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Season 1

10 Jan. 2013
Ano ko wa kawaii mochiya no musume
While shopping for some flowers in her local market, Tamako Kitashirakawa, the daughter of a mochi shop owner, encounters a peculiar talking bird named Dera Mochimazzwi.
17 Jan. 2013
Koi no hanasaku barentain
As Valentine's Day approaches, Tamako suggests the shopping district should hold a Valentine campaign.
24 Jan. 2013
Kûru na ano ko ni acchicchi
As a new school year starts, Tamako and her friend Kanna Makino ends up in the same class as badminton club member Shiori Asagiri. That morning, Dera has a run in with Shiori. After Dera ends up getting lost, Shiori escorts him back to Tamako's house, where Tamako attempts to become friends with her.
31 Jan. 2013
Chîsana koi, saichatta
Anko becomes disappointed that she cannot go a museum with her friends, including a boy from her class she likes, because the market is preparing for a festival. Meanwhile, Dera is cast as an ornament for the festival's shrine.
7 Feb. 2013
Ichiya o tomo ni sugoshita ze
As summer arrives, the girls go to the swimming pool to teach Tamako how to swim while Dera and Midori learns of Mochizo's crush on Tamako.
14 Feb. 2013
Ore no sesuji mo kôtta ze
Noting that not too many people come by the market during hot days, Tamako suggests they put on a haunted house to help cool people down.
21 Feb. 2013
Ano ko ga oyome ni itchatta
Choi Mochimazzi, a fortune teller from Dera's homeland, revealing that both she and Dera come from the island's royal family. When Choi becomes annoyed by Dera gaining weight and forgetting his mission to find a bride for the island's prince.
28 Feb. 2013
Niwatori dato wa iwasenê
Deciding his obesity needs to be addressed, Tamako, Choi and the others decide to put Dera on a mochi-free diet.
7 Mar. 2013
Utatchaunda, koi no uta
As the Tamaya shop decides to put on a mochi pounding event for October 10, Mochi Day. Meanwhile, Tamako comes across her father playing a familiar song from her childhood.
14 Mar. 2013
Ano ko no baton ni hana ga saku
With the school cultural festival approaching, the Baton Club manage to get a key time slot for the main stage. As Choi comes to the school to give the club her support, she notices a particular mark on Tamako's neck.
21 Mar. 2013
Masaka ano ko ga purinsesu
Word spreads about Tamako allegedly being a princess. Whilst Tamako herself feels she's not really a princess, the neighborhood have a meeting concerning Tamako, feeling she should probably go to Dera's homeland to be a princess, although Tamako herself feels otherwise.
28 Mar. 2013
Kotoshi mo mata kuretetta
Upon the Mecha prince's arrival, the whole shopping district's attention shifts towards him, while Tamako feels a little confused by everything.

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