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  • After a string of violent armored car robberies, Oliver suspects that Ted Gaynor of Black Hawk Security is the mastermind. His name is also on the list. It leads to a major disagreement with Digg as Gaynor was his training officer on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan. Digg learns that people change. Meanwhile, Tommy is hesitant at his father's attempt at reconciliation - and with good reason. Thea celebrates a birthday but has trouble with the police when she's arrested after a car accident for driving under the influence of a narcotic.

  • A series of armored car robberies in daring, efficient military style seems the work of Digg's Afghanistan comrades' commander's Black Hawk Security chief Ted Gaynor, but Digg refuses to suspect his mates. While stopping their next raid to find out the truth, Oliver must also contend with his sister's worsening substance abuse in disastrous combination with a craved sports-car as birthday gift. The scary outcome clouds the validity of her suspicion of mother Moira, who steps up as CEO and turns for advice and romantic 'support' to Tommy's ever-neglectful father Malcolm Merlyn, who invites Tommy for dinner to meet Laurel, or rather to use them for another business deal.


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  • Open with a masked man robbing a armored car. At least one guard appears to be killed.

    Tommy comes over for breakfast and Queen tells him about his mother acting erratically. Queen sees a news report about the robbery.

    Queen tells Diggle the technique used to rob the armored trucks (the third-such robbery this month) reminds him of a military procedure he saw while researching a security firm called Blackhawk. It's run by a man on the list named Ted Gainer. Gainer was Diggle's commanding officer during his first tour in Iraq and he's not happy the man is on the list.

    Queen flashes back to the island. Wearing the hood of the man he killed he enters the camp. He tells them he supposed to be transporting a prisoner and a man takes him toe the east camp. At the last minute Fyers gets onto the jeep with Queen.

    Tommy is hard at work on the club. His father calls and says he's proud his tough love appears to be paying off and wants to have dinner.

    Arrow breaks into Blackhawk headquarters and tells Gainer he wants to have a conversation. Diggle appears behind Gainers and points a gun at Arrow. Arrow disappears and Gainer tells Diggle he's hired. Diggle asks if he knows why the vigilante might be targeting him but Gainer has no answer.

    Queen is furious with Diggle who still doesn't trust Robert Queen's book. Diggle says Queen owes him the chance to prove Gaines is innocent.

    Back in an island flashback Fyers asks Queen a question to make sure he's legit. Queen seems to pass.

    Moira and Thea go shopping. In the car Moira gets a call from Malcolm. Moira tells her daughter she cut short their day together.

    Tommy tells Laurel about dinner with his father.

    Malcolm tells Moria she needs to shut down her friend Karl Ballard, who is trying to gentrify a neighborhood. In return she wants proof Walter is still alive.

    Gaines re-introduces Diggle to Paul Knox, who works at Blackhawk. Diggle doesn't seem to care for the man.

    Queen is having trouble getting into Blackhawk's system. Thea comes in and thinks that Moira and Malcolm are an item. She tells him that before Queen and his father were shipwrecked she suspected something was going on between the two of them. Queen doesn't buy that Moira would cheat on Walter.

    Queen asks Moira about her history with Malcolm. She tells him Robert was unfaithful and makes him promise not to tell Thea. She says her relationship with Malcolm is simply about seeking business advice.

    Back on the island Queen is taken to a place where prisoners are kept. Fyers hits him over the head, clearly having been aware it was Queen the entire time.

    Queen asks Felicity to help him crack the Blackhawk security fob, lying to her about the reason.

    At the end of dinner Malcolm asks Tommy to help him shutdown his dead mother's free clinic. Tommy is furious and won't do it. Malcolm tells Laurel that Tommy's mother was killed by gunshot to the head.

    Diggle asks Gaines about Knox. Gaines gave him a job to help him out.

    Felicity calls Queen and tells him she's gotten through the security and found evidence that Blackhawk is behind the armored car heists.

    We see the next armored car robbery. Arrow shows up to intervene and we see that Knox is one of the robbers. One of the Blackhawk guys is hit with an arrow.

    During Thea's party Diggle and Queen talk about the heist. Diggle thinks if anybody at Blackhawk is involved it is Knox. Thea's friends give her some designer drugs. She goes upstairs to take it to her room. Malcolm shows Moira a picture of Walter. Thea sees this and thinks this is more evidence she's cheating. Thea is furious with her mother, walks away and looks down at the drugs.

    Knox catches Diggle snooping around. He mentions somebody hacking their system and puts him in cuffs. Diggle sees that Gaines is with him. Gaines calls the robberies his "mission" and asks Diggle to join the mission. Since Arrow stopped what was to be their final mission and took out one of their men, they need Diggle to join the team for one more heist. Diggle says no, but Gaines shows him they have Carly in custody. They'll kill her if Diggle doesn't help. Queen is listening to all of this.

    Ata the next robbery Diggle turns the tide of Gaines' men. He hits Knox with a grenade and makes his escape. Just before Knox can shoot Carly, Arrow shows up to save the day. Gaines pulls a gun on Diggle and Arrow puts an arrow in his chest. Diggle tells Queen he knew he'd be coming.

    We see a stoned Thea behind the wheel. She loses control of her car and crashes into a ditch. Queen and Moira rush to Thea's side in the hospital.

    Laurel and Tommy talk about Malcolm. He tells her his father only cares about himself.

    Diggle apologizes to Queen for being wrong about Gaines. Queen says he has no doubts about making him his partner. They cross off Gaines' name from the list.

    The police arrest Thea for driving under the influence of narcotics.

    Back on the island Fyers tells Queen his trust in Fei was misplaced. One of Fyers' men takes his hood off and we see that it is Fei.

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