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The first romantic comedy I actually liked
rachel-053632 March 2019
I personally hate romcoms, just like her. I found this movie hilarious, and even a little inspirational...
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Silly, cheesy but beguiling
trish-4539110 March 2019
Fun mindless entertainment. Rebel Wilson is so watchable she easily carries the movie. Great supporting cast.
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surprisingly clever
ferguson-613 February 2019
Greetings again from the darkness. I'm not usually the guy anyone turns to for recommendations on Romantic Comedies. Rather than dreamy and fantasy-like, I find most of them imbecilic and disrespectful to those of us living in the real world. It's because of this predisposition that I was cautiously optimistic when I heard that Rebel Wilson's new movie offered a satirical look at the genre. Well, it turns out the movie is more spoof than satire, yet I was pleasantly surprised to find it darn funny and quite clever.

The story begins with a young girl mesmerized while watching Julia Roberts in PRETTY WOMAN. A minute later, the girl's fantasy is shattered when her mother (Jennifer Saunders) explains 'there are no happy endings for girls like us.' We then flash forward 25 years to find that little girl has grown up to become Natalie (Rebel Wilson, PITCH PERFECT), an architect whose lack of confidence and self-esteem has caused her career to stall and her daily life to be a grind (even her dog ghosts her). Additionally, Natalie is a skeptic when it comes to love, and offers up a brilliant rant on the misgivings and pain caused by Romantic Comedies. The rant is directed towards her loyal assistant Whitney (Betty Gilpin, "GLOW"), who spends a significant portion of each workday streaming rom-coms at her desk.

Of course, Natalie's rant foreshadows everything we are about to see, and it all occurs after a freak subway accident leaves her concussed. It's at this point where Natalie finds herself trapped within her own Romantic Comedy ... the kind of world she so disdains. All of the familiar rom-com tropes and clichés are mixed in, and Natalie is kind enough to literally point out most of them. The obvious comparison here is to Amy Schumer's I FEEL PRETTY, but this film benefits not just from the very talented Ms. Wilson (a master of dry snark), but also a cast that is fully on board.

Liam Hemsworth (aka Mr. Miley Cyrus) appears as Blake, the picturesque, charming and of course, very rich romantic lead. Priyanka Chopra (BAYWATCH) stars as the stunning competition-in-love for Natalie, and Adam Devine (PITCH PERFECT) is Josh, Natalie's nice guy co-worker and not-so-secret admirer who can't seem to escape the friend zone. Given the times, it is a bit surprising to see Brandon Scott Jones take his stereotypical gay friend Donny so over the top. The love quadrangle plays out as expected, yet thanks to the site gags and Rebel's zingers, it's quite entertaining.

Director Todd Strauss-Schulson and writers Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman clearly have a solid grasp on the repeatable offenses that occur during most romantic comedies, and I would have preferred they cut a bit deeper in their commentary, but understand the decision not to. They offer us a rare Prozac joke, the new phrase "extra invisible", and the best use in years of Percy Faith's "Theme from A Summer Place". Toying with the PG-13 rating is also part of the gag, and the musical interludes are funny enough, especially the finale presented in Bollywood style. Expect this one to be a favorite on ladies night out, and don't be shocked if some men on dates catch themselves laughing a few times.
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Originality meets a charming cast
saherodeh-1048814 February 2019
If you're here for a few good laughs, then this movie will give you just that. The plot is very clever and the jokes keeps you chuckling throughout. The fact that they're hating on romantic comedies and then pretending to be in one when the film is actually a romantic comedy itself was very ironic. Rebel Wilson is just a fantastic actor; I can't think of anyone else more fit for the role. She's very talented. In the same way, the rest of the cast were charming. I'm glad I got to watch this movie the first night of its release. Watch it, it'll be funny; if not, at least it'll be cute.
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Low ratings by people that do not get the joke.
Markyajv14 February 2019
I found this to be very funny. It takes as many cliche's that you can think of about Rom-com's and just throws them at you. Rom-com's are a dime a dozen, they are predictable as all get out, This takes all that stuff and makes the Rom-com a joke. That's the joke. I stopped watching romantic comedies because of the exact reason this movie shows the audience. I am not going to summarize the movie because I do not think it needs it in a review. All the actors are fine. This isn't Shakespeare. It's the Non-Rom-Com - just like Valentines Day is a complete sham! Take it for what it is. See the joke and you'll have a good time. Plus, I mean, come on.....Priyanka Chopra? Wow!
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Perfect Valentine's Movie!
SeleneOliver15 February 2019
Funny, Witty, and quite Beguiling ;) My date was hesitant to see "that type of movie" however I found him laughing on more than one occasion! I enjoyed it, from the music, to the sets, to the outlandish but loveable to some extent relatable characters! I will definitely be watching this movie again in the near future with the girls! The message at the end was the perfect cherry on top!
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Great flick!
guiltypleasure17 February 2019
So much fun! I'm an Gen Xer who saw this with a teen girl and a boomer male (a film critic no less, not an easy sell). I would think that you'd need to be from the generation that actually saw Julia Robert's romcoms such as My Best Friend's Wedding and Pretty Woman (and it certainly helps to have seen them first IMO) to really appreciate this spoof of outdated messages and stereotypes conveyed in these films, but we all enjoyed it..a few jokes fell flat but with so many laugh-out-loud moments it was barely noticeable. The film even got applause from the audience afterwards.

Rebel Wilson can carry a film, which is nice to see. Betty Gilpin of GLOW is great as her transformed work bff and Liam Helmsworth, much like Chris Pines, does well cutting his comedic chops mocking the hunky leading man. But it's Brandon Scott Jones who's the scene-stealer as the side-kick bff who apparently has no job or life, allowing him to magically appear to lend advice or serve as silly montage material. I recommend this film to anyone who likes, but also likes to laugh at, the silliness of the hollywood ending.
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7.5 stars
andrea-brianna9120 February 2019
Really cute movie! Me and my friends were cracking up and pretty hard at some parts! Rebel is hilarious and I enjoyed her outfits through the movie. I'm a bigger girl myself and it's nice to see a bigger girl get all dolled up on screen and for people to realize that we can look hot too.
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Low raters missed the point. Clever, hilarious, progressive.
xxxkittykatxxx28 February 2019
This movie is SUPPOSED to look bad. It is a PARODY. It is a brilliant take on the cliche of classic romantic comedies from the point of view of a non-traditional lead. Just give it a try, if you don't take yourself too seriously you'll love it.
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Slightly predictable fully adorable
theackertribe14 February 2019
Loved this full of belly laughs, funny quotable moments, and a couple tear jerkers too. Perfect movie for the girls or to watch with your honey! Highly recommend
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Fun time, Laugh out loud moments and throughly enjoyable!
marykfinn15 February 2019
This was a surprising funny, good time movie. I went to see it opening night and the theater was full and everyone was laughing out loud and hard, many times. I cannot remember the last time I genuinely laughed out loud for a long time, many times during a movie. Maybe you have to be a romantic comedy buff to get all the jokes. There are so many rom-com references that are just hilarious. And the movie is also sweet and endearing as well. A fun, light, clever and thoroughly enjoyable time at the movies.
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a suprise twist
shevaunhodge5 March 2019
When i first watched this I thought that it was going to go a certain way but then there is a twist to the story which makes the film so much better. It doesn't meet the cliche' of a normal Romcom as you would think. It kind of mocks romantic comedies by the main character Natalie openly disliking Romcom beacuse of all of the things she suggests are wrong with them, and this in some ways is true, they usually are unrealistic and cheesy,but you love to hate them. I loved all the songs throughout and loved Rebel Willson's singing and dancing, it was fun to watch. To be hones,t this isnt the funniest iv seen of her, but the film is still funny. The message the films sends is not the usual message a ROMCOM sends, it's saying "You must love yourself before someone else can love you". This is such a true message and I think Romcoms send a false message to people thinking they should find the love of their life and walk into the sunset to together and life will be perfect. No, sorry that isnt what happens, we all know that. So it is nice to see a new message being sent to younger people.
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Just plain enjoyable !
kathryn_kugler-4747815 February 2019
Great message overall and the dance scenes were cute.
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Poorly written or edited
Lorenzo217 February 2019
Apparently this is a love it or hate it type of movie, going by the ratings here. Although I didn't hate it, I do believe the set up for the premise could have been better developed, especially considering the run time is less than 90 minutes. I did get some laughs, and I understand what they were going for here, but it felt very disjointed. Was that intentional, because generic rom coms feel the same? OK, I see that. But, generic rom coms get panned, so why wouldn't a move that makes fun of them if it is just as disjointed?

I don't recommend paying the cost of a theater ticket for this movie. Wait for it to come to whatever service you already pay for, cable, satellite, Netflix, etc., and judge for yourself.
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Not really romantic. Also not really funny
ldgrem-7820023 February 2019
Ended up in the dead space between romantic and slapstick. I felt like it was heading toward one or the other a few times and kept missing the mark. I thought the musical numbers would be where this movie hit its stride. Instead, I found myself looking for the fast forward button. Two to three laughs and clever concept but overall disappointing.
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Funny and different
AdrienneGrayceMusic15 February 2019
What can I say? Other than I love Rebel Wilson.

Such a fun movie to watch. My husband was kicking and screaming the whole way there because he was not intrested at all. Well, he ended up loving it when he found out it wasn't technically a romantic comedy. More like anti-romantic comedy. The references to the 100 other romantic films was a clever touch to the movie. You will laugh, and you will enjoy this..unless you don't get humor or have the personality of a nat
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Critics and haters are clearly delusional
garenburkus16 February 2019
This movie was hilarious, almost everyone in the theatre was laughing out loud every 10 minutes. I was worried it would follow suit of some movies they rush together and try and sell around holidays but this once has a bridesmaids level comedic quality to it. Every scene has a quick witted joke and the whole movie has a large variety of comedic styles in it. So many things were unexpected and genius in this movie, it's honestly sad to see it have anything lower than 9 on here. Critics are snobs we all been knew - see it for yourself and your gunna have a great day. I promise :)
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Another...stereotypes reverse film
erickmiranda03-164-3573828 February 2019
I have seen this way too many times lately this whole stereotypes thing is getting old. Actually is old already. Shallow Hall for instance was in 2001.
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Nice music... that's all folks !
FrenchEddieFelson12 March 2019
The universe of an embittered woman although young becomes romantic by enchantment. What could be a nice rom com is more a sequence of cliches and corny situations.
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I got the idea, the execution was terrible
DellariaN3 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It took me a long time to write this, it was very hard trying to find a way to explain why I think this film is so awful. First of all, it presents itself as a non-stereotypical romantic comedy, where the lead isn't another gorgeus model that fits perfectly in the beauty parameters we are used to. But its failure is exactly that. Isn't it the most stereotyped fat girl ever? The one that accepts that she isn't a beauty so she is agressive, doesn't like attention, doesn't believe in love because those things "do not happen to a girl like me", lives alone with a pet and a long list of etceteras. To me it was a huge tacky stereotype of what a fat girl is. And lets not forget the stereotype that Liam plays, the hot millionare guy that cannot think that a fat woman can do anything but serve coffee. I didn't find it funny, the "funny" lines and situations were seen before so many times that actually bored me. And that ending.. explain to me how did she realised that she had to love herself when absolutely nothing leads her to that!? Self estime doesn't come from the sky from one minute to the other. It is a result of an intensive work on yourself. I found it even offensive. It tries to be feminist and empowering but I think is the complete opposite. No, fat girl, Liam Hemsworth wouldn't love you in real life because you are fat, it would only be possible in a paralel universe, but then he wouldn't love you neither (he would try to change you, even suggest to change your name), so you have to love yourself because that's what ugly and fat people should do, love themselves because the pretty ones are too busy loving each other and you are invisible to them. I think they tried to do something according to this times, and failed completely in understanding how beauty stereotypes work, and missunderstanding the message that feminism is bringing to us. I would have found it more effective if the girl was a "slim beauty", then it would have surprised me that she didn't want a love story, or all that realisation in the end about loving herself. We fat and ugly girls already know that, we work on that because the world we live in is always telling us how wrong we look. We've been working forever in loving ourselves, it didn't came to our minds in a moment of clarity.
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jwwalrath-227-8548715 February 2019
I was a big fan of director Todd Strauss-Schulman's Final Girls, a comedy about a group of people sucked into the world of a horror movie. (If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.) So when I heard he was doing a similar movie, in which Rebel Wilson's character hates romantic comedies and finds herself in one after hitting her head, I was very curious. Unfortunately, the director couldn't strike twice. Though it has its moments, I found Isn't it Romantic to be an underwhelming experience.

The film does have it's funny, including some good-natured jabs at the romantic comedy genre, or heartfelt parts. The director and others were definitely trying. However, as a whole the thing doesn't come quite together. It feels like the script could have gone through another revision. The jokes and story just feel a little low-energy. This is one of those movies where it's especially sad because it feels like it comes close to a truly good film, but just misses the mark.

Pacing is a concern. The setup goes on too long, Rebel's character trying to wrap her head around the world takes too long, and guess how short or long the ending was?

Rebel's Wilson's performance is lacking. She excels at outrageous/outgoing comedy. However, here she plays more of a straight lead. It's the same issue I think she had with her short-lived television show, she doesn't quite know how to play it straight and is a little wooden. In fairness, direction may have had a hand in this. Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth are the romantic interests, and though usually fun guys, they aren't quite as entertaining as usual.

On the other hand, Brandon Scott James does a great job as the movie world's dated stereotypical gay best friend. Glow's Betty Gilpin isn't in this much but she does pretty good double duty as Rebel's best friend in the real world and a completely different character in the movie world that I won't spoil. Her change in performance and appearance is so strong that it took me a minute to recognize her.

Like I said, the director was trying and it definitely shows in the appearance of this film. This is is a romanticized borderline perfect world and it shows. Super colorful; the lighting kind of look like it belongs to 80's on-location TV shows. A lot of detail; extras are constantly seeing doing little things in the background. There are a couple of decent musical numbers, too.

Now when I said this didn't work for me, I admit I may be biased. I'm not a big romantic comedy person. I think that Love Actually is one of the best romantic comedies because of the coldly rational reason that the shorter divided story-lines deletes the risk of drawing things out and boredom. Still, I do think there are much better romantic comedies than this.
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Never ever have written a movie review before
taniarusli1 March 2019
But I just have to for this one It's reaaaaaally bad It's not funny. I don't see the message this movie is trying to convey. It's like a whole round of mess. It's a waste of time.
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Truly Awful
anamccann24 February 2019
There was really nothing funny about this movie. It was cringey and awkward. Rebel is not a leading lady. Has nothing to do with her size, just her acting capability. I barely laughed and, quite frankly, I was just bored. I would wait until this movie comes out on Netflix.
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Fun (yet muddled) film with a good message.
mossow929 March 2019
Like its obvious cousin I Feel Pretty, Isn't It Romantic has a message to give its audience. From the opening scene, you know what that message is and where this story is going. And that's the point. While some of the jokes don't quite land and the movie seems to run just a bit longer in spots than necessary, Rebel Wilson does her usual comedic best to carry the film. A final twist plainly smacks the viewer with the moral of the film and finally concludes predictably. While muddled in spots, love the message of the film and had some fun.
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Dont waste your time
ajo-7246428 February 2019
Funny? Nope. Parody movies haven't been entertaining in soooooooo long. Find something else on Netflix.
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