"Game of Thrones" The Lion and the Rose (TV Episode 2014) Poster

Alfie Allen: Theon Greyjoy



  • Ramsay Snow : [Theon is shaving Ramsay]  Reek, tell father where are Bran and Rickon Stark?

    Theon Greyjoy : I don't know, my lord.

    Roose Bolton : You murdered them and displayed their corpses at Winterfell.

    Ramsay Snow : Reek, did you murder the Stark boys?

    Theon Greyjoy : No, my lord. Just two farm boys.

    Ramsay Snow : [as Roose realizes what had happened]  And crisped them so no one would know.

    Theon Greyjoy : Yes, my lord.

    Ramsay Snow : The Starks have always ruled the North. If Bran and Rickon are alive, the country will rally to their side, now that Robb Stark is gone.

    [Theon abruptly stops shaving Ramsay] 

    Ramsay Snow : Oh, that's right, Reek. Robb Stark is dead. Sorry. I know he was like a brother to you, but my father put a knife through his heart. How do you feel about that?

    [Theon sniffles then resumes shaving Ramsay] 

    Roose Bolton : [to Locke]  You ready for a hunt?

    Locke : Always.

    Roose Bolton : Find those boys and I'll give you a thousand acres and a holdfast.

    Locke : [to Ramsay]  Your pet rat have any thoughts on which way they went after Winterfell?

    Theon Greyjoy : Jon Snow is at Castle Black.

    Locke : Who the fuck's Jon Snow?

    Roose Bolton : Their bastard brother. He could be sheltering them. He may know where they are.

    Ramsay Snow : [wiping the shaving cream off his face]  Even if he doesn't, he's half Stark himself. He could be a threat.

    Roose Bolton : You want to prove yourself a Bolton? Gather whatever men you can and ride for Moat Cailin. Bring this creature of yours. Maybe he'll be of some use. Take the Moat for the family, for *our* family, and I'll reconsider your position.

    [Ramsay smiles in glee] 

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