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  • No, Abbudin is fictional. The show is filmed on location in Morocco. The setting takes place in the Middle East. You hear talks in the show about being near the Kuwaiti border. It takes place in that general area, but filmed in West Africa.

    The geography is intentionally muddled to be representative of the Middle East, but not to be an obvious overlay for any single nation: Much of the action in season 2 takes place in Ma'an, which is the name of a real city in southern Jordan, similar in size to the fictional city of Ma'an, Abbudin. But there are references to Abbudin's border with Lebanon -- yet Lebanon is isolated from the rest of the Middle East by Israel and Syria, both of which are mentioned in dialog in the show. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Mostly Islam!

    A vast majority of people in Abuddin are mostly Muslim, just like most countries in the Middle East. The Christian population there is scarce, due mostly to the persecution from radical Islamists such as the Caliphate, and an imposation of Sharia Law. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This is in order from first death to the most recent.

    Season One

    Khaled Al-Fayeed suffers a heart attack at his grandsons wedding, and dies in the hospital.

    Fahmy and his friends are captured, laid on the ground, and executed by Tariqs commandos as punishment for kidnapping Nusrat.

    Walid Rashid is brutally assaulted in the men's room by Jamal Al-Fayeed. Later in the hospital, he is drugged with a poison by Barry Al-Fayeed.

    Katerina is strangled in her bedroom by Jamal Al-Fayeed.

    Yussef, Ziad, Hakim, and General Zhadid are bound, blindfolded, and shot one by one by Jamal's firing squad for treason.

    Season Two

    Malik is shot in the back of the head by Jamal's security personnel after pulling out a gun, but not before wounding Ambassador Zhang's wife.

    Faisal is gunned down by Barry Al-Fayeed while assaulting Jane Abbas after his man was killed.

    General Tariq Al-Fayeed is bludgeoned in the head with an oil derrick model by Jamal Al-Fayeed.

    Ahmos Al-Yazbek is mortally wounded by the Caliphate at the prison, later dies in the village.

    Abdul is tossed off a building to his death by the Caliphate.

    Samira Nadal is stabbed in the stomach by Barry Al-Fayeed.

    Munir Al-Yazbek is killed off-screen by Ihab Rashid and Abu Omar after being identified as the traitor.

    Kasim Al-Yazbek shoots himself in the head during the raid on the resistance hideout.

    Ru'A is gunned down by the Caliphate.

    Amira Al-Fayeed gets blown up in a car bombing by Colonel Mahmoud, which was meant for Rami Said.

    Marwan is stabbed violently by Ihab Rashid and shot in the head by Abu Omar.

    Season Three

    Nusrat is lynched in her cell with bedding sheets by Abuddin commandos accompanied by Abd Aziz to make it look like suicide.

    General Rami Said, Jalal, and several other personnel are gunned down in an ambush by Caliphate soldiers led by Farook Khalif during a plot to abduct Molly.

    Jamal Al-Fayeed is smothered with a pillow by his son, Ahmed, as retribution for violating Nusrat.

    Emma Al-Fayeed is stabbed in the torso by Ihab Rashid as penance for the failed rescue attempt.

    Ziyad jumps to Daliyah and covers her from the gunfire from the Caliphate, taking the bullets himself.

    Sheik Abdullah is killed in an explosion from his office, orchestrated by General William Cogswell, which took the life of others as well.

    Fareed is tossed over a table by General William Cogswell who was searching for damaging evidence against him and Leila. His head lands on a stone piece of furniture and cracks open.

    Daanish is shot in the head by Ihab Rashid for speaking up against him.

    Madhiya Kattan activates her bomb vest for a jihad in Germany. The bomb goes off seconds later and kills her and a multitude of people.

    Wafiq is executed off-screen at the gallows for treason.

    Sheikh Hussein Al-Qadi is shot in the head right next to Nafisa by Talal on Ihabs orders.

    Hanif Kattan and his boys are quickly killed by Maloofs soldiers after firing the first shots which started a massacre.

    Aaliyah is mortally shot by Maloofs forces during the massacre at Leila's rally and dies from her wounds. Edit (Coming Soon)


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