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  • Annie tracks down Teo to ask him to question Eduardo about Henry's involvement in stolen weapons and bombings. Eduardo is killed by Henry's men. Calder confronts Joan about evidence Annie has hidden. Calder goes after Auggie for evidence.

  • Auggie bravely refuses to give up working with Annie or their relationship, but ends up arrested after Calder, who confronts Joan, raids his home and finds the memory stick in a hidden safe Auggie denied even having. Teo Braga bitterly refuses to believe or have anything to do with father Arthur, but agrees to help out the unsuccessfully interrogation of torture-resistant AFL comrade Eduardo about Henry's part by joining him as fake-prisoner on transport just before Calder comes question him. Alas, Eduardo sees trough the ploy and is killed by sudden attackers, Teo and Annie barely escape.


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  • Annie returns to home to her cover apartment, empty and undecorated. She debates calling Auggie. There's a knock at her door. It's Auggie.

    He has their next mission, based on his photo of Henry in the jungle. He wants to keeping working together. He shows her the CCTV feed from Edinburgh he accessed using Project Hummingbird, giving him access to encrypted systems he could never access before.

    She's proud of him.

    He's located Teo and wants to use Teo to get Eduardo to talk about why Henry was in the jungle. She agrees.

    Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

    From Langley, Auggie watches surveillance at the castle and relays Teo's movements to Annie. Annie follows him inside the castle but doesn't see him. Surveillance finds him in the tunnels. Annie finds a secret door and follows, even though something doesn't feel right.

    She walks through the dark tunnel and sees a crawl space.

    Teo comes out in a stable and Annie is there waiting for him.

    He says he's following a lead about which port the missiles are being smuggled out of. Annie asks Teo to talk to Eduardo about Henry. He's still bitter at Arthur, his father, but Annie tries to convince him Arthur's looking out for him.

    Back at Langley, Calder Michaels has surveillance photos of Annie with Teo in Vienna. He brings them to Joan in a snit and wants to open an investigation into Annie. She warns him that's a serious step and says she'll handle it.

    Calder isn't satisfied and wants to investigate Teo by interviewing Eduardo.

    Joan says he's becoming too focused on Annie and says right there that she's transferring her out of his department so he can focus on other things.

    Jefferson National Forest, Millboro, Va.

    Annie brings Teo to see Arthur. Teo is angry and thinks Arthur sent Annie and Auggie to find him, even though they went to Colombia on their own.

    "You're the worst mistake my mother ever made," Teo tells Arthur. Arthur tries to convince Teo he just wants to help, but Teo doesn't want him in his life.

    "It's too late, you made me a spy and I have a mission," Teo says.

    Arthur wishes Annie luck on their mission tomorrow.

    Grey Owl Motel, Boones Mill, Va.

    Annie and Teo hole up in a cut rate motel.

    He talks to her about the difficulties of doing deep cover with ALC and becoming brothers with the men he is spying on. Sometimes he wishes he could save them all.

    And then it's time for her to hit him, he wants her to make it look real. Before she can, there's a knock at the door.

    It's Joan.

    She brought the signed letter from the DCS they'll need to transfer Eduardo. Joan tries to convince Teo that Arthur was trying to protect him. She tells him he has a place at the agency if he wants it. He agrees to talk to her about it some time.

    Outside, Joan tells Annie she transferred her out of the DPD and out from Calder's clearance.

    Inside, Annie gives Teo the black eye he wants to sell their story.

    Back at Langley, Calder watches the footage of Annie with Teo. He tries to pull up Eduardo Vargas' file but is denied access.

    He calls his old friend Martina in the CIA's Bogota office to find where Eduardo is being held. She promises to get back to him.

    The next day, Annie drives Teo to a barn out in the woods. He's dressed in a prisoner's orange jumpsuit. She gets in a transfer van that had the keys left in it and drives to a secret, heavily guarded CIA holding site out in the woods.

    She tells them she's taking Eduardo to a holding facility in Jasper, Indiana. The guards load Eduardo into her transfer van.

    A helicopter is landing as Annie reaches the gate. Calder gets out.

    He's asks to speak to the person in charge. Another guard takes Annie's paperwork to go over it yet again. She nervously watches Calder in her rearview. The gate lifts and she drives off.

    Calder learns Joan transferred Eduardo and he just missed him. Annie stops to pick up Teo and leaves the two men in the back together.

    She listens in. Eduardo insists he told them nothing, but Teo says he heard he made a deal with a gringo. Eduardo mentions Henry Wilcox and says he's been giving them money and asked for missiles.

    He wants to destroy the US Embassy in Bogota.

    Annie sends a text with the info and passes a black SUV as she drives down back roads. Eduardo tells Teo he trusted Henry because he funded some of their best missions, including the bombing at the Plaza de Turbaco, where Teo's mother died.

    Suddenly, the black SUV is on Annie's tail and pulls up behind, ramming her transfer van. She pulls out her gun and tries to run the SUV off the road as Eduardo and Teo get bashed around in the back. The SUV knocks the van off the road and it tumbles down an embankment. Annie is dazed but frees herself and grabs her gun.

    She opens the back and tries to uncuff Teo. The engine is smoking as she races to uncuff him. She frees him and tells Teo to uncuff Eduardo while she covers him.

    A man fires at Annie from above on the road, trying to hit the gas pouring from the van. Eduardo sees that Teo knows Annie and calls him a traitor, kicking him.

    Teo won't leave without Eduardo, wanting answers about the bombing at the Plaza de Turbaco.

    Annie yells at Teo to get out and he finally does. They run for cover, leaving Eduardo cuffed inside. The assassin firing at them finally hits the van and it burst into flames.

    Annie has never seen the man before.

    Teo is ready to go hunt down Henry Wilcox. Annie tries to convince him to come with her, pointing out that if he does that he'll become the terrorist Henry wants him to be and he'll never be able to work legitimately for the CIA. Teo can't listen to reason and when Calder and guards pull up on the scene Annie can't hide from them and stop Teo. He leaves, telling her to tell Arthur he's sorry.

    Annie calls Joan as she runs away. Joan sends someone for her.

    Annie returns home to her cover apartment to find it picked apart, even her wall safe is missing.

    She goes to Auggie's.

    "There's no time to explain, they're going to be here any minute," she says.

    She tells him to clear his electronics. She knows a CIA sweep team ransacked her apartment.

    Calder pulls up outside with a team of men. Auggie hurries Annie to leave, saying he'll be fine.

    "I think Helen was wrong. We made the wrong choice," he says.

    Annie understands he means that he thinks they can be spies and be together. She kisses him and goes out the back as Calder bangs on his door.

    Calder comes in with men with boxes to get all his electronics. He says he's investigating Annie, so he's looking to Auggie for answers.

    When Auggie won't tell him where his safe is, he starts tearing the walls down. They find the safe.

    Seth Newman's flash drive is inside. They take Auggie in.

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