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Decent slasher with good kills, ....
Fella_shibby23 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
...n a supernatural touch to it, with good character development n picturesque cinematography. I was really excited to see this film. Had read somewhere that the extended clip of this film was released way back in 2013. Been on my watch list for a very long time. Finally bought a pirated DVD for 50 rupees. I think that my DVD was a different version as the scene (the killer in yellow jacket chasing a female in broad day light n piercing her hand from the centre of her palm) shown in the you tube trailer was not there. Considering that this is Nick Jongerius debut film (Producer of Frankenstein's army), he did a decent job. I skipped his Frankensteins army as m not a fan of hand held camera. Well this is not a great film but not bad either. Horror fans may like it. Slasher fans will enjoy it more. It has shades of Hatchet part one, Jeepers creepers part one. Some solid gore n killings. Being a debut film, it did showed the directors lack of creating suspense n tension. But he managed to develop the characters well. Some nice writing there. Some lovely cinematography by Bart Beekman. Decent editing. The only thing I did not dig was that of the marine's "sin". Wasn't it an accident? Also the doctor's? Can someone explain plz.
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Breaks the golden rule of a good slasher flick
s327616930 September 2016
The rather blandly named, The Windmill Massacre, breaks the golden rule of a good slasher flick and pays the price.

Let me start by saying this is a film with definite potential. Its far from utterly bad. It employs a good cast of capable actors, a rather novel and fresh premise, plus some good horror elements. That said, it breaks the key rule of any good slasher flick, its not all that scary.

Th reason The Windmill Massacre is not overly scary lies in its scripting. After the first death, there's very little uncertainty as to who, how and when the next person, will die. Indeed, there is a "lead in", that tells you for the most part, whats about to happen to who, next.

The net result is a film robbed of the sudden death, "jump in your seat", surprise factor. That's what good slashers are really all about. Not the final dispatch but the dread and tension, leading up to that suddenly and violently realized moment, when the killer strikes.

Its a shame too, as this film looked promising. Even making a second film may not solve this issue, as the approach taken is more or less, "locked in". That is, its intrinsic to the legend built around the killer. As it stands then, a moderately entertaining horror film, that offers some entertainment value, but could have been so much more. Six out of ten from me.
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The Windmill Massacre: Not the worst horror I've seen lately
Platypuschow24 October 2017
Reminding me heavily of Reeker (2005) this neat little horror is well made but sadly makes very little sense.

Telling the story of a number of people who get aboard a tour of Holland but become stranded and under attack from an unseen enemy who seems to know their darkest secrets.

The idea is quite clever, the execution is solid but where it fails is the execution and wide quantity of plot holes and unexplained events.

I wanted to like this and was certainly impressed with the quality but just couldn't get past certain head scratching moments.

Perfectly watchable stuff but it is the very definition of take your brain out entertainment.

The Good:

Decent kills

Well made

The Bad:

Plenty of plot holes

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

When hiring a nanny employees will not do an extensive background check

That kid will need SO much therapy
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I liked it
utgard1429 October 2016
Windmills are cool - we all know this. So naturally when I saw there was a horror movie centered around a windmill, I was all in. When I saw that it wasn't another shitty found footage movie, I was even more intrigued. After watching it, I can honestly say it's one of the more enjoyable horror films I've seen recently (and there aren't a lot of those, let me tell you). It's a slasher flick basically with an interesting setting and some creative and gory kills, at least two of which genuinely took me by surprise and gave me a bit of a jump. The windmill backdrop itself is the movie's biggest plus although I was disappointed they didn't make better use of the location scenery. Most of the movie takes place on what appeared to me to be an obvious set. Had more of it taken place where they filmed the initial windmill stuff it would have been better, in my opinion. But I guess that would have made doing proper special effects more difficult on a low budget. As it is, there's nothing really 'wrong' with the set, just that I think it would've been more effective using more of the location shooting. Anyway, the cast is good. There's a guy who reminds me of Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles. There's never anything bad about that. As I said before, the kills are mostly creative, and some of the gross-out stuff is funny. It's definitely worth a look if, like me, you are tired of most of the horror output today, which seems to be found footage and knock-offs of horror classics like Exorcist and Poltergeist.
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Not a bad find
jackmeat8 October 2016
My quick rating - 5,4/10. This flick seems to attempt to touch upon quite a few genres at once and does so somewhat successfully. The movie is about the struggle of being taken to hell by a grim reaper type character which is explained within the movie. Each character is being judged due to their sins of the past which unfold in a flashback type way. The story itself is played out quite well albeit completely full of holes. The supernatural aspect seems to come and go and never really solidifies itself. The acting is average, no complaints or applause. When they do head down the gore route, it is poured on well without being the focal point of the film. I found it interesting enough to hold my attention and although I could see a never ending amount of sequels possible (which the ending says, not me) I hope they leave it alone. An above average flick if even slightly which is fine.
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It's Miller Time! Demonic Wind-miller time, that is…
Coventry27 January 2017
Call me a sentimentalist, but I really love it when countries bring forward movies that are somehow linked to their own heritage, culture or fauna! For example, I love it when Australia makes another movie about a giant killer crocodile, or when Austria releases a splatter flick about Lederhosen zombies, and I was really excited when I found out that The Netherlands was going to bring out a folklore horror movie about windmills! I'm not a Dutchman myself, but I live next door in Belgium and spent a lot of time traveling around in The Netherlands. The country is full of windmills and, especially when you drive past them when night is falling, they often look eerie and sinister out there in the open fields, so it's about freaking time they finally form the decor of a horror movie! Of course I'm slightly biased, and I probably awarded the film with at least one more point than it deserves, but "The Windmill Massacre" is good entertainment with a more than adequate screenplay, above average performances, a reasonable amount of suspense and quite a lot of exhilarating gore and bloodshed!

First and foremost, the film rather cleverly solves a typical issue that Dutch speaking productions always struggle with! It sounds horrible when Dutch or Belgian actors/actresses attempt to speak English, so instead of that, "The Windmill Massacre" almost exclusively stars native English speakers that are supposedly tourists in Amsterdam. That's just smart, period! Following a whole bunch of separate clips that only start making sense later in the film, 7 people (an Aussie girl, a former model, an Asian student, a mariner, a surgeon and a British father with his teenage son) board a ramshackle tour bus that takes them on a trip past several idyllic windmills. The bus naturally breaks down, but when two courageous passengers head towards a nearby windmill for help, they painfully experience that the miller – Hendrik – is a nastily deformed and bloodthirsty type of avenging demon. This group wasn't coincidentally put together, as it turns out they all have committed horrible sins and now they have to pay for them. For a horror flick from The Netherlands, "The Windmill Massacre" has a solid and compelling story to tell (especially in comparison to other recent titles like "Dood Eind" or "De Poel"), and you'll even gladly overlook the rather many clichés and improbabilities in the script. The film also features loads of gratifying gore and delightful make- up effects. Hendrik, the deadly miller, looks like a hybrid between Jason Voorhees and the Chatterer Cenobite from the original "Hellraiser". There's a cool urban legend linked to his existence (something about selling his soul to the devil) and enjoys things like stomping people's heads with his boots or throwing rusty chains in people's faces. Good, unpretentious entertaining Holland should be proud of!
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The Windmill Massacre
Argemaluco2 November 2016
A Dutch slasher film? Sure! Why not? I have always been interested in the international variants of the most classic horror formulas; and besides, I generally like slasher cinema by itself, so The Windmill Massacre started with two elements in its favor. Things keep improving with the newfangled situation, the selection of characters and the secret origin of the killer; co-screenwriters Chris W. Mitchell and Suzy Quaid added pleasant complications and unexpected revelations which bring a new perspective and an unexpected deepness to the killings. And besides, director Nick Jongerius doesn't display any shyness with the special effects, displaying enough blood and combining techniques in order to bring us appropriately repulsive moments. Another positive element is the variety of characters offered by the film: a Japanese student, a French model, an Australian fugitive wanting to start a new life in Holland, an English soldier running away from an accidental crime, a business man with his ill teenage son and other ones... each one of them has their own private drama or dark secret in their past in order to season the eventual fights and accusations their desperate situation will eventually provoke. The diversity in the cultures, ages and attitudes of the characters brings a refreshing dimension to The Windmill Massacre; and besides, those personal stories earn a new relevance when we find out the authentic purpose of the killer. In summary: a competent and well raised screenplay, and that isn't something we always find in slasher cinema. So, why wasn't I left completely satisfied by The Windmill Massacre? Because it lacks of the energy and conviction which distinguish the best films from this sub-genre. Jongerius wasn't able to capture the horror, suspense or even the subversive spirit of other European slasher movies, such as Haute Tension, Fritt Vilt or Road Games. So, The Windmill Massacre is a slasher film with ideal ingredients which ended up feeling a bit insipid due to its direction. It still managed to keep me entertained, but I think that this movie needed a more audacious and visionary director in order to exploit the pros of the screenplay and, specially, the originality of the killer "Windmill", whose appearance, methods and mysterious origin would definitely deserve a sequel, or even an annual franchise with new victims and new instruments to dispatch them with a good display of gore and violence.
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Dutch slasher padded out with endless flashback footage
Leofwine_draca19 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
THE WINDMILL MASSACRE is nothing more than a low budget Dutch slasher movie set in and around a windmill being visited by a group of the usual diverse tourists. On arrival they find themselves stranded, but matters are to worsen when a mysterious masked maniac begins to butcher them one by one.

I had high hopes for this film due to the style alone but sadly it turns out to be a typical waste of time, a thinly-plotted outing that's endlessly padded with long and boring flashbacks. It's the kind of film that tries to make mystery and mileage out of the back stories of the main characters but I found all of these bits just slowed the action down to a snail's pace.

The acting isn't too bad, with a lot of British faces familiar from WATERLOO ROAD and THE OFFICE showing up, and Noah Taylor is always fun. The kills are pretty graphic but the director doesn't really seem to be interested in his killer all that much, and the climax is weak. Even though the film is fairly well shot, the material is so predictable that it becomes just another forgettable outing.
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Hell has a new address.
S_Soma27 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers


I must offer to you a confession: I like movies that give me a fright. If the subject is horror I got to see more or I won't be contented all night.

-from "The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati"

Fair warning: I'm biased in favor of movies involving horror, monsters, the supernatural, the paranormal, space aliens, zombies, science fiction, and those Twinkies of cinema, found footage. I would rather drink syrup of ipecac than watch "On Golden Pond", "Places in the Heart", or "Fried Green Tomatoes". I am not William Blake; what you will read here is the foamy-mouthed drivel of Clyde the Village Idiot.

While it's true that 97% of the movies within the above listed genres are utter rubbish, I put on garbage bags and it's my hobby to dig through the stinking pile and find the few that are, miraculously, somehow redeemable. So be confident in the knowledge that only the highest quality cultural dreck will receive a positive review.


"THE WINDMILL" (a.k.a. The Windmill Massacre)

As it turns out, the gateway to hell is actually in Holland! And you'll never guess where. In a windmill! I know, right!? Who'd a thunk it? Considering that about 26% of Holland's area is below sea level and only about 50% of its area is more than a meter above sea level, global warming and the consequent rise in sea levels could result in all sorts of metaphysical conundrums. Ha! I managed to wedge in some whingeing about global warming in a review of a horror picture about a windmill. Bet you did not see that coming.

If we take the plot line of "the Windmill" and reduce it to its structural abstraction, it's basically the same as about a zillion other slasher movies with a supernatural topspin. A logically related group of people (a football team with cheerleaders, a neighborhood full of trick- or-treaters, a collection of people on a boat, a lost group of hikers taking refuge in a cabin, etc.), in this case a tour group on a tour bus in Holland, get artificially stranded beyond cell phone reach and get picked off by an antagonist with optional supernatural origins/connections. Not new. SO not new.

There is a meager surprise or two during the course of the film, ostensibly I suppose to break the mechanical progression as we dice up one tourist-victim after another. We learn, for example, that this is a truly "organized" tour, as most members of the tour group are sinners, and so not here by accident, and are therefore the devil's due. And we also learn that one of the people on the bus is in cahoots with the hellish tour management.

But rather carelessly in my opinion, having gone so far as to set up a reason and rationale for why we're here and why people are being picked off in a collection of gruesome ways, the movie then violates its own rules by killing off the members of the tour group who have been identified as "innocents" ANYWAY, just by operatives other than the designated bogeyman. So guilty you get whacked and innocent you get whacked. By being innocent you get the added insult of being whacked by the assistant. If it were me I would insist upon a tour ticket refund.

One such innocent completes his tenure in the picture staring dazedly back at the burning windmill having just been sprayed head to toe with the skull innards of the apparent heroin of the picture. We are never sure where or how this particular character ends up. A loose end, I say.

Somewhat reservedly, I'll stick my neck out and say, specifically to my kindred spirits out there, that this movie barely squeaks into the realm of the "worth watching". But just barely. But only when you have nothing else to watch or are too sleepy to change streams. It only makes this grade by virtue of its unique and peculiar setting and origin hypothesis. Do be prepared to feel bad for the heroin. She can't win for losing right down, apparently, to the legal fine print of the supernatural.
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Pleasant Surprise
matc-9814 October 2016
I was driving through Telluride, Colorado and came across Telluride's "Horror Show," a horror movie festival... The town is a small Victorian town in the middle of the mountains which made the experience all that much greater.

As I got into the cinema, I was actually the last person to get there, I saw that the movie was from Holland and had a good feeling of it; Nowadays, modern American Movies in the horror genre are not entertaining to me - they are full of clichés, bad actors and cheap scares.

After seeing this movie, I was pleasantly surprised because I did not know what to expect... and this is the best way to experience a movie... just know that it is good.

The movie has a legend-fairy-tale type of feeling. It has good acting and well developed characters, each one unique. The movie develops the relationship within the characters. There is gore worthy of "the walking dead." And finally, it brought me back to an era of movies like "Freddy Krueger" when they were magical in their own way.

In conclusion, I do recommend this movie. It is not the best, but it is worthy of the attention of a horror buff. A good horror movie focuses on characters, and character development with good old fashioned scares, thrills and kills; and this one supplies that.
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Jusy jolly bad luck
nogodnomasters11 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The Windmill Massacre" is being re-titled, "The Windmill"...don't want to give too much away. The film opens showing us brief backgrounds of the various passengers on a tour bus line. One person is a Marine (Patrick Baladi) who went PTSD and killed a prostitute the night before. The rest of the passengers are a nervous lot who seem to have issues. The story centers on Jennifer (Charlotte Beaumont) an Aussie girl running away from her past. The tour bus breaks down in the part of Holland that doesn't have cell phone reception. It isn't long before our DVD cover slasher appears as the past catches up uniquely to each passenger.

The film has some humor in it such as the photographer who asks "Where do I find these windmills?" The characters, while most were not developed, were interesting. Charlotte Beaumont played her role extremely well and could star in something a bit more relevant. In fact the entire cast did a good job, kudos to writer director Nick Jongerius...and I didn't see that last bit coming, expecting the film to end formula.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Dreadful Train Wreck of a Film
texasarcane4 October 2016
I knew within ten minutes of watching this movie it was truly going to crater into a heap of drivel. It is one of those films that you could see the director wasn't sure what he was doing when it started, got seriously lost midway and wandered off a cliff by the end.

Bad dialogue, bad script, bad acting, bad premise, bad pacing, bad delivery, boring development and incredibly bad production. The music sounded like it came from a better film that could be taken seriously.

Noah Taylor, an Australian actor with far too much screen credit to be in a turkey like this looked positively grateful to be disemboweled very early on. You could see his eyes smiling with glee as he was holding his own entrails because he knew he had just cashed his paycheck and would be seeing himself out of this disaster. Poor Charlotte Beaumont and other unfortunate actors had to endure upwards of another fifty minutes of career suicide.

The reason I am not posting any spoilers is that there is no way anyone could not figure out the plot of this film if they are out of diapers or have watched any cinema in the last century.
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supernatural slasher
trashgang10 October 2016
The new Nederhorror brought to us from the director, Nick Jongerius, who brought us Frankenstein's Army (2013). A horror that wasn't my cup of tea at all but this one was stated as a throw back to the slashers.

To be honest, it does has elements of that particular genre but again, it's typical Nick to add some weird elements to the story. In fact, there's a lot of supernatural stuff going on so I really can't say that it is a slasher. There's a killer out but the elements to call it a slashers aren't in it, no point of view from the killer for example. But I do liked it more then the Frankenstein flick. The reason is that there are some gory shots here and there and the fact that the ending had a big surprise that I can't go deeper in or I would have to spoil.

Due the gore added, it's worth picking up but the supernatural stuff wasn't my thing at all. I could compare it with Jason Voorhees in the latest Friday The 13th flicks were he's still coming back again and again, he really can't be killed and that being mixed with the killer from the Hatchet franchise.

Not for everybody but entertaining enough to watch it with some friends.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5
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Awesomely Satisfying Dutch Slasher!
david699527 September 2016
As with most IMDb veterans, I came in with quite a skeptical frame of mind before watching this. After all, this film had an abnormally high rating, yet not that many votes. So yes, we all know what that means! Usually, warning signs like that put me off from watching to begin with... but as I have an affinity for Euro-Horror, I cast my doubts aside, and gave this a try. I'm really glad that I did!

I am what you would consider quite the horror connoisseur. I've seen my fair share of films from this genre, ranging from the sublime (Martyrs, Calvaire) to the overrated (It follows), and down to the outright rubbish (The Happening).

Now I have to admit, I pretty much figured out the whole plot almost immediately, before it was officially revealed. The basic premise has been done and rehashed so many times so as to become a cliché. I won't give it away for fear of spoiling it prematurely (not that there is anything really to spoil), but what makes this different than the rest, and why I immediately forgave this foible, is that unlike the previous movies that employed this premise, this film didn't use that "twist" as some sort of secret to be revealed until the end, thereby purposely making you wonder what is happening all throughout the movie by throwing out a multitude of strange and bizarre ambiguities at the viewer. No, in "Windmill" the plot is completely revealed within the first 1/3 of the movie, and uses it to carry the story line forward, as well as to create further tension and conflict. There was absolutely no attempt made by the filmmakers to make up for bad writing by simply explaining it away at the end by the big "reveal". That's what I loved about it. I think it's called GOOD WRITING, and this movie made me realise just how rare this is in the horror genre these days! "Windmill" was honest with what it was, and certainly didn't skimp on the blood and guts. In fact, it liked to revel in its bloody glory...thus making the experience what it should be...a pure and unadulterated gore-fest!

The effects were more than decent, the acting was more than acceptable, and despite the fact that the plot has been done before (as I previously mentioned), it was expertly presented to the viewer in a fresh and original manner. If you're into the slasher/gore genre with a decent and well-written plot to it, then you cannot go wrong with "Windmill"!
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Charming little slasher
cjs654721 December 2016
This movie is highly underrated. If you compare it to mainstream horror films, it already stands out. Yes, there are not that many artsy shots, but it is also not as slow-paced as other horror films. We are all tired of characters inching forward in the dark to the tune of some nervous violins. This doesn't have much of that.

What it does have is a really nice setting, likable characters, gory deaths that are predictable but still enjoyable, and a crisp backstory. I wish there was more about this backstory, like maybe a sequel that focuses on the villain's past. He may not be much of a villain now, but his backstory is better than Jason Voorhees's or Freddy Krueger's.

It also manages to tell a 'Repent or Die' story without coming off as preachy, which is quite an accomplishment if you look at righteous little pieces of work like The Suffering and The Binding. Kudos for that.

I have to take points off for our heroine's sub-par acting at times. She's the star of the film but doesn't seem to have an awful lot of variety in her facial expressions. The marine, for instance, gives a much better performance.

Overall 7/10.
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A little silly, but fairly decent overall
metalrage6661 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Set in the Netherlands, this is another tale where having a chequered past will certainly catch up with you one way or another. An Australian woman posing as a nanny and hiding from the authorities is discovered for having a fake name and history yet before she can be arrested, she manages to board a tour bus headed out to the Dutch countryside on a windmill tour. Among them are several other passengers, notably a British soldier who recently killed a local prostitute. Among them is a Japanese tourist, a photographer, a father & son and a doctor.

During the tour, the bus breaks down near an old windmill and from then on it's a tale of revealed secrets and almost ritual killings for those who choose to live with their secrets instead of repenting. After the breakdown, 2 people, the Australian nanny and the British soldier, try and see if they can get help from a nearby farmhouse and while they were out, a demonic looking figure appears, kills one of them with a scythe, leaving the other to run back to the bus to tell the others. Of course no one believes her, the bus then starts to topple sideways into a nearby lake with the help of a demonic hand and now with everybody off the bus and taking shelter in a nearby cabin, one by one the passengers start having flashbacks to their hidden thoughts and secrets and dying in strange and unconventional ways. They'd start to hallucinate about what they're hiding and the demon would then kill them, however it's then discovered that if they repent and are genuinely sorry for what they've done, the demon is not able to kill them. It's not until this happens that we learn the driver of the bus is in cahoots with the demon as he kills anyone who manages to get a reprieve through repenting. We also learn that the miller who originally lived at the windmill was a devil worshipper and became a demon after he was burned alive by local villagers.

At the end, the bus driver is back in Amsterdam and picking up another load of passengers or "sinners" as he refers to them jovially as well as literally for another windmill tour and you realise that this will never really end.

The Windmill Massacre story albeit interesting and entertaining certainly isn't new as there's a ton of other movies where we have a vengeful demon collecting the souls of sinners for their own needs and the use of idiot human helpers never ceases to amuse me. There's never a shortage of people all too willing to help out demons who for reasons largely unknown all seem to come with a set of rules and caveats for things that they can't accomplish on their own. So while that aspect is quite silly and never fully explained, this is still worth a look and lovers of demonic revenge movies will no doubt get a kick out of this.
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Tired 'they must pay for their sins' plodder
carpevitababy5 November 2016
Maybe it's been too much now of the loud, hateful rhetoric of the 2018 US election cycle (over in 5 days and none too soon if you believe a lot of psychologists who insists that a not insignificant number of people are actually suffering from 'election stress' and depression). Maybe I've just seen too many limp noodle films that are pretty much inbred copies of one another like this. In any case, I'll admit, the adolescent "minor sin must be accounted for by a ridiculously disproportional meting out of gory justice" raison d'etre of this film (an already sad and tired trope) elicited more contempt than it did entertainment for me. It was one of those films where I'm not sure if I'm more annoyed with myself for being too lazy to just stop watching or the industry/individual responsible for feeling the need to make such crap.

I don't want to waste even more time and effort 'reviewing' this film, so I'll just leave at this; at the end of the day, no matter how a film looked, was acted, written etc, it either leaves you with something worthwhile, no matter how small an aspect of the movie or, sadly, just feels like a minor violation of your time and intelligence. This seemingly had a stranger in a strange land rural euro Gothic feel being set up - an atmospheric that I particularly like. Sadly, it was just veneer and was worn thin 30 minutes into the film, leaving only the same old scourge of god plot mover that, on its own, devoid of other significant redeeming qualities, leaves you with a factory output that could have been any 100 I've see before if I squinted my eyes to blur the details.

The film doesn't deserve this much attention (I'll just sit in wonder at what positive reviewers are taking away from this movie). I recently re-watched Haute Tension and again came away with a healthy respect for the rural-Gothic-euro atmosphere it created and sustained. Same goes for Ils (2006), Frontier(s)(2007), Martyrs (2008) and Horsehead (2014) to name a few. Even in a slasher film, there should be something worthy of the horror besides the gore. This one ain't got it.
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Not a classic, but very good!
rocknrelics2 July 2019
Went into this just knowing it was a Dutch horror film, and nothing more. Firstly, it's very well made, with good actors, production values and superb cinematography, oh, and it doesn't feel like a low budget horror. It rattles along at a fair old pace, and there are enough jumps and gore to keep most people happy. The twists at the end are a delight, and elevate it above the norm. If you get the chance do see it.
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I think this is a great film for aspiring film students to look at......but not because it's good.
patricksullivan-9436614 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was really enjoying this film for the first half hour. The acting was good, the characters were all interesting and well introduced, the dialogue was believable, and I genuinely wanted things to work out. However, the film just crashes and dies from there.

Now don't get me wrong, there are good moments that happen after the first half hour or so. There were really cool and creative kills throughout the movie, the character backstories that get unveiled later are well written, delivered, make sense, and are interesting.

And that's the real shame. There were a lot of really good ideas, effort, well written scenes, passion, and good acting in this movie. But the longer it runs the more it loses sight of what it is and just unravels.

Some other reviewers have pointed this one out, and that's that the movie very early on shows its villains face. That's problematic because the characters try and find the killer within them while you as the viewer already know who it is, draining a lot of the tension.

However, while I agree that that is a problem with the movie, I don't think it's the biggest one, and man there are many. Even though, most of them have to do with the movie trying to overreach.

For starters, there's a twist put on one of the characters at the end that really doesn't work and Oh. More on that ending. It tries to be thought provoking and deep but ends up just not being what you want to see and ultimately just comes off as just sloppy.

Another thing the movie does is use the supernatural. A gamble that, while it actually lead to a number of really great kills and character reveals, ended up really hurting the movie. That's because the aforementioned ending and character twist have to do with it. If the movie had just been a movie about people stranded in the middle of nowhere, dying off one by one and they have to figure out if it's one of them or someone/thing else entirely, that could've been great. Or, there's a point in the movie where a character reads something that makes some of the characters realize there's something off/supernatural about the situation they're in. And if they'd just not added any more "deep" or supernatural ideas onto of that, I would have enjoyed it still.

But as it stands, I don't like this movie. I want to like it but I just can't. I love the first half hour, I love the kills, and the acting and delivery of many lines is really good. But the movie just falls apart the longer it runs and that's why I have to give it a measly 6/10.

That's also the reason I think it's a good movie to study for film students. It does so many things so right and yet, look at what it has on IMDb. Look at what I gave it.
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Predictable old plot done to death.
bernardlcrawford4 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
How can a movie that is based on such a typical and overused theme rate so highly? The theme? People that have committed an irreconcilable sin are transported to the gates of Hell and because there is no atoning or reconciliation for that abhorrent act engaged upon, their souls are reaped for Hell. Do not mind that if I bring up Hell, which must exist therefore within the context of the movie, God surely does not give a crap about innocents!

If you are going to make a slasher film, make a crappy slasher movie in a genre with it's too many to count slashers. If you make a redemption film make a redemption film. Reviews here claim a "Freshness" just because the main area is Dutch. No wonder everyone is so willing to watch the SAME idea over and over again and rationalize that it is different somehow.

I can only fathom that viewers giving it a high score have not read too many short stories or books or seen many movies in their life because this theme is done over and over. "Well people in this film have different names and in a different locale". A basic plot is a basic plot is a basic plot.

This movie is SO predictable as they all are. So I am left with perhaps great acting, no, adequate. How about music? Adequate. Is the protagonist an interesting character? No. Design for the Miller? Pathetic. Typical run of the mill (no pun intended) death scenes. The shooting and backgrounds were good. Just aspects of the film taken from this movie and that.
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Another Netherlands horror fails
lukcaluwaerts15 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The story itself is played out quite well albeit completely full of holes. A few points for the 2 gory scenes. Bad dialogue, bad script, bad acting, bad premise, bad pacing, bad delivery, boring development and incredibly bad production. Also VICTIMS are waiting to be killed. There's no: Thriller/action/ ... they all just seems to be stoned, waiting for the killer's blow. Ones you have seen the first kill, the rest gets bored. And always crap about sins ?? Get's bored also after a while. The idea was good, but those actors and stuff ?? Really ?? Due the gore added, it's worth picking up but the supernatural stuff wasn't my thing at all. I'm gonna watch now: WELP/CUB from my country: Belgium. Seems to be a bit more descent.
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Spoilers follow ...
parry_na1 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"This isn't hell, this is Holland," reasons Patrick Baladi's Douglas West at one point, whilst holed up in a windmill with a group of others, just as stranded as he is. Baladi, perhaps best known for his role in 'The Office', heads a truly excellent cast in what turns out to be a hugely enjoyable horror.

First of all, we meet Jennifer (Charlotte Beaumont), who is operating as a child minder under an assumed name. Soon we discover she has run away from her native Australia due to a tragic accident. We're not told specifics, but she continually suffers flashbacks and what she thinks are hallucinations. It turns out she set fire to the family caravan, deliberately burning alive her abusive father – and by accident, her young brother.

Boarding a bus for The Happy Holland Tour, alongside a small group of others (despite having no ticket – "Ah well, what's another sinner? Just joking," jests the weary driver/guide Abe (Bart Klever), all of whom have guilty secrets of their own), their crimes are revealed at leisure throughout the film, and they are briskly – and gorily – dealt with by a ravaged, scythe-wielding killer. Only West's young son Curt (Adam Thomas Wright) appears to be an innocent, although at times, the film allows us to have our doubts about him.

There is a truly diverse cast here, of many ages. No clichés, no stereotypes, just very real characters played by excellent actors (especially Wright, who exhibits none of the precociousness displayed by other juveniles). Curt suffers the most, perhaps; hearing his strained father has done something horrible to his mother, he then has to watch the images, on his mobile phone, of his father being beheaded. His fate is the only one not accounted for at the film's close.

Even our protagonist has to pay for her crime. As the windmill is set afire, it seems history is repeating itself, with another youngster trapped inside. This time, however, she saves him, but this does not atone for her crime in the eyes of 'the master'.

Director/Writer Nick Jongerius has guided us on a terrific journey. Ending with Abe's bus rattling along misty Dutch countryside with another collection of doomed carrion, this never falls into any real cliché. There is emotion, but never over-sentimentality; there is a good balance between story-telling and shock value; even the special effects are economical with CGI, preferring physical effects. Highly recommended.
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A Slasher Version of FLATLINERS
beorhhouse24 December 2018
I'd like to give this one more than one star. The lead woman was very good. In fact, all of the actors were good. But I've seen FLATLINERS and JEEPERS CREEPERS, and I've heard all of the misunderstood Christian theology tales about the Devil ruling Hell, etc. which is of course not the case. Just too much stupidity here to really be taken seriously. Sorry I spent the time. When the first kill happened, I should have found something else to do.
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It has no reason to exist.
charleservin13 September 2018
This movie does nothing well or new or interesting on any level. It's not even bad enough to be good. It's the movie equivalent of store brand soda. It's just bad. It should not exist. In a perfect world, it wouldn't.
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Amicus Is Reborn.
georgewilliamnoble3 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Do you remember those Amicus tales of horror from the 60's and 70's. Where a creepy old guy would tell usually three tales of terror with a twist at the end. Well, this Dutch horror comic, with plenty of new age gore, is really a sophisticated up dating of that old Amicus pictures of old. Not as humorous, i admit, but it is not bad either, certainly a better entertainment that the films rather low score on IMDb suggests.
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