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Zoe Saldana: Lieutenant Uhura



  • [last lines] 

    Captain James T. Kirk : [epilogue]  Space, the final frontier.

    Commander Spock : These are the voyages of the Starship...

    Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott : ...Enterprise. Its continuing mission...

    Doctor 'Bones' McCoy : explore strange new worlds...

    Sulu : seek out new life...

    Chekov : ...and new civilizations...

    Lieutenant Uhura : boldly go where no one has gone before.

  • Krall : Your captain... why did you sacrifice yourself for him?

    Lieutenant Uhura : He would have done the same. And if he made it off that ship, he will come for us.

    Krall : I am counting on it, Lieutenant Uhura.

  • [after Uhura knocks out a drone about to kill Spock] 

    Lieutenant Uhura : Spock. What are you doing here?

    Commander Spock : Clearly, I am here to rescue you.

  • Lieutenant Uhura : I am Lieutenant Nyota Uhura of the U.S.S. Enterprise. And *you* have committed an act of war against the Federation.

    Krall : Federation! Federation *is* an act of war.

  • Spock : Captain, the flight patterns of bees are determined by individual decisions. Krall's swarm formations are too complex not to rely on some form of unified cyberpathic coordination. I surmise that if we...

    Captain James T. Kirk : [interrupts]  Spock! Skip to the end.

    Lieutenant Uhura : What he's saying is that if we disorient the swarm, we can kick its ass!

    Spock : Precisely.

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