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Worse than expected
MondoX4110 July 2016
I was not expecting any Oscar performance from this movie, but there was nothing good about this movie, other than the appearance of Danny Glover. I watched the movie thinking there was going to be some decent action, and fighting scenes, but I was disappointed. The fighting scenes looked like the B-version of a WWE fight. It was easy to see that the fighters were slowing down for each other during attacks, waiting for the opponent to counter-attack. Most of the times, the strikes not making contact with their target were clearly visible. At least try to fool your audience a little bit, I am not sure how much it costs to cut, and edit fighting scenes, but do it for one fight.
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It's the old "rescue someone military op...
onurb-divad24 April 2014
(24-Apr-2014) I think this was better than just a good time killer. The actors were pretty good, Jon Foo as the main character did an excellent job, both as an actor and as an "fighter". (some better than others... but overall OK) and the story as well. Good entertainment and many fighting scenes, not the most credible (but they never are, anyway) but absolutely OK. Tension between the guys who's monitoring the operation and what is taking place... It deserves much better than the 5. something it has now. Pretty good story overall. (But there are just a few votes for now... ) I recommend this for everyone who enjoys good fairly intelligent action. It won't go to history but absolutely a 6 or 7 here. Vinny Jones character was perhaps the least credible... A Prison warden who is sniffing cocaine... But I don't think this did so much damage to the this story it self. See it if you like for instance the action- movies with Jason Statham, this is not exactly like them, but the level of quality is the same, I think.
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Action the way it should be.
pinheadmother7721 October 2013
I have seen action on screen in all its forms. Whether it was Bruce Willis fighting Germans in a building or Steven Seagal killing rouge Navy Mercenaries on a boat, I've seen it. However for the past few years, aside from legendary actioneers like Stallone or Schwarzenegger keeping the genre alive, action film have gone really downhill. It is a category of film making that has almost disappeared entirely because of guys like Peter Berg and Louis Leterrier, who instead of having quality actors doing real stunts in places other people wouldn't think possible, they place pretty boys like Jamie Foxx and Sam Worthington into lackluster scenarios and just let their doubles do the work while they capture the "action" with the most annoyingly shaky camera work in order to make the action more "realistic." Ironically enough however, in reality, its all BS. Now in comes Tony Giglio, writer and director of the amazingly underrated 2005 action thriller Chaos, with his new film Extraction, a old-school die hard action film that pulls no punches, literately. The fight sequences make guys like Jason Bourne look too liberal. It is hard to believe a film that was shot in 18 days and made on only a million dollars could come out this good and deliver action as rock solid as this. With almost no CGI and some of the greatest martial art scenes ever filmed, fans of the right kind of action movies will dig Extraction. With cool performances by Vinnie Jones and Jon Foo, this is Die Hard meets Delta Force meets the Raid: Redemption. In summation folks, why Tony Giglio isn't directing Expendables 3, I'll never know.
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a fun action film with some nice twists
Sweet_and_Lowdown773 September 2013
Extraction was an entertaining action film that was just fun. It has a serious plot but the film never takes it self too seriously. All the actors do a great job. Sean Astin, Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones all do their thing. But it was the unknown stars of the film that really stole the show. I didn't know who Jon Foo or Falk Hentschel was before this. But I do now. Foo is a beast. And Falk has the looks and acting chops to be a breakout star. I just saw he's also in the new Nolan- produced Johnny Depp film TRANSCENDENCE.

The tone of the film starts out serious, but ever so naturally, the film lightens its mood and becomes wonderfully comedic. It, however, never strays from the action nor does it forget it's plot. Some nice story twists and turns keep you guessing.

I gave it 9 out of 10. Very fun solid piece. The first film I ever watched on Crackle. I'll watch more from now on. I'll also be on the lookout for more Foo and Hentschel.
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sequel please
makasiparsad19 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was initially not keen on watching it due to the low ratings at the time, but watched it anyways..and thoroughly enjoyed it! Movie started off rather slow, but had the terse storyline that an action movie should have. You know the type? ..One Man, One Mission.. that sorta thing! Action? Yeah - It had action & a dash of espionage too.. Reminiscence of the Rambo/Chuck Norris type movies of yesteryear. Doesn't look like a high-budget movie, but I would definitely watch the sequel (if one is made) Hint, hint, nudge, nudge @Directors.

Storyline: So this team of soldiers go on a mission to extract a prisoner out of a Chechin prison. But the guards 'somehow' know their every move and thus, intercept & terminate all but one of the team. His name is 'Mercy', and even though he was rather aptly named, as is evident in the beginning of the flick (and somewhere's in the middle), he shows you no mercy unless you deserve it. Pretty gory kill-scenes #youHaveBeenWarned
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well worth a watch
renegade-ego3 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I feel this film is well worth the time to watch, while it might lack some of the finesse of the big budget films, it has a good story line with good acting & good stunts apparently done without stunt doubles?

The lead actors all did well. The fights were pretty good. The high profile fights were well done and realistic.

The film was perhaps weakest in the quality of the lower actors and the extras, who basically lacked polish.

All that said, I believe this to be a worthwhile film to watch, not really child friendly, due to some of the level of details in the fights, drug reference and language.
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Never saw this one coming
Rumble_Down_Below17 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've tried to watch movies and shows on Crackle, but have always had technical problems. My friend recommended I watch this. I was pleasantly surprised. I watched it on my desktop computer and didn't have any issues.

I loved the story. I think the writer did a great job. The movie moved at a great clip and even with commercials the pacing never slowed down. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at where some of the twists went. Never saw Sean Astin or Joanne Kelly's characters going there. There were so many great lines. And just naming your main hero "Mercy" was brilliant.

The action was fun and wild. Great fight scenes shot in a way you could see what was happening. None of that stupid BOURNE SUPREMACY mad camera. Kudos to Director for that. So many times you try and watch action movies and you haven't a clue what's going on or who is hitting who.

If you like action films, you'll like this. And it's free.
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low budget. HIGH OCTANE!!! - EXTRACTION - the action flick with a kick.
goryverbinski21 October 2013
Writer/Director Tony Giglio is a heavyweight action filmmaker who is rapidly rising to the ranks of comparable greats like John Woo (FACE/OFF), John McTiernan (DIE HARD), Simon West(CON AIR), Andrew Davis (UNDER SIEGE) and many others. In 2005, He made his presence in the action genre known with an explosive little movie entitled CHAOS starring a powerhouse Jason Statham, a dynamic Ryan Phillippe, and Wesley Snipes in the return to form role of his career. If you missed this one I'm not surprised. Tragically, due to budget complications, the film failed to receive the release it deserved and was seldom seen by US audiences. Fortunately however, Tony Giglio is back and finally getting the recognition he deserves as his new film, EXTRACTION, starring Danny Glover, Sean Astin, and Vinnie Jones, just to name a few, made a groundbreaking online Premiere on CRACKLE.COM. An extremely popular film streaming website owned and operated by SONY that only recently (EXTRACTION being the first) started producing its own line of feature films and on going series(not unlike Netflix). Naturally, thanks to some halfway decent advertising this time around, the film opened with a bang, earned stellar reviews from numerous critics, and was received very well overall in the United States, and the reason for this is simple...EXTRACTION IS THE BALLS. It is macho brilliance fueled by an endless supply of testosterone coupled with bravado. It is gleefully brutal, refreshingly fun, and most importantly of all, unapologetically masculine. Good guy movies are few and far between nowadays. Speaking as a twenty-four-year-old male and a true connoisseur of half-baked, hard-boiled, ham-fisted action films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, I say with full confidence that real action movies, the kind designed for men, correction, boys, are virtually impossible to come by in this era of cinema. Until now that is. For those of you out there like me, starved for a blood-spattered, bone shattering, head-busting good time, well, to you I say, look no further. EXTRACTION is here. It has been sent from Hollywood Heaven. Delivered by the action Gods themselves to rescue us from yet another PG-13 family adventure most likely starring Will Smith, Paul Walker or possibly even...Jamie Fox!...booooooooooooooooo! So what is it exactly that makes Extraction so great? Two words. The works. The intricately choreographed fight sequences, the real stunt performances, the countless explosions, the impressively high body-count, the shootouts, the hand-to-hand stuff, and I could keep going. See, that is the best this about Extraction. It feels like a 90 minute trailer because in a trailer they always show you the best parts. The only difference is that normally the trailer makes promises that the film often fails to keep. Don't worry though, this baby delivers the goods, and I mean all of them. Plus, the cast is just too perfect for words. Vinnie Jones is so good at being bad, Sean Astin (in true Rudy fashion) might be little but still just tries so damn big its astounding, and as for Danny Glover, I mean, come on. If the man isn't officially a legend in the business at this point in his career, then who the hell is? Suffice it to say, CHAOS needs some serious attention, EXTRACTION kicks some serious ass, and TONY GIGLIO makes some serious action movies.
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Movie-Goers should boycott Hollywood movies unless this rubbish stops
kmichaelpm1 May 2014
I looked at the other reviews for this movie and I seriously wondered if they watched the same movie I just saw. Then I noticed that there were very few reviews, and I realised that the majority of people who were unfortunate enough to waste time and money on this absolute rubbish, probably just wanted to erase the experience from their memories. That seasoned movie stars such as Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones could have any part in this I think shows that money is now more important to them than either their fans or their self respect. There is absolutely nothing even remotely good about this movie, so there is no point in listing all the things that are wrong with it. It is easier to just say that it was mind boggling bad, and I was enticed to watch it because of the cast, which I am sure was the producers plan. Shame on all Participants in this farce. Stay far away from this movie.
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Good Small Screen Amateur No-expectation B-movie
SnoopyStyle16 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's an action adventure with some good fights but limited directing and writing skills. It's better than a B-level TV movie, but it's not ready for the big screen.

It starts off pretty good. There's a guy chased out of a brothel. He's jumping, climbing, fighting. There is some pretty cool moves, and you'd think this guy is the lead. No!! He's a nameless bad guy. They keep him for one more scene where he gives up some intel and he's gone.

Mercy Callo (Jon Foo) is actually the lead, and he took down the guy. If he's the lead, why not put the POV on him. This is especially important since Jon Foo isn't known. It is basic directing 101. It's one of the problems from writer/director Tony Giglio.

The intel leads to the coveted "Brains of Terrorism" Martin who's imprisoned in a Chechen underground prison. The Chechens want him dead for past double dealing, so the US sends in a Black Ops group to extract him. The problem is they were expected by Ivan Rudovsky (Vinnie Jones).

The camera moves are weak although he does try. The dialog is stiff. Even when the opportunity comes like Joanne Kelly bouncing into the first meeting, he doesn't take full advantage. This is definitely a weak job.

There are some pretty good actors such as Sean Astin, Joanne Kelly, and Danny Glover. But they're back at home base going thru a weak secondary story that does little more than suck away screen time.

Jon Foo is doing some good fighting, but that's all he has to offer. One fight in particular is pretty cool, although he never goes toe to toe with Vinnie Jones. When you pit somebody against Vinnie, you've got to let him take a swing. And shooting doesn't count.
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nogodnomasters23 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film centers around Sgt Mercy Callo (Jon Foo) who is not afraid to disobey orders. He is part of a special forces group that are tasked to go into a Chechen prison and extract a terrorist mastermind Rudolph Martin (Falk Hentschel). Vinnie Jones plays the British, coke snorting, sadistic warden of the prison while Joanne Kelly plays a civilian intelligence contractor who distrusts Callo because Martin was linked to his parent's plane crash death.

The writing is not tight. In one line we are told the Chechens won't admit they are holding Martin, then shortly after that they claim they plan a public trial with their most famous prisoner. The dialogue is a snooze and the terrorist justification speech was amateur.

The film has a few good scenes and a lot of bad ones. There is an opening sex/nudity scene in an Amsterdam brothel and then after that the film seemed to have been made for TV with nice commercial break stopping points. The soundtrack also had a few good swagger tunes, but for the most part was made for TV lame.

The movie has action, fight scenes, and some minor blood. The major fighters can take at least 3 kicks to the head .

This is a low end action-thriller.
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Made for TV - But not terrible
TeeRodFL23 April 2014
I don't know what possessed these folks to present this fairly well acted flick as a pilot but they did. In spite of the very awkward sound track (TV music) and commercial dead space, the plot and acting kept me going.

I was please that the language was respectful (probably a result of future TV airing) of potential small fry viewers.

As for the plot, well not insane or anything and not, well I will let you decide that.

Right now it's a 5.2 rating, I think that's right on the money.

The opening seen has a guy in a brothel with a hooker on him and that's it for any nudity waste up in the very dark room 10 seconds probably. I would rate it a very weak PG-13 otherwise.

Saturday afternoon, cheap theater
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Poor Poor Danny Glover...
jaxbubba18 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
They say in Hollywood that there is no such thing as a small role, only small actors... However, Danny Glover's appearance in this low-budget $1.1 Million dollar production is just plain embarrassing. When actor Vinnie Jones ("Euro-trip" and "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels") is getting higher billing than you, it just may be time to turn in your SAG card.

The film stars Jon Foo as Mercy Callo, a member of a black-ops team who moves in on a brothel to catch a wanted suspect holding a mysterious flash drive. Mercy captures the target, but hesitates to follow orders to terminate him when he is convinced his captive knows more than what flash drive holds.

"EXTRACTION" goes on to follow Mercy as the only survivor of a botched prisoner extraction mission. To save the lives of thousands of innocent civilians, he has to catch a terrorist arms-dealer with the help of a criminal—who may have information about a pending large-scale attack.

It's "The Raid" meets "24" and totally feels like a made for TV action thriller; "Extraction" has quasi-entertaining fight scenes and a plot that's been regurgitated time and time again. "Extraction" marks the first feature film by the website Crackle and the film is written and directed by Tony Giglio (Chaos).

In all honesty, despite the film's formulaic alignment with select contained-action classics, the film is a huge disappointment for any hardcore fans of Jon Foo who are used to seeing more lively work illustrated previously in films like "House Of Fury" and "Tom Yum Goong". The stunt coordination by seasoned veteran stuntman, actor and action director James Lew and co-fight choreographer Lin Oeding was pretty lame while watching both Foo and Hentschel trading blows with the film's screenfighting extras. But it's only at the biggest fight scene at the cusp of the film's third act between Foo, and actor Paul Duke, where Foo gets to flex his muscles a little more, but only a little.

All in all, "Extraction" isn't Jon Foo's best work. Some of the action seems to play it safe, and isn't really worthy of viewing if you're a Jon Foo fan or an action movie fan in general. Even worse, the film sets itself up for a possible sequel. At any rate, the film can be seen for free viewing at Crackle's official website.

See more of my reviews on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/TheFarisReel
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Half off sale on quality, and substance. Wants to be what it could never be.
face-819-93372622 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So if you consider yourself a "Rudy" is it the song, or the ever persistent, and always ready to play little football fella? I only ask that because Sean Austin is one of the many actors wasted in this movie, and this seems as good a place as any to fill your time with useless crap, since the makers of this movie seem to think that it is OK to do just that. I tried a lot to like this movie, and I gave it every chance to win me over. I got a few laughs out of it, and there is a semi (barely) decent Frenemy three legged (style)fight like the good old 90's Hong Kong cop, and villain have to fight together to survive movies. Beyond those things and a really good cast who are utterly wasted, and do not all seem at the top of their game due to an obviously rushed production, there is nothing else of any value to take from this movie. The script is completely broken, the Warden gives play by play to his subordinates for some reason, and when you are using night vision and the search light is pointed right at you, it is still going to see you, the night vision does not make you invisible. Oh, but I'm leaving it there, and I can tell you there are quite a few more completely terrible moments just like those. I did not end up Enjoying this movie, and do not recommend it to anyone but a complete movie junkie who loves stuff pumped out by Syfy, and Space, and Asylum, though the production quality is at least a notch up from Asylum I have to point out. And yes Joanne Kelly is in there a lot, though never seems to know what she should (She hasn't the hook-up it would seem).
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Simple & to The Point!!!!!!
kevinkishin8 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off this movie is simple no B.S., a modest budget with good actors no over the top camera tricks you can follow the storyline without getting sick during the action sequences, I wish more action films especially Military Espionage films would follow this model, as for Tony Giglio stay true to your TRADE CRAFT!!!!!!! furthermore don't be mislead by some of the other reviews you might have read about this film, Extraction can stand on it's own merit without Hollywood hype. Director Tony Giglio should be an A list director his style is his own unfiltered no B.S., he's shown that he can work with simple actors an actresses with no ego problems.
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Eerily bad
Eric_Cubed5 August 2014
This is one of those movies that you either have to blink rapidly or pinch yourself 'til you bleed in order to escape pure suspension of belief, and not in a good way. One just can't believe the movie is so god-awful. I admit there was a tender part of me that rejoiced seeing a slimmer Sean Austin in a counter-terrorism role, as he appeared in one of the 24 seasons, and to hear Danny Glover's sinister yet comforting voice as he appeared in Shooter...but the eye-popping resemblance to a soap opera (gamey, wooden, one-dimensional) was in a word, unforgivable. Vinny Jones should of course stick to cockney gangster films, which he is quite adept at (who forget his performance in Snatch?). Sorry, Crackle. AVOID.
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Surprisingly Good
chuck-23118 January 2016
While this was clearly not a big-budget, blockbuster, mega-action, summer-release, slug fest, it was a surprisingly good movie. Relative newcomer Jon Foo gives a veteran performance with an excellent display of his martial arts skills and better-than-workman-like acting skills. Sean Astin and Danny Glover have some unfortunately somewhat two-dimensional roles, but Joanne Kelly, who it's nice to see is still finding work after Warehouse 13, brings a Myka Bering-esque likability to her role. For me, the lowest point in this movie is the tiresome Vinnie Jones. If you're not familiar with his work, just watch this movie and you'll have a pretty good handle on it. (yawn) Meanwhile, the story itself is not totally far-fetched and the fight choreography and special effects are definitely up to snuff. All-in-all, it's a good, Saturday afternoon, nothing else to do way to spend an hour and 45 minutes.
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