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  • Vertigo is again appearing on the market even though The Count, who created the drug, is still in a psychiatric hospital. Soon after Oliver confirms that he's still there, he somehow manages to escape. The Count's psychiatrist says his patient overpowered him and has concluded that his insanity was just a ruse. The police suspect Tommy may be dealing drugs from the club and Det. Lance gets a search warrant. Oliver is not sure what to believe and Tommy, feeling his onetime friend has no respect for him, quits. He turns to his father for a job. Digg gives information about Deadshot to a former intelligence colleague. On the island meanwhile, Oliver begins to learn how to use a bow.

  • A new, even worse version of Vertigo makes more victims, including club guests, but sole formula holder The Count remains locked up in psych ward and out of his mind, yet Dr. Webb's asylum proves key to the case. Tommy handles a police search of their nightclub by suspicious detective Quentin Lance, but blames 'neglective' senior partner Oliver, tenders his resignation as manager and asks Malcom for a job. Diggle gets obsessed as soon as he learns his brother's professional killer Deadshot is alive, but Oliver being other wise preoccupied tries tipping off a Defense contact.


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  • Open at Queen's club. We see a woman in the street out front, seemingly high on drugs. She is hit by a car.

    After close Lance tells Queen and Tommy a girl was mugged a few blocks from their club. She had one of their wristbands on and a Vertigo pill on her. Tommy wonders whether or not The Count is still in action.

    Lance pays the Count a visit in his mental hospital. Just before he get to the room Arrow drops in and asks where the drugs are coming from.

    We flash back to the island and Fei's daughter working out with Wilson. Queen wants to know what their plan is going forward.

    Digs is distracted.

    Queen shows Digs that the city has been inundated with a new, more dangerous version of Vertigo. Since The Count was the only person who knew the formula for the drug, he's not sure what to think. They see a news report that The Count has just escaped.

    The doctor tells Lance that The Count tricked him, pretending to be out of it for months. Lance is told the girl who died the other night texted Tommy before she died. There's also money suspiciously missing from Tommy bank account.

    Digs goes undercover to buy some Vertigo, paying with "trackable" money.

    Lance pays Tommy a visit asking about the dead girl. Tommy looks down and sees he got a text from her that read "Can you hook me up?" Lance asks whether he's involved in drugs and Laurel tells Tommy not to answer.

    Fei's daughter is training Queen by getting him to hit a bowl of water.

    Queen and Felicity trace Digs' cash. A mid-level dealer sells to some degenerates with an unseen boss in a car. Arrow breaks up the meeting but the boss gets away.

    One of the guys who just bought some Vertigo starts losing it at the aquarium. He takes some hostages.

    Felicity and Queen figure out what's happening at the aquarium. Queen tells her to get in touch with Digs.

    Digs ignores his phone while meeting with an old army buddy named Lyla. He's asking for Dead Shot's real name and gives her some information on his targets.

    Lance continues to ask Tommy questions. Tommy isn't cooperating.

    Arrow stops the druggie at the aquarium. But he dies before he can answer any questions.

    Fei's daughter tells Queen her father was a general in the army. She thinks Fyers wants to make Fei a scapegoat. The Chinese government screwed him over and she spent years looking for him, eventually being dumped on the island as well.

    Lance arrives at Tommy's club with a search warrant. His probable cause is the fact Tommy paid off a city employee to speed up the inspection process. Lance wants them to open up a locked door, the Arrow HQ. Lance goes inside and finds nothing more than storage.

    After Lance leaves Tommy and Queen argue over whether Queen actually thought his friend was involved in drugs. Digs shows up and Queen is furious he didn't answer his call. They argue over whether Digs should be searching for his brother's killer on his own time.

    It turns out the guy at the aquarium died of an allergic reaction to an anti-psychotic. Ditto the girls from Tommy's club. The Count was using medication he could get at the hospital to make his new batch. Queen wonders if perhaps The Count faked his escape and is actually still at the institution.

    Arrow arrives at the institution and finds The Count lying in a bed connected to a bunch of wires. A large man sneaks up from behind Arrow and knocks him out. It looks as if The Count's doctor is behind all of this.

    Queen wakes up to find himself strapped into a bed. The doc says he reversed engineered the drug using The Count's liver. He did it for the money. Queen is forced to drink some of the Vertigo, but manages to detonate an explosive arrow. Digs comes in at this point and helps save the day while Queen injects himself with an antidote. The doctor comes at Queen and he shoots him with an arrow. Arrow decides against killing the completely crazy Count.

    Queen apologizes to Tommy. Tommy doesn't like being a front for Arrow any longer and quits.

    Back on the island Fei's daughter shows Queen what the training was building towards. He's now strong enough to draw a bow. Teaching him to shoot will be next.

    Laurel finds her father at a bar drinking a soda. The drugs the dead girls got did not come from Tommy and he's worried he might have screwed things up with Laurel. She says they're okay and is happy he didn't turn to the bottle.

    Queen thanks Digs for having his back. He says not killing The Count is a sign he's changing. Queen shows Digs he's found Deadshot. "Were do we start," says Digs.

    The episode ends with Tommy asking his father for a job. The two embrace.

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