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  • Oliver decides that his next target is going to be someone on Digg's list: Deadshot. They set a trap for him and Digg's spy friends get involved as well. Meanwhile, Laurel's latest clients are Eric and Nancy Moore who have agreed to testify against Edward Rasmus, a financial advisor who swindled them. The night before their deposition however, they are assassinated. Laurel takes charge of their now orphaned son, Taylor, but he saw his parents killed and is now the assassins next target. Oliver steps in to stop him but in doing so fails to back up Digg and Deadshot escapes. It creates a rift and Diggs walks out. A flashback to the island show Oliver, Wilson and Shado are preparing to free Yao Fei.


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  • The CW being the CW, this week's episode opens without any sound. We can hear the dramatic score is included, but there is no dialogue. This continues for the first five minutes of the episode. Somebody important is shot, there's a flashback, Digs argues with someone.

    After five minutes the dialogue kicks back on in the middle of a conversation between Queen and Laurel. She's about to prep married couple Eric and Nancy for a deposition. They are going after dirty financial investor Edward Rasmus, who stole their future.

    Later that night we see one of Rasmus' henchmen enter the couple's home and shoot Eric and Nancy. Their young son Taylor escapes. Queen sees news of the murder (and Taylor's escape) on TV.

    Laurel is convinced Rasmus is behind the murder. Instead of letting Taylor be placed with children's services she offers to let the boy stay with her. Tommy learns that Queen and Laurel recently had lunch.

    We return to an island flashback where Fei's daughter is teaching Queen to shoot arrows. Romance may be budding.

    Queen, Digs, and Felicity talk about a plot to capture Deadshot. Digs doesn't want him captures. Queen tells them about Rasmus and Taylor. Felicity is tasked with finding a link between Rasmus and the murders.

    Roy tells Lance he wants to see the vigilante brought to justice.

    Tommy helps Taylor feel comfortable. There is a knock on the door. It's Rasus' henchman and Laurel recognizes his badge is fake. He shoots his way inside and is eventually chased off by Arrow.

    Lance arrives to assess the scene at Laurel's place. Tommy suggests staying with the Queen's might be the best move.

    Tommy and Laurel bring Taylor to Queen's place. Queen leaves and Tommy isn't happy about the fact.

    Roy and Thea have dinner together. He hears something about the vigilante on a scanner in his pocket and leaves the table. It turns out the scanner was Lance's radio and he planted the call to get it back. Roy is placed under arrest.

    Felicity learns that Rasmus is trying to leave the country.

    We see Digs waiting for Queen at the location where they are to take out Deadshot. His friend is late.

    Arrow stops Rasmus' limo.

    Deadshot opens fire. He hits the woman Digs was working for. Digs battles with Deadshot in the stairwell, but Deadshot gets the upper hand. He says he'd kill him but nobody is paying him to do it and taunts Digs about having killed his brother.

    Felicity patches up Digs. Queen returns and tells him about Rasmus. Digs is furious because Deadshot killed several agents. He thinks once again Queen chose Laurel over everybody else.

    Back to the island and Queen's shooting lessons. The two kiss.

    Moira and Laurel talk about the latter's history with Queen. Queen walks in and tells Laurel that Rasmus has been arrested and confessed with help from the vigilante. A decision is made that Tommy and Laurel should stay with the Queens.

    Rasmus meets with his assassin. Despite Rasmus' plea to leave Taylor alone, the man says he cannot. He kills Rasmus and leaves.

    As a warning not to trust him, Lance shows Roy and Thea one of the bodies attributed to the vigilante.

    Laurel tells Queen that she's noticed he's definitely changed since he's been home. They hug and Tommy spots this.

    Rasmus' assassin manages to get into the Queen's home. He uses a remote explosive to cut the power. The assassin kills several of Queen's guards as he looks for Taylor. Queen and the man fight, with Queen eventually killing him via a poker through the chest.

    Tommy asks Queen whether he still loves Laurel. Queen says it doesn't matter because of his lifestyle. Tommy thinks if Laurel ever found out who Queen really is she would choose him.

    Tommy tells Laurel he's moving out. He's not ready for the kind of commitment she's looking for. She asks why and he says that the other night made him realize he doesn't really want her.

    Roy tells Thea he owes "everything" to the vigilante. He thinks their lives are connected. She agrees to help him find the vigilante.

    Digs tells Queen "we're done" and walks out. This lead to yet another island flashback. Fei shows up at Queen's camp with Fyers' men and tells Queen his time on the island is "at an end."

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