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Season 1

13 Jun. 2015
Chapter One: The Friends of English Magic
Determined to prove himself England's greatest magician, Mr Norrell makes a dangerous pact with a mysterious being.
24 May 2015
Chapter Two: How Is Lady Pole?
Whilst Norrell is celebrated for a daring illusion, persuading the French that the channel is full of English ships, John Segundus and Mr Honeyfoot visit Jonathan and his wife Arabella, introducing them to Mr Norrell. Norrell is impressed by Jonathan's intuitive form of magic and takes him on as his apprentice though he is dismissive of the younger man's belief that all magic stems from the Raven King, the last practitioner of magic in England some three centuries ago. Lady Pole meanwhile is subject to disturbing dreams, imagining herself in Fairy-land, and Norrell ...
31 May 2015
Chapter Three: The Education of a Magician
Jonathan arrives in Portugal to be met with a derisory reception from the Duke of Wellington, until he proves himself by fashioning a road out of rocks and reviving three French corpses, who are persuaded to give away the enemy's position, allowing for a British victory. In London a concerned Arabella visits the reclusive, disturbed Lady Pole, attracting the attention of the Gentleman, which she rebuffs. Lady Pole gives her a tapestry showing her bad dreams to show to Jonathan but Norrell, fearing he will be implicated in her distress, has his valet Childermass ...
7 Jun. 2015
Chapter Four: All the Mirrors of the World
Norrell survives the attempt to kill him by Lady Pole, who is taken away to be cared for by John and Mr Honeyfoot. Along with Jonathan he is summoned to use magic to cure the madness of king George but refuses. Jonathan, however, calls upon the spells of the Raven King as a cure, almost playing into the hands of the Gentleman, who tries to kill George to put Stephen on the throne. Childermass, unconscious after taking the bullet intended for Norrell, finds himself visiting Fairyland, the Raven King's domain, and so does Jonathan, who marvels at it. Norrell warns him ...
14 Jun. 2015
Chapter Five: Arabella
Having used his magic to help Wellington win the battle of Waterloo Jonathan returns home to Arabella and the publication of his book on the history of magic. The latter is strongly opposed both by Norrell and the government, who see the Raven King as an influence on the Luddite movement. Meanwhile Lady Pole predicts something bad will befall Arabella and she is proved to be right as the Gentleman spirits her away to visit the fairy kingdom. On her return she is pronounced dead and, after Norrell refuses to revive her, she is buried. Jonathan is now more determined to...
21 Jun. 2015
Chapter Six: The Black Tower
Having fled England to Venice, Strange attempts to drive himself insane as a way of gaining access to the fairy magic that he believes can help him resurrect his wife. In so doing, he unleashes a curse that threatens to destroy him utterly.
28 Jun. 2015
Chapter Seven: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
With magic long since lost to England, two men are destined to bring it back; the reclusive Mr Norrell and daring novice Jonathan Strange. So begins a dangerous battle between two great minds.

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