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Slow start but getting there
insoumis3129 October 2013
I would have agreed with other reviews about how terrible this show is but I had to give it time. I LOVE Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, and Peter Riegert and refused to believe they could produce something so god awful.

While it isn't the best show out there, with each passing episode I can see the characters settling into themselves. I will say the Dads more so than the Sons as of now but the comedy IS getting better!

Seth Green's maid is definitely a show stealer. I'm impressed by the writers for never translating what she says in Spanish. It adds a special comedy for me since I am bilingual. I feel as of now the two strongest characters are Peter Reigert and the maid. Their relationship is hilarious!

I am also particularly impressed by Brenda Song. While most would discard her as a former Disney actress, her role in this show really speaks to her talents. Her character is a strong and smart, constantly keeping the boys in line and pretty much responsible for the continued success of the company.

Blame it on nostalgia if you must but I really want to see this show continue and develop into something greater.
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Much better than I expected
danabunner27 October 2013
I don't like many network comedies. In fact, I'm not regularly watching any of them. I accidentally tuned in to the first episode of "Dads" as it came on after one of the playoff baseball games. It had me laughing hard.

I had seen one commercial for it and hadn't been impressed. Had no intentions of viewing it. But now I'm going to try to catch some more episodes.

Yes, it was silly , and even juvenile in places. But the acting was very good and they pulled off scenes which lesser actors would have died on.
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davewebb-919-66023118 December 2013
just a simple silly show that gives a laugh or two hope it is not canceled. no hidden message or agenda in this show take it as it is reminds me of how married with children was in the beginning. hope the show stays compared to what is out there it is good enough to stay on. with all he reality shows and junk on TV it is a relief for there to be some shows that are not politically correct.which to me is refreshing. yes the laugh tracks are a bit much but with all the simple minded people who tweet and believe everything online they need to be reminded when to laugh. so take the show as i is simple and enjoyable for 30 minutes. also martin mull really helps and the character Edna needs a little more lines.
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Dads Is Hilarious
TVshow_Junkie27 October 2013
I honestly don't understand why people don't like this show, i think its the funniest new show on TV. It's got a great cast and chemistry and the writing and situations that the dads put them in is Hilarious. Heres hoping it goes on for years to come. People complain about the laugh track but it is recorded in front of a live audience and i prefer the multi camera sitcoms myself. most of the new shows on TV are goofy and not really relatable with likable characters. Dads does not have this problem Seth Green and His Friend are Hilarious and the Dads are even better please don't listen to the haters and check out this show for yourself and make up your mind. If you like Ted and Family guy you will love Dads
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Episode 5 was my turning point!
bozco7 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
At first I was not sure what to make of it. I found it funny and thought it wasn't nothing special! BUT as each episode progressed I found myself laughing more n more as the characters started fitting in to their roles! Ep 5 was when I fell to the floor with laughter after the prolonged scene with the doctor and the prostate exam! Giovannis expressions were just hilarious and literally put me on the floor crying! I feel this show has joke for everyone as we don't all share that same humor etc! I really think people are being way to harsh on Dads and People should give this show a chance to at least find its feet because once it does I really feel this has the potential to be a big hitters on TV like big bang and the rest! Im hooked now and heres to hoping the show has many more years on air!
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The best new comedy on TV!
ankybarbie16 November 2013
Hands down, Dads is the best new show on TV. Compared to the likes of the campy Agents of Shield, the mindless (read: stupid) Dracula, inane comedies like 'Trophy Wife' (seriously, I already have a fav trophy wife - Gloria from Modern Family). Dads is as fresh as Family Guy and funnier than all the other comedies combined. Well, the Goldbergs are good, though!

Anyways, it's good to see Fox finally taking some right decisions. They recently renewed Dads for a second season, even before less the half the first season finished airing! Of course, they had made a huge mistake by cancelling Family Guy, and had to eat their own words when they HAD to bring it back. They have finally learnt a lesson!

I can see Dads running for several seasons, just like Family Guy does. And I see that the reviews here simply mirror those Family Guy received following its debut. To hell with the naysayers, we ain't quitting this show! Dads forever!
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first few episodes don't count
dhanley_63-844-9828313 November 2013
The show gets progressively better. Starting at episode 7 they are laugh out loud funny. If you only watch one here or there you probably won't like it.

The actors are funny, jokes are spot on and there is at least one character for everyone's sense of humor.

Give the show a chance. It is definitely worth watching for the long haul. Very funny show, despite the first few episodes starting off slow.

Bottom line, If you like family guy, you will like this too. If not, you won't.
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Why the hell do people always base their reviews on the first episode?
eyrichj8 October 2013
While I agree that the first episode was garbage, the SECOND AND THIRD episodes are actually kind of funny. In the society we live in today, we always take things at face value and never give them second thought. Stop that S*IT! It's not cool... Give the show a freaking chance.

This comedy, although late-blooming, is funny and fairly non offensive as Seth's many TV comedies go. The first episode was not as funny as I had hoped, however, the second and third episodes I found to be wonderfully funny.

I look forward to the rest of the first season of "Dad's" and I hope those who previously bashed it due to the first episode would get their head out of their A@$ and smell the fresh air.
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Such a Waste of Great Talent
susan-31717 September 2013
Four men, all so funny in various individual roles, yet, somehow, not at all funny when collocated in one show. I could yak for hours about the talent of Giovani Ribisi and Seth Green.

What happened? It was not simply that the script was bad. It wasn't only the lack of reality in the relationships or even the premise. It was just bad.

There is a laugh track. For some reason, the laugh track commenced at the end of every line and every piece of business from every actor. But I only laughed once. When the lovely Asian-American assistant appeared in a special outfit.

I do not understand why the show felt so contrived and stilted, as though it were a stage play. The laugh track sounded like a track, not a live performance. I hope to see all these actors in different, better productions soon. This show filled me with sadness.
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Review of Season 1
n_izadi200312 February 2014
I love this show, it is very funny and touches on social issues. Unlike other comedy TV series, its not silly funny. One of my favourite episodes was the one were Edna gets married LOL. The last episode of season 1 was very sad, heart breaking and well performed by the actors. I have to say Giovanni Ribisi has been great in this show, very funny. Also Edna have been awesome too , ha ha very funny. She is like Berta but funnier and more likable. I hope it returns for another season. I think the people who have been critical of this TV series need to have some sense of humour. I don't find this TV series to be sexist or racist and I am a female with brown skin colour.
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I Like it...
uryon-adams19 October 2013
This is the only actual sitcom that made me laugh out loud. To me, personally, I'm glad Seth MacFarlane made this show. One of those dumb reviews said that there is room for improvement, and I totally agree. Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green have really stepped it up, by the way, because by the fifth episode (Oldfinger), I was cracking up. And I love the maid; she's like a Consuela that appears in every episode. This and the Big Bang Theory are my favorite sitcom shows that feature a overly used laugh track (that is the only thing that annoys me), and I hope to see many more seasons of Dads in the future. Maybe an episode where Seth MacFarlane guest stars will crank up some views. All I really know is that people love Seth MacFarlane.
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SanteeFats9 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Wow I read lolawants review. She finds Mom and Brooklyn 99 funny but not Dads!!?? I am just the opposite. I think 99 is moronic and Mom stupid. Maybe its a guy thing judging by her username. Anyway, I find this show pretty funny. Martin Mull (Ribisi's dad) and Peter Riegert (Seth's) play the two fathers. I do find Mull's character to be annoying and am not sure why but Riegert I find very funny. I have always liked Seth Green and he does well in this one. The maid is assertive and funny especially with Seth's father who is very abrasive and unPC, both of which which I like. People who are too caught up in correctness are usually up tight and obnoxious even holier than thou. Brenda Song is the smart, capable, assistant. She is as hot as ever and has some good lines and does a good job in this role. It is nice to see her get a role where she does not play the idjit like in Suite Life. I realize that this is based on only a few episodes but as long as the writing and acting holds up I will be watching this series.
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A Failure on All Levels...
ClaytonDavis18 September 2013
Read More @ The Awards Circuit (

I really do enjoy Seth MacFarlane. I think he's a funny dude, capable of capturing the hilarious antics of the now as he demonstrates on "Family Guy" on FOX. His Executive Produced show "Dads" starring the talents of Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi is an atrocious and unfunny take on the father-son dynamic that has been beat to death over the years of raunchy, family sitcoms.

Scribes Maggie Mull, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild have no concept of what can possibly make these characters interesting. They're almost relying on slapstick comedy to carry the audience through but forgot to put in the slapstick. It falters on every level from the introduction of Eli (Green) and Warner (Ribisi) to their Dads (Martin Mull and Peter Reigert), the only chuckle that emerged from me was a bit about "punch the Puerto Rican" and how it should be the name of a new video game that Warner was working on. And we're talking about a light chuckle.

Why is Vanessa Lachey on this show? She seems so above something like this for some reason. How did this get the green light from FOX? Well, we know exactly why but still, could they not see this was a train wreck waiting to happen? They bridge this live action show with the same humor that makes "Family Guy" so successful with dried movie references along with Mexican cleaning jokes. This works for cartoons, not real life. One note, is the eye candy that is Brenda Song, who you may remember as Andrew Garfield's psycho-girlfriend that sets fire to his room in "The Social Network" – she's fine to look at. Unfortunately, when this show inevitably gets canceled in 30 days time, she'll need to look for her next venture. I much enjoy her stint from time to time on FOX's "New Girl" as Winston's girlfriend.

The show is a disaster. Ribisi is a fine actor, that works well in comedy from time to time as we saw in MacFarlane's "Ted" but subjected to the amateur comedy that is displayed here has to make him rethink his choices in work.

Too bad for words. The first episode is available on FOX's website.

GRADE: ½ (half a star)
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No, no, no! Not another laugh track!
Narce20 September 2013
In the first few seconds of this show, I noticed that the "audience" laughed at every line and gesture as if it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. That was enough for me to relegate this show to my "don't ever watch it again" bin. I never even made it to the end of the show.

Show producers, haven't you noticed that the laugh track has been consigned to the trash bin? Unless you are actually filming in front of a live audience, just forget it. It doesn't make lame jokes funnier, just more obvious. Look at the successful comedies currently on TV, like Modern Family - no laugh tracks, because they don't want to look and sound like re-runs of Gilligan's Island (which was funnier than Dads, by the way).
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This show can be good
korodymatyas25 September 2013
I was trying to be optimistic about this show, and I succeeded. The 4 main actors are seem to be very talented, especially the fathers. I was really happy to see Martin Mull on screen, he is my favorite actor in many movies and shows, including Two and a Half Men. The problem in this show might be the family guy dudes. I never really liked them, they are trying to be funny by being disgusting or vulgar. It worked really good in family guy, but thats not a Tuesday night sitcom on Fox. The Ted was also ordinary movie, with Mila Kunis, other hoes and with a crap in the middle of the room. And of course, with a good idea. Because this show is - at least I think it is- a really good idea. It has a huge amount of possibilities in it, and if they can figure out better jokes, make the father sons relationships a little bit more realistic, but not too much (I'm thinking of something like the Harper brothers and their mother in two and a half men) it could be a great show. I will definitely give a chance to this show, and hope for the best. Sorry for my English, I only started to learn it yesterday.
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I saw this by chance when it debuted - I wish I could gouge out my eyes
mattstoc18 September 2013
This was one of the worst things I have ever seen on TV. The "inappropriateness" didn't bother me in the least. However, the acting was terrible, the humor non-existent, story bad and boring. Seth Green has done funny stuff, but it doesn't show here.

Run Away

I had read that this was offensive, I can understand that feeling. I don't get offended, so when I channel surfed into it, I thought I would watch it. Brutally bad.

Run Away

If you do nothing else this Fall, avoid this show. I would recommend a trip to the dentist (even a dentist with no TV on the ceiling).

Run Away Run Away
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Unintelligent, Unoriginal, Unnecessary, Offensive.
joshua-halstead17 September 2013
"Dads" is yet another excuse for Seth MacFarlane to be vulgar, racist, sexist, crude, and incredibly rude to everybody and everything. Now, I am not a fan of Family Guy, American Dad, or The Cleveland Show, but Dads trumps them all. Not only is it far more controversial, MacFarlane seems to have forgotten that you cannot be as vulgar and rude in a live action production as in a cartoon because in a cartoon you do not actually watch the actors make the joke. A really big issue with the show is that it isn't even funny. There is not a single laugh in the entire pilot. The show portrays fathers as racist, sexist, unintelligent, crazy old men. The entire show is over the top and the plot is incredibly bland. As far as I'm concerned Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, and every other person who is involved in the sad, pathetic, filthy, ridiculous excuse for a show is welcome to just stop attempting to be funny, or create, or act in anything ever. This show is exactly the kind of low-brow, unoriginal, formulaic, offensive, crap that makes TV and film so terrible and for the most part unbearable to watch. Not worth anything.
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Most Daring Satire on Television
jonmsamson10 May 2014
Dads has to be one of the most daring TV shows I have ever seen on television. The way they go out of their way to offend as many groups as possible while not actually delivering any actually funny material is real balls to the wall stuff. The way the jokes come out in unnatural and completely unfunny ways is astounding! It really helps to sell the satire of sitcom TV shows, I mean none of them were ever funny without offending anyone.

Also, what a great assortment of timeless and unforgettable characters. Such as that kind of maybe Hispanic maid who seems more interested in trying to make invisible people laugh rather than help out when someone is dying is surely the epitome of comedy. But I'm not gonna lie, I laughed pretty hard every time she randomly danced as if a ghost shot up her ass after every line she delivers. Or how about the creepy guy from Ted that managed to get a hot wife that he shares almost no chemistry with. It must be all the crying he does while having sex with his beautifully hot wife, that will cause any lady to fall hopelessly in love with you. What a great way to satirize marriage, really got it spot on with that one. And finally the main character who was in Austin Powers but not many people remember because he didn't pick any good movies to be in after his run as Dr. Evil's son. But here he makes his comeback as Bland Leading Man who lives with his dad for some reason even though his dad seems like a perfectly able adult who can take care of himself and isn't handicapped in anyway shape or form. Oh and I almost forgot the titular "Dads" themselves! What a creative mesh of a Jewish stereotype and a wimpy version Robert De Niro from Meet the Parents. Truly a lot of thought went into these two characters.

But I haven't even gotten to the best part, the way the actors seem completely uninterested in what their doing and are just collecting a paycheck. Another great way to parody the campy comedy of sitcoms. Not all of the actors act this way though, just the ones that will manage to have a career after this show. That crazy maid seems to put all of her energy into the very few lines she says, and when she doesn't say anything we get to see her dance! Because you know, that's funny!

All in all, I'd give Dads a watch through if you like witty satires of other TV shows, it's almost like if Abed from Community got his own show but only talked about one very specific genre of TV. It's a must see for all who are deaf, blind and dumb.
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the jokes aren't offensive, the lack of funny is offensive!
lolawants26 September 2013
I find it hilarious that some people are saying this show is SO offensive... Because it IS, but not how they mean it. Sure, there are mildly politically incorrect jokes sprinkled throughout, but those were the only teeny tiny chuckles I ever emitted watching this truly BAD pilot. The show is offensive to any viewer with a brain, for having to watch even a minute of this drivel.

There is a difference between GOOD live studio audience & BAD shows- laugh track, single cam, or live studio audience. I just watched Brooklyn Nine Nine & Mom... Both were funny, Mom had a live studio audience that laughed appropriately at FUNNY stuff. When I saw who was in Dads, I was excited- I really have tuned out Network TV for many years for the most part because I am almost always disappointed but I thought these 3 seemed promising.

I watched the pilot of Dads with my mouth agape in absolute shock- it was SOOOO BAD. If that wasn't a laugh track, then they told the audience to cackle at every stupid, mundane line, & it was VERY distracting (though I must say, the sheer train wreck of the laugh track was the 'funniest' thing about the show). The show looked cheap, the writing/situations were so lame, it was like a satire of the worst sitcoms without the intelligence or awareness (like if I was going to put an over-the-top exaggerated bad sitcom on a TV screen in a Robot Chicken skit).

I was literally at a loss for words & my brain was scrambling trying to understand how something like this was produced with these players! And it was a helluva lot of work to get through it's 22min. I think the reason these bad shows last longer than the single camera ones is the same reason we get more reality shows than quality television: It is WAY cheaper to produce. And there is still a chunk of the American audience who grew up on network TV *only* who have been trained to lower their standards & just watch what is on TV. They come home from work & want to numb out with something that requires zero brain function to watch. This definitely fits that criteria.

While watching this I thought the only person I know who could stand to watch this at all would be my 73yr old mother who has never had cable or DVR.

For the record it would be a travesty to put this in the same category as brilliant groundbreaking shows like All In The Family, Cosby Show, Seinfeld, et al. Just another reason (like I needed one) to tune out network shows... The vast majority of their fare is truly an insult to their viewing audience & brain cells in general (exceptions being Modern Family, Parks & Rec, etc).
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1 star is 1 too many
guiding_fright1 October 2013
Have you ever had to flip back to a show only because after the first 5 minutes of watching you actually needed to go back and re-evaluate whether or not what you had just viewed could possibly be televised on a major network or any network for that matter. This show is an absolute disaster and it's almost enjoyable to sit back and laugh at the ridiculous laugh track and play a game of oddsmakers as to how many more episodes will be televised before they take all of the tape of this show and catapult it out to the pacific ocean. Do yourself a favor and watch an episode... well as much of one episode as you can because in a short period of time this will disappear, and when it does, it will disappear forever. When a conversation arises about the worst show you've ever seen, you'll have your answer.

Tl;dr - This show is garbage.
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ugh Dads
lbowles63918 September 2013
A horrible satire on fathers. Seth Green is obnoxious and has forgotten how to act. Martin Mull what can one say but ugh!! The rest of the cast are incapable of acting and show go back to waiting on tables. The story line is so bad it should have been thrown into the shredder. Seth Macfarlane has once again proved to be an incredible stupid, obnoxious and down right sick writer. Never again will I submit myself to trash like this. It is hard to write ten lines on this sitcom. There is not one thing that is good about this show. Hard to believe it was even allowed to air. Hopefully, it will be taken off the air before the next show.
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Don't listen to the critics. Give the show a chance!!
kindred300010 October 2013
Maybe it was because I wasn't expecting much, or maybe it was because some of the other new comedies that I thought would be funny fell flat, but this show was a lot funnier than I expected.

From what the critics had to say I expected to be offended and not laugh at all. I only watched it at because I like the two main actors, so I was surprised when I ended up liking the show.

The 1st episode was 'ok', but the 2nd episode was really funny. I have told several people about the show (with a warning that there is a lot of politically incorrect content), and so far they have all liked it too.

The only thing I disliked was the laugh track. That thing needs to go!! One of the funniest characters is the house keeper. She is not normally mentioned in any of the reviews and she makes me laugh every time she is on screen.
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poor writing
joshyu8523 September 2013
i'm going to premise this with the fact that i'm very lenient with sitcoms. if they make me laugh, i don't mind the stupid, pointless, and empty plots. I actually kind of like seth green and a am a fan of some of his work. also, i'm gonna ignore the racism/ignorance, that's another story and not getting into that (again, sitcom). with that said, very poor writing, simply put,not funny. It wasn't even a problem with the acting. Somebody had an idea that sounded OK, and the network thought it sounded OK, but, they misjudged the writing. everyone makes mistakes, and this happens to be one of them. it's plain crap grade poor. this show needs to get off the air.
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A promising idea... but that's all.
soupster125 September 2013
Speaking as a Brit, I like American TV, and I particularly like American sitcoms. I'm not just talking 'The Big Bang Theory' here... I'm talking 'Bilko', 'M*A*S*H, 'Frasier'. Many years, many hours of fun.

This is dreadful. I am bemused that a show like 'Better Off Ted' gets cancelled, and a show like this even gets 1 episode broadcast. Presumably, the networks believe there is an audience for mean-spirited and juvenile 'humour', which has just enough characterization to satisfy a committee of 'executives' who think cynicism is funny.

The Middle is old fashioned and predictable. It is also authentic, well made, beautifully acted... and funny. All of which qualities are not only absent from this show... but are even absent from the idea of this show.

I have only one good thing to say about it... All of a sudden, I have acquired the belief that I could write for television. Thank you to the people responsible for this rubbish, for thinking I can do better than people who get good money for writing poor television.
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Most horrible sitcom I've seen in ages
showmonkey27 September 2013
I don't really need to repeat what all of the other negative reviews have written - this show is not only incredibly offensive ( forget if it's trying to be ironic), but it's just plain not funny. (To give you context, I do find Family Guy funny, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and love comedians like Louis CK, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, etc) I mainly came here to do my part to keep the ratings for this show as far down as possible and just be one more person to voice extreme disapproval for the show. I'm disappointed in Giovanni Ribisi. Wow, IMDb just said that I need to make this review longer so here goes; this show is sexist, racist, ageist, really stupid; the jokes are completely unintelligent and there is nothing interesting about the premise at all.
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