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Best episode since the pilot!
joe-marley14 March 2013
Wow. This episode is excellent from start to finish. It's normally the "big zombie battle" episodes that get remembered in TWD but this one ranks even higher.

Just having Rick, Michonne and Carl going out on a trip was a great move, as it allowed for great characterisation. And the return of Morgan! What a guy he is, and i'm sure i'm not the only one eagerly anticipating his return since the pilot. He's portrayed brilliantly in this episode, showing just how far the circumstances can effect the characters. With Rick seeing Morgans condition, it might make him realise what he could become, given his latest "hallucinating/crazy antics". Meanwhile I also loved Carl and Michonnes mission to retrieve a personal item for Carl in a zombie infested bar. It made for tense, gripping viewing and allowed the two characters to bond for the first time since Michonnes arrival. On the subject, this was a great episode for Michonne! We have finally got to see her involved in actual conversations, along with her bad-ass sword killing.

In conclusion, what an episode! More like this please TWD! 10/10.
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Smaller-Scale, But Still Great!
g-bodyl3 October 2014
This is the twelfth episode of the third season of the Walking Dead and it's one of those filler episodes which are normally called "bottle episodes." This is a smaller-scale, lower-budget episode that mainly focuses on Rick, Carl, and Michonne. This episode reminded me of Breaking Bad's episode, "Fly." We need these kind of episodes to keep the story flowing and for character-building. What I also liked is how we are introduced to a character we haven't seen since Season one.

In this episode, "Clear," Rick, Carl, and Michonne heads out to Rick's former town to pick up guns and ammunition for the upcoming battle. When they arrive, they are shot at by this one man who is knocked unconscious by a bullet from Carl. This man happened to be Morgan Jones, the man who saved Rick's life. But Morgan turned into a lunatic due to some personal trauma. Meanwhile, Carl and Michonne head out to find a crib for the baby.

Overall, this is a great episode. Despite the smaller budget and fewer location spots, this is an emotional episode and while I liked the return of Morgan, I don't know if I can call it a welcome return. This episode also manages some walker action, so that is always good. I rate this episode 9/10.
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Lennie James makes this episode.
Godfather_2003 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Hands down the best episode of the season so far and maybe one of the best of the series. We finally get to figure out what happened with Morgan from all the way back in episode one. Lennie James steals every single scene he is in. An absolute tour de force of an performance that blew me away. There's a lot less action in this episode but it really is all about the dialogue between Rick and Morgan. What I also like about this episode is that the writers chose incredible minimalism, minus the walkers and one guy with a backpack, there are just 4 actors in this episode. There is some great character development from the conservations between Michonne and Carl as well as Morgan and Rick. I like that they decided to write Carl as smart and not a stupid kid, he's had to grow up a lot faster and I think the scenes between him and Michonne really show that. Morgan and Rick's conversation is much more intense, the moment that really got me is when Morgan talks about his son, I could feel and hear the pain in James' voice, actors who can get emotions out of an audience are rare and so I applaud him for having a skill like that. Can't wait until next week!
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A refreshing dab back into the original formula
kill-joy-20-9144875 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had been fearing for the direction of the series of late, but this episode put my mind at ease. With all these plot twists with towns and random survivors dropping in, the show really has been missing deep characterization; which is emphasized by the fact that so many of the original group members have passed. The constant anguish from Rick and the attacks of the governor have really swung a depressing brush to the series, and it just feels repetitive.

*SPOILER* However, with the return of Morgan, we have a renewed sense of hope for Rick as he sees how far a person can fall off the deep end - and it seems like he's on the way to snapping out of his issues with his wife's recent passing.

It's also especially good that michonne finally gets a positive spotlight! I can see her being very integral to the following episodes, hope to see more of her open self (and not confined to 2 words per episode as previous). Seeing Carl in the episode reminded me how far he has come since the farm (geez he was annoying on the farm), and is really crafting himself into a stable adult.

Overall the script, acting and execution of this episode was truly wonderful, and brought me back to the first season's roots.
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I have to join the hype in saying that it is one of the best episodes of the entire season.
HeroBram4 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Walking Dead has been one of those shows with ups and downs throughout its length and for the couple of episodes which occurred before this one i was slightly disappointed with the way things were going. But with the episode "Clear" we can now clearly see the philosophical as well as the plot line even more clearly than we might have been imagining it. It shows the variety of thoughts between the characters and also the changes that the two,Rick and Morgan,have experienced during the time of the plague. And of course the weird but apparently successful mix of Rick/Carl and Michonne entering a place which was forgotten showed that even in all that primitive time of "Food and only food" people still care for one or the other. But of course that's not entirely true,as you'll see for yourself.

I give it a 9 out of 10 and only removing one rate point out of it for being so short.
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The best episode of the entire series with the best performance period.
bygeahkburchill4 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This episode starts out with a mystery as we join three unlikely compatriots in the little green wagon. Michonne, Carl and Rick (largely lucid after several episodes of shaky sanity) driving and we're forced to wonder where the rest of the group is. Before the credits we're given insight into just how much Rick has changed as well as a palpable tension with the black sheep, Michonne. Form there the episode doles out information in a satisfying and tantalizing way. The meat of the story comes in the form of the return of Morgan, the man who saved Rick when he was fresh out of the hospital. A three-years-long delivery on a curiosity set up early in the season one. A well paced and thoughtful episode ratchets up when we see how much both men have changed and Lennie James gives the best performance of the series, and one of the greatest performances of the last decade of television, completely captivating the viewer with a riveting account of his life since we last saw him. James pulled off the equivalent of the Alec Baldwin, Glengarry, Glen Ross performance, completely stealing the show and bringing the show plenty of award potential. Even if you dislike zombie movies, hate horror and don't know any of the characters, you HAVE to see THIS episode because this performance is NOT to be missed.
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Amazing episode
mattscottfoster6 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm so glad they included Morgan this season. Lennie James is an amazing actor and it was great to hear what happened since the pilot. I think any fan who has watched the show from the beginning would enjoy it. Anyone that gives this episode low ratings may not grasp the true essence of TWD. It's not all about great walker kills and action it's about the humans and how they interact in a new world. The running story lines through three seasons is amazing and I don't think a lot of other shows do that the overall feel and look is not like anything else on TV. I look forward to future episodes because I'm a fan and always will be. Don't criticize just enjoy or don't watch
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Lennie James Is Awesome
slightlymad2231 October 2014
Plot In A Pargraph: Rick runs in to a face from his past whilst on a run for more weapons with Carl and Michonne. Whilst Rick stays occupied Michonne takes Carl on an errand he wants to run.

Andrew Lincoln continues to be awesome as Rick and it was good to see the face from his past again too Lennie James puts in one of the performances of the entire series!! It's also good to see Michonne and Carl do a bit of bonding, Danai Gurira is fast becoming a fixture of the group despite what Rick says. She is proving herself to be a valuable member of the team. As for Carl he has grown up quickly.

However one part of the episode I didn't Like was the hitchhiker plot line. Rick is becoming very untrusting, see the way he made Tyrese, Sasha and co leave the prison. I not sure about the other two, but Tyrese and Sasha look to be good people who would for right in, with Ricks group.
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One of the best episodes of the series
tbmforclasstsar4 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The last few weeks, I have been complaining about the logistics of The Walking Dead and the turn the show has taken to a much slower pace that really is driving no where. My biggest argument was that it felt like the show was trying to just fill episode quotas based on a story that was too short to fit a 16 episode order. Andrea's reunion was a pointless time waster, Rick seeing his dead wife took up far more time than it needed to, and Merle and Darryl leaving the group for one episode was not necessary at all.

And the biggest problem with these side stories and slow paced episodes: character development was nonexistent. We know Rick is crazy. We know Andrea is torn between the two groups. We know Merle is bad news. We know Glen is a cry baby. These episodes gave us plenty of time to explore these characters and find out more about each of them, but instead we continued on the same trends with the same characters. That is why I started comparing the second half of season three to season two. The show had become stagnant.

That is, until last night. Last night's episode, titled "Clear" for the work being done by one of our favorite characters that we haven't seen since episode one, was an exceptional episode and a look at what this show could be if executed properly week in and week out. Let's face it: the zombie portion of this show is a back seat factor; no longer the main threat, but the constant danger in the world these characters live in. While Rick's group and the Woodbury family have found ways to protect themselves from the walkers, the clash comes from the two groups fearing the other. Meanwhile, there is Morgan, a man we haven't seen since episode one. A man who took Rick in and saved him from the geeks wandering the streets. A man who had to shoot his zombie wife, had his son taken away from him, and has spent his days clearing areas in his neighborhood and fortifying himself in a building in his small downtown.

Finally, for once, we get to see how someone else is living in this situation. Someone who will only resort to killing other people if they threaten him, but won't take anyone in and bring anyone close to him. Someone who is only working on protecting himself from the evil wandering the earth. Someone who is not interested in fights with other people and only wishes to live quietly in his new home that he has booby-trapped for his protection. Morgan is the character I have been waiting so long to meet; a man who is terrified of the situation he is in, but doesn't group up with a bunch of strangers and try to make a new life. He protects himself, and that's it.

Morgan has been through a lot since we last saw him. Duane, his son, was bitten by his zombie mother and turned into a walker. Morgan finally was able to gun down his wife, but his hesitation cost his son his life. He has spent the time since Duane turned going through the surrounding neighborhoods from where he lives, killing the walker inhabitants and burning the buildings down so zombies can't conceal themselves. The man is smart and resourceful. He has collected a large number of guns and knives and has been able to survive by simply using traps and barricades and burning the strung up walkers. And while he seems insane on the outside, he is very observant and understanding of the situation. As Rick demands that Morgan join up with his group in a prison that they have taken over, Morgan asks "Did your wife die there?" He goes on to mention that he saw the amount of guns that Rick is taking; that there must be a reason he needs that large amount of weapons. And suddenly, it is Rick who is getting the talking to, not Morgan. Is the prison really that safe? Is the life Rick's group has chosen the right one? Morgan has made a quiet home for himself that is almost never under the threat of other humans killing him or walkers finding their way in. Meanwhile, the prison is the biggest target anyone could live in.

To read the rest (IMDb form too short) visit: http://custodianfilmcritic.com/the-walking-dead-3-12-clear/
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One of the best episodes!
eulchen55 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
There were definitely a few episodes of "the walking dead" that were kind of haunting and sticking in your mind for a while, making you think. But for me, this is the one that got stuck permanently and really hit me emotionally. As several other reviewers said, Lennie James is just awesome. His acting is that intense that he manages to stop you breathing just being on screen, talking. The conversations Rick and Morgan have are intense, drastic and although Morgan kind of lost his mind on the way, he speaks many truths nonetheless. But what got me most is the discrepancy you can see and feel, - Rick, Carl and Michonne in the car, the lonely guy outside, screaming his lungs out for them to stop, to take him in, and twice - they don't. Helping is not an option anymore. Seeing Rick getting emotionally back to hi roots, his hometown, and Morgan, who saved him long ago, and seeing rick suddenly remembering his humanity, wanting to help, to save Morgan - but he can't. And then the last scene, humanity gone again, reality hitting you like a club - the three of them going back in the car, an seeing what's left of that hitchhiker from the beginning of the episode, only entrails. And then, even the car going back and just taking this persons backpack and supplies, emotionless. That's how the world is there, no excuses. And the humane shadow of yester-yesterday, - gone. Brilliant acting, brilliant writing, haunting!
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Best episode of the show
wtbarr10 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Words don't do this episode justice. We all wanted Morgan back, and two scenes in this episode gave me chills (seeing him unmasked, and seeing "Duane turned" on the blackboard). It was good to see Michonne prove herself to Rick and Carl, it was eerie to think that the town Rick and Carl came from looks the way it does this far into the show, and the closure that comes with seeing Morgan (and sadly not Duane) just made this episode twist my emotions in every which way. Let's be honest, how many people DIDN'T think at least once during the show "hmm, wonder what happened to Morgan and Duane..."

Hope they keep bringing us wonderful episodes like this... tonight's was good, but mainly because it's a great building episode to something even bigger and better.
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Everything I see is red
lyricalyra12 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The sheer horror of Morgan losing his son and the meltdown he experienced after that was wonderfully portrayed.
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this series don't ever get boring!
greenday_novacaine10 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Let me just say, that OMG, this series don't ever get boring! Which I find kind of difficult to keep up when you deal with a zombie apocalypse and there isn't really too much to do after a while. For example, Resident Evil. I used to love the video games (and I still do), but the movies.. yeah, not so much. The first and second ones were absolutely amazing, but after the 3rd one, things just got repetitive, and you could see that they didn't have that much to create anymore. The plot lines were completely lost, and well, the saga is going downhill.

BUT, The Walking Dead, after 30 episodes is as amazing as it was on episode 1. The suspense is huge, and as the season continues you are really surprised about the things they come up with to keep the show alive. And for me, I can't say enough times what an amazing show it is. The best of the best on zombie apocalypses for me.Tuesday's episode "Clear", had a slight twist. The upcoming war with the Governor is held at bay, and instead it focuses on something, or rather, someone who we 've been thinking on since Season 1. Rick goes on a road trip with Carl and Michonne to Atlanta (see where this is going?) And they go back to their hometown. Oh, before this, they find a hitchhiker, but they ignore his calling for help and leave him in the road. When they arrive to Atlanta, they see a house armed with spikes and tramps to the walkers. A guy on a rooftop aims a gun at Rick's group, but they manage to catch him first. When Rick takes the helmet off, who he sees? Morgan.

While he is unconscious, Rick takes care of him and Carl and Michonne search for a craddle. But, Carl instead of going to the baby shop, he goes somewhere else to look for a picture of his mom and dad. They go to this room and unfortunately, their plan to distract the zombies doesn't work and they are chased. After their escape, Michonne tells Carl to hang in there while she returns to pick up the photo. Amazingly fast, she returns, uninjured. That was a very sweet moment because Carl starts to trust Michonne, and after all she's done to help the group, she really deserves it. Then we have the moment we were all waiting for. Morgan wakes up, and after attacking Rick and being subdued, his mind comes back to the present and he reveals shocking news. When he and his son were looking for food, he left him while he searched on the basement, and surprise! His wife (who we all know was turned into a zombie and he couldn't bring himself to kill) is right there in front of his son. He is aiming the gun, but can't fire and in a panicking moment, Morgan calls him, and then... his own mother attacks him! Morgan then needs to bring himself to kill his wife, and later, when his son turns into a zombie, kill him as well.

May I just say that this is so so so cruel!! And unexpected. Like, we kind of saw it coming, but not with "the mother kills her son" thing. This plot line reminds me of the time when Carl had to shoot Lori before she became a walker.

Later, they leave Morgan and go back on the road, just to find the poor hitchhiker completely devoured and his backpack lying a few feet from his body. Michonne stops the car, and they pick up the backpack and leave. That's how it ends! That was so heartbreaking!!! And, we can also notice this new mindset for surviving. Not trusting anyone, not saving anyone and just doing whatever it takes to protect themselves. This reminds me of Rick's last words on the season 2 finale "This isn't a Democracy anymore".
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Not liking Rick G right now!!!
angeladevillier3 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Ok I know everyone loves rick in here, BUT when he ignores that poor man wanting some help and begging him for it just broke my heart!!!! They should not have written the script like that. It really changed my mind about him. He was all alone with no weapons, how can Rick not see he was not a threat!!!! The same with Tyree and his little group. I know it's just a stupid T.V. show, but I don't think people would really act the way Rick is acting. It's called a gut instinct. You usually can tell the bad guys from the good ones!!!! All I am saying is Rick could have just stoped and interact with the man to at least get a reading on him!!!
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A bit of a drama but it's still OK.
silvermistvio20 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Episode 12 went to drama. But it's really a good episode because it has a sweet moment and sad moment at the same time.

They finally make Morgan (the guy who saved Rick in season 1 where Rick first woke up in a hospital and didn't know what's going on) appeared in the show. I really wanted to know what happened to him. In this episode, the audience finally knew what happened to him.

It's so sad to know that Morgan's son has turned and died. I really want him to survive and live with Rick's son. If it went like that, it'd be amazing. I mean Carl will have a friend who is the same age as him. And also Rick will have a chance to pay back for Morgan's kindness. But now, it's just sad. 😔

I like that part where Mich went back there and take that photo which Carl wanted to get for his younger sister, Judith. And that scene where she gave it to him is a sweet moment. Because of it, I think Mich deserves to be with Rick's group.

Another thing I don't like is Morgan chose not to go with Rick. If he's with Rick, it's going to be the best.

What I don't get is why there was a photograph of Rick's family in that liquor shop. That shop is Rick's? That makes me really wonder the answer. And also that bag they picked up on the road? I also want to know more about that because I think it belonged to that guy who was asking for help on that road and Rick ignored it. Taking about it, the reason why Rick ignored it is not his fault. After all they have been though, it's so dangerous to take in a stranger even though he's a good guy. So, yeah, it's very difficult to say Rick's right or wrong.

Overall is that this episode is simple and purely drama, but it didn't make me bored. So, I'd say it's a fine episode. I can't wait to find out what's going to happen to that governor guy in the next episode(s).
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When time and hardship change you forever.
Marco_AGJ2 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
One of the strongest episodes in the series so far and one of the best episodes overall. It messes with people's fond memories of character Morgan, the first guy Rick encounters after he leaves the hospital in the beginning of the series, and also the first person to actually help Rick out. This time around, after the time spent on the run trying to survive has taken its toll on Morgan and the episode makes sure to let that stick deep.

It starts with Rick, his son and Michonne going out to loot guns and ammunition preparing for a final stand against the better armed Governor. They find the station completely emptied and run upon a few places where a few stray guns might be hidden because Rick used to know the neighborhood. When they try crossing a small hold against attackers they stumble upon a guy that gets shot but was wearing body-armor. This guy happens to be Morgan.

Michonne and Rick's son go out on their own little quest which finally gets Michonne significant screen time and depth when Carl tries to get probably the last photo of his mother in existence, thinking that it would be the last chance for his new sister to ever have the picture of her mom. This gets secondary attention.

The real deal lies in the now mentally unstable Morgan. He has lost his own son victim of a decision he himself made in the first few episodes when he couldn't kill his own wife even after she became a walker. It turns out that his son couldn't as well which let to his demise. The Walking Dead has its fair share of decision that carry out to episodes to come, but this one really takes the cake since its results can only be seen seasons after taking place.

Rick always carried the most emotion when it comes to acting but this time he finds a man as on the edge as he is, led to nearing completely losing his mind and surely on his way to it. Both, Rick and Morgan, are completely different people as they were in the beginning, the impeccable acting from both leave no doubt. Rick even tries to convince him of joining his group, though the comeback made by Morgan makes much more sense than anyone, even Rick, would be willing to admit. If he's so much better in a prison where no dead can reach them, why need so many guns, in the end, it doesn't really matter what kills you, bullet or teeth, it's all the same.

When heading for the destination in the beginning of the episode Rick and the group pass by a stray guy on the road, they do not make any attempt to help him even with his constant cries for help, seen twice for even more morbid results. When they leave the remains of his body are all scattered over the road and his backpack up for grabs. They do exactly that. This scenario pictures the change. Once, people were willing to help each other out, Morgan was, Rick was. Now, only the shadowy glimpse of the men Rick and Moran once were remain. Rick picked up the backpack. Utilitarianism at its best.
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I have to clear.
nmartini-048327 November 2018
Morgan feels like he needs to clear the earth of all living and dead.
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The Zombie epidemic continues!
mm-394 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The Zombie epidemic continues! The progression of the Walking Dead series is driven by the thesis with social break down people love their humanity and just look after themselves and their small groups. Rick's heart has hardened and is losing his humanity. Clear begins with a helpless man who calls for help twice along the road, and Rick's crew ignores his pleas. The crew reaches Rick's old town scrounging for weapons and finds his friend, Morgan, who helped Rick in the first season to live. Rick's friend has become a harden survivalist. Rick's friend say he was weak which killed his son! One wonders if the Clear episode is a warning for Rick of what he will become a shell of a person. 7 out of 10 a very dark episode. This episode leaves an impression of what is in store for the next season.
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Clear brilliance
TheLittleSongbird1 August 2018
Had heard nothing but great things about 'The Walking Dead' from friends and IMDb reviewers. It took a while to get round to watching, both from being busy and also not being sure whether it would be my cup of tea. Finally getting round to it a few years ago and slowly working my way through it, having had a very long to watch and review list, 'The Walking Dead' turned out to be very much my cup of tea and as good as the hype made it out to be, have found it extremely addictive.

Actually really liked Season 2, where the weakest episode ("Cherokee Rose") was very good still, but do share others' feelings about many episodes being on the talky side and moments of slowness. The previous Season 3 episodes to me were very good to brilliant, of which this episode "Clear" is one of the best. Not just of the season but of the whole show as well. And a strong reminder of how Seasons 1-5 of 'The Walking Dead' to me were absolutely brilliant and seeing the show in its full glory days (Season 6 was uneven, Season 7 was a huge disappointment and am still debating whether to watch Season 8). It is as emotional, complex and as tense as one would expect , at the same time it has adrenaline and guts.

It still shocks me at how an intelligent, well-made (so much so that it is easy to mistake it for a film) show about zombies could be made when so many films have tried and failed abysmally to do so.

"Clear" may be smaller in scale in comparison to some of the previous Season 3 episodes and more focused on the character development and interaction. The good news is that this aspect is done exceptionally, the character interaction makes for some brilliant scenes that are suspenseful and emotional.

Like all the episodes of the show, "Clear" is incredibly well made in the production values, with gritty and audacious production design, photography of almost cinematic quality, effects that look good, have soul and are not overused or abused and pretty frightening make-up. The music is haunting and affecting, having presence but never being too intrusive.

The writing generally is intelligent and thought-provoking, with lots of tension and emotional resonance and still shows signs of character complexity and multiple layer storytelling. The climactic parts are thrilling.

Appreciated the ever strong and still progressing story and character building. The human drama is balanced well with the more tense eventful scenes. Also that the pace is never dull or rushed, deliberate but tight. There is a lot of tension, while Michonne's character writing and development (in her most interesting appearance yet at this point of 'The Walking Dead') and the interactions between Rick and Morgan particularly shine. As well as Carl showing more maturity.

Everything is tautly paced without rushing through the more important parts and emotionally complex. The world building is stunningly immersive and effective. Direction is smart and atmospheric while the show throughout has been strongly acted. Andrew Lincoln is superb but it is Lennie James who gives the episode's best performance, tour-De-force is a perfect summing up.

Overall, a season and show high point. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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The Weakest Episode of this Season - Pay Attention in Who Is Writing Fake Reviews
claudio_carvalho5 March 2013
Rick returns to his hometown with Carl and Michonne to get weapons and ammunition from the police station to protect the prison against the Governor's future attack. However, they find the arsenal empty, and Rick decides to collect guns hidden in the bars. Out of the blue, they are attacked by a man that shoots them but they vanquish the sniper. Rick recognizes Morgan Jones, who is insane after the death of his son. Meanwhile Carl goes with Michonne to retrieve an important souvenir and get a cradle for Judith.

"Clear" is the weakest episode of the Third Season, with a story that makes it drag even more and goes nowhere. The good thing is that Carl is accepting Michonne, and Rick and her having a better relationship in the end. The dehumanization of Rick that does not help the hitchhiker that dies and steals his backpack is absolutely unnecessary and I really did not like this segment. However it is funny to see how this episode apparently encourages users that have never written a review in IMDb to write reviews promoting this show.

Fox-HD do Brasil is ridiculous with the interruptions of The Walking Dead, showing a video clip of Glee among other atrocities in the commercial break. Shame on you, Fox do Brasil! My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Clear"

Note: On 12 April 2016, I saw this show again.
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aletafat4 March 2013
What is happening to this show it used to be exciting and anything could happen but now no matter how many zombies that attack Rick he will still manage to survive, Morgan even stabbed him in the chest and he still got up like nothing happened. This Rick dude is like a terminator and it is becoming really boring watching this show. There is a reason why Walking Dead is not among the greatest TV shows, shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire... are way better and people that think this season of walking dead is good are just brainless. If the show does not improve then i am not going to watch it anymore.
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Why Does Everyone Look So Shabby?
anthony_retford24 May 2013
I noticed the shabbiness in this episode particularly. Rick always looks greasy and grimy but I thought when I watched this episode that Morgan was wearing a shirt that was badly frayed at the collar. In that town there must have been some clothing stores and it would not take much to have decent clothing. Rick should be wearing his uniform or something reminiscent of it so he projects authority instead of looking like a slime-ball. I know the Walkers would not take any clothing so there must be all sorts available. I think if I were there I would change my clothes every few days just to feel good. Also why doesn't anyone take bathe when there are streams and rivers aplenty?
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