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After show guest Kate Beckinsale insults Chelsea for her lack of physical fitness, Chelsea decides to dictate part of Kate's health regimen to her writing staff: a five day juice cleanse, where they are to consume nothing but. The questions become not only if they can survive purely on juice for five days, but whether they can stand being around each other surviving solely on juice for five days. Meanwhile, Heather receives a largely inaudible voice message from Chelsea, who is berating the intended recipient of that message. Heather does whatever she can to figure out if Chelsea is indeed angry at her, or if Chelsea pocket dialed and that the screaming was directed at someone else. The one thing Heather is not willing to do is ask Chelsea directly as it's "that time of the month". And someone has damaged Fortune's car in the parking lot in an apparent hit and run. Although it takes some doing, they find out that it was Kevin Nealon, which surprises everyone since Kevin is known as one ...

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