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Great conclusion....
rusoviet25 February 2019
.....in fact so many of the recent historical series (Vikings, The Last Kingdom) have moved we - the 'baby boomers - to be entranced with this medium as opposed to 'feature films'....this one's sole side note, is how the soundtrack reminds one of Peter Jackson's 'Lord Of The Rings' final in the trilogy 'The Return Of The King'.

What is always 'ignored' is the 'special treatment' meted out to the 'powerful' i.e. Caterina Sforza asked her chamberlain to ensure she would die at his hand rather than be placed into such as Ceasera Borgia....'but'....as all famous 'defeated' 'leaders' - her fate is not too harsh .... rather treated with 'respect' i.e. Feld marshal Friederich Paulus (Stalingrad) Robert E. Lee (Appamatox)....humiliated but accorded what her 'station' deemed her 'right'.....

Great series....should be recommended for history classes yet alas the 'gay' scenes render that a 'no go' but hey Hollywood does keep pushing its' agenda what?
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