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  • The race to secure capital for the impending Arctic Lease auction has Bobby scrambling to outmaneuver John Ross' efforts to frack on Southfork. While Nicolas and Elena's partnership heats up, Christopher makes a startling discovery about Nicolas' past, and Emma's games put John Ross and Pamela's upcoming wedding in jeopardy.

  • John Ross faces angry ranch-hands' fists as his fracking plan would cost their livelihood, but he wins over even fast-fisted hot-head leader Bo McCabe by promising better-paid drilling jobs. Bobby can't touch Harris Ryland, as he's now an undercover CIA informant on the Mexican cartel. While Nicolás Treviño's efforts to prove the Ewings set up Cliff dishearten Elena, Christopher's truth-finding mission is Loredo seems as hopeless, until he's picked up to meet Nicolas's disowned wife Lucia. Although Bum keeps John Ross's secret to Sue Ellen, flirtatious Emma's misbehavior renders Anna and Pamela suspicious.


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  • Ann and Bobby leave their meeting with Harris and the CIA, shaken. Ann is worried about Emma. Bobby promises her she and Emma will always be safe on Southfork.

    In the morning, John Ross makes Pamela pancakes with whipped cream. Some of it ends up on Pamela's chest and John Ross licks it off. Emma strolls through in her revealing swimsuit and gives John Ross an eyeful that Pamela can't see -- but Sue Ellen, standing in the next room, definitely does.

    Bobby finishes checking the perimeter with a ranch hand and orders all the hands ride armed. They get called to the scene of a fight between a ranch hand and john Ross, who is losing. Bobby finally breaks it up and promises the hands they won't lose their jobs and he'll stop John Ross from drilling.

    John Ross tries to remind him they want the same thing, but Bobby points out their methods are different.

    Sue Ellen and Ann sit down on the balcony to plan John Ross and Pamela's wedding, but Sue Ellen is distracted by Emma lounging at the pool. When Ann asks what's going on, Sue Ellen tells her about her suspicions about Emma and John Ross. Given that Sue Ellen was right about Emma's drug use, Ann keeps an open mind that Sue Ellen might be right. But Sue Ellen says she'll handle it.

    Federal Prison, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

    Christopher visits Cliff Barnes, who is doing well enough in prison that guards bring him café con leche. Christopher says he's watching Nicolas Trevino. Cliff insists he didn't kill JR, but Christopher says he's guilty regardless -- of killing Christopher's unborn children.

    Outside the prison, a young boy runs into Christopher and picks his pocket. He brings his wallet to two serious-looking men in an SUV outside. They follow Christopher when he drives off.

    Elena and Nicolas brainstorm their next moves toward looking into JR's death. They're going to talk to Rhonda, the waitress who said Cliff was in the bar the night JR was shot and the gun range to see if Cliff's gun really was stolen.

    Nicolas drops in on Rhonda in a salon, offering her $25,000 to tell the truth about Cliff Barnes. He says he knows that she got $20,000 after she left Texas. She resists his offer of cash and he leaves his card instead.

    Back at Southfork, Emma makes sure she doesn't miss an inch applying sunblock. Ann notices it's for John Ross' benefit.

    Ann cautions her not to dress so provocatively around John Ross and then asks her to stay close to home, given the cartel threat (just because Harris is out of jail, she doesn't mention the CIA). Emma rudely brushes her off with the 22-year-old's version of "you're not the boss of me."

    Inside, Pamela sees that Emma is in a snit and invites her to go honeymoon lingerie shopping.

    Bobby meets with his contact on the railroad commission and asks him to deny John Ross's permit. The laughs at him, pointing out how much the industry gives him to keep the permits going and mentions that if he denied a permit for every rare squirrel a tree hugger got up in arms about, they'd never drill.

    John Ross meets with Bo, the ranch hand he fought with. He knows Bo was Emma's drug connection and, instead of firing him for fighting, he extorts Bo to convince his fellow hands to go along with the fracking plan.

    Ann goes to see Harris at his house to tell him Emma is acting out.

    Out lingerie shopping, Emma asks Pamela how she knew John Ross was the one.

    Ann wants Harris to tell Emma about his CIA connection, but he doesn't think she can be trusted to keep it secret, given that she already put him in jail once. Ann tells him about Emma and John Ross.

    Emma tells Pamela she's seeing someone, but only for sex. Emma encourages Pamela to buy lingerie and then tell her how it goes over with John Ross.

    Sue Ellen sits down to lunch with Bum, saying she wants to apologize for involving him in things with John Ross. She tells him she's grateful he told her the truth and knows that he regrets not telling her about JR's cheating. Bum tries not to feel guilty for keeping the affair from her.

    In Mexico, Christopher finds Eduardo Vega -- a man he read about in the Wall Street Journal. Nicolas stole his patent for a drug and then made millions selling it as a generic. Eduardo explains that everything Nicolas did was legal, since he was technically an employee, but he's clearly still bitter. He tells Christopher that Nicolas Trevino has no birth certificate, no records at all before 1997. He has a file handy on him that he gives to Christopher.

    Meanwhile, at the gun range, Elena gets an employee to show her his security files -- the recordings from the days she's looking for are missing.

    Harris tells his mother that Emma is sleeping with John Ross, and that means John Ross might have the files Emma stole, which include unflattering information about Judith. Judith is sure she can come with dirt on John Ross to convince him to give the files back.

    John Ross meets with Bum in his penthouse, handing over the bag of pills he used to blackmail Bo. Emma saunters in and John Ross sees him out. Bum chides him for not being discrete with Emma, but John Ross tells him he needs dirt on Harris before he can break things off with Emma.

    Bum cautions him to be wary of Harris, but particularly his mother, Judith.

    Back with Emma, she shows off the emerald green teddy she's wearing, saying she bought it special for him. He does not attempt to resist.

    Bum drops by Sue Ellen's, when she opens the door, he blurts out he lied and she was right about Emma and John Ross.

    As Christopher leaves his hotel in Mexico, the men who have been following him pull up. They offer to give him answers about Nicolas Trevino and he gets in their car.

    John Ross addresses the ranch hands with Bo, thanking them for getting on board fracking.

    Bobby pulls up with a lesser prairie chicken in a cage -- they're endangered and the Sierra Club is concerned that fracking on Southfork might endanger them. The railroad commission won't issue a permit until the investigation is resolved.

    Back in his Dallas penthouse, Nicolas makes mole while Elena slurps a martini. She's worried Rhonda won't call. Elena thinks the Ewings are one step ahead of them. Nicolas rubs her shoulders reassuringly and they're about to have a moment when his phone rings -- it's Rhonda.

    Nicolas goes to meet with Rhonda in parking lot at night. He gives her the envelope, but then Bobby gets out of her car. Bobby tells her to go ahead with the truth. She says she saw Cliff and JR in the club and when JR left, Cliff followed. "Sometimes the truth hurts," Bobby says. "On that, we can agree. It'll be interesting to see who it'll hurt more," Nicolas says. He gives Rhonda the cash anyway.

    John Ross comes home to Southfork -- and finds Pamela in the same teddy that Emma was wearing. As she starts kissing him, Emma is in his head and he gets unnerved, remembering what she said about wanting him to remember her wearing it. He stops Emma and goes to take a shower.

    Nicolas comes home to Elena, who wonders if she should accept that the Ewings will always win. Nicolas takes her hand and tells her he's never loved anyone more than he loves her. They fall into bed.

    Meanwhile, in Mexico, Christopher is driven to Trevino's estate, which is guarded by heavily armed men. A beautiful woman greets him with her young children, explaining that they just got back in town after leaving under a cartel threat. She knows who Christopher is and gives him his wallet back.

    She's Lucia Tevino -- Nicolas's wife.

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