horse. There wasn't much call for riding with Tyrion he says. Brienne says perhaps she should've stayed with him. Brienne says it's going to be weeks to get to the Wall. She says he can go. He says he swore an oath. She says she's releasing him. He says he knows. What do you think will happen if you leave, she asks. He says, they'll say he wasn't a very good squire.

    The Hound awakes and Arya is gone. He panics at first but finds her practicing her swordfighting. He's annoyed. He says what she's doing isn't fighting. She says it's not fighting it's dancing and she learned from the best teacher in the world, who was killed by a guy that the Hound has no respect for. She says he was outnumbered an unarmed. He tells her to give it her best shot. She attacks him and his armor stops her. He smacks her down and notes that her teacher is dead and his killer is alive because his killer had armor and a big sword.

    Cersei goes to see Oberyn Martell. He's writing a poem. She offers to show him the gardens. They walk. He's writing a poem for his 8 daughters. They talk about his sister and he says at first he gets sad and then gets angry when he thinks of her and how she was killed. She says it's ironic that they're so powerful but he couldn't save his sister and she couldn't save her son and she wonders what good is power. He says they can avenge them. He notes that she believes Tyrion murdered her son. She says he knows he did. He says they'll have a trial and they'll know the truth. They talk about her daughter. He says she's well. Cersei says she wants to believe she's happy. Oberyn says she is since they don't hurt little girls in Dorne. She says they hurt little girls everywhere. She asks him to bring her a gift, a ship she had made for her and to tell her her mother misses her very much. He says he will do both.

    Pod tries to cook a rabbit unsuccessfully. He didn't even skin it. Brienne is incredulous. He's never cooked anything. There were cooks, he points out. He tries to help her with her armor and she shoos him off. She asks what he did for Tyrion. He says he brought his meals, kept his clothes and linen clean, carried messages, and mostly poured wine. She asks if he did anything related to combat. Pod tells of when he killed a man in the King's Guard to protect Tyrion in the Battle of Blackwater. She seems impressed. Struggling with the armor she finally asks for help.

    Roose Bolton's main man acts as Jon Snow's scout at Craster's Keep.

    In a nearby hut JoJen sees the special tree in his mind and says it's waiting for Bran and they have to find it and that this isn't the end and that Bran has to make it and not let anything slow him down. Meera asks how will they know it's the end. JoJen, his hand aflame in his mind, says they'll know.

    Roose's man returns to Snow and the others and says there are 11 men, most already drunk and they'll carve 'em up like walnut pie. He notes there's a hut with hounds chained up and they should steer clear, throwing them off the path of Bran.Jon says they'll move at sundown.

    At the Keep, Kurt goes and grabs Meera in preparation, apparently to rape her. Bran begs them to leave her alone. They stand her up, tie her hands to the ceiling and bind her feet. He asks what a pretty little high born girl like her is doing out in the woods. He touches her hair and breathes vulgarity in her face. JoJen says to him if he lets his sister go he'll help Kurt. He says he has the sight and can see things that haven't happened yet. Kurt says that's a fine thing and wonders if he's seen what he and his men are going to do to his sister. He tells him not to close his eyes and turns back to Meera. He tells Kurt he saw his body burn and Snow fall and bury his bones.

    At that moment The Night's Watch arrives with a howl and a fight ensues. Our evil buddy breaks off and undoes Bran who starts calling out to Jon. He says if Bran yells again he'll slit Hodor's throat. He hoists him up over his shoulder. Bran gets the sight, goes in Hodor's body and and forces him to break free and kill Roose's man. He tells him to go free Meera and JoJen and crawls toward the battle.

    Jon Snow is making mincemeat of the others. JoJen tells him not to call him because he'll take him back to Castle Black for protection and he needs to get to the tree. Bran reluctantly agrees they need to go.

    Jon confronts Kurt, the last man standing. They tussle and Kurt gets the upperhand. One of Craster's women saves Jon by attacking Kurt from behind. When he turns on her, Jon shoves his sword through Kurt's head.

    The Crows lost four men and have 10 dead mutineers. They wonder where Rast is. Rast has run. Run right into the jaws of Ghost, Jon's direwolf whom he taunted. Ghost returns to Jon. They collect up the women and ask them to come to Castle Black and they'll find them work and keep them safe. They say they'll find their own way. Jon wonders if they'll stay here. One woman spits and tells them to burn it to the ground and all the dead with it. So they do and stand and watch it burn.

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