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Gorgeous! Best Series of 2015!
electrobird5 June 2015
Netflix does it again. After House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil, they now release one of the best series ever. Well directed and written, gorgeously shot and edited… From the opening sequence, you know you are watching something very special. Sense8 has the human element that Matrix lacked. It reminds me of The X-Files, but better. It is fantasy and science fiction, but not far-fetched. Not even for a single moment. It feels alive, real and very, very exciting and suspenseful.

Andy and Lana Wachowski go around the world to bring you this beauty... From the streets of Nairobi to the alleys of San Francisco through the smoggy Mexico City and the snowy mountains of Iceland, this show brings it all… and it is DEEP! The series brings elements of drama, suspense, comedy and action and differently from other Wackowski's movies; it brings characters we can relate. Every single one of them is incredibly well constructed and the cast performance is superb. It is impossible to watch this show without deeply connecting with those people. I cheered, I cried, I laughed, I bit all my nails and I feel in love with Kala, Riley, Lito, Nomi, Capheus, Wolfgang, Will and Sun. I adore those characters and at the end of the season, they were like my own family. This, my friends, is great cinema. Nothing else! …and it deserves much more! I can't wait for season two.
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Great series, but it requires patience and understanding.
maliapac5 June 2015
It isn't 9 but I will give it one just in spite of all the haters. I just watched four episodes of the show and it isn't bad at all. Just the contrary. It is one of the best SF shows in the last few years. I will try to explain why.

Straczynski is an old-school storyteller. His stories are methodical and often revealed in the later stages of the show (remember B5 where the whole S1 was an expose only). "Sense8" isn't any different. It's a show where the story begins after the first few episodes so if you don't have patience to wait and see into what will the story develop just don't watch it. However, if you acknowledge that and give the show a chance you'll see that it's a testament of tolerance. In the beginning of the show 8 people are interconnected. They can literally "feel" each other. That's freaky. But they are all as different as they could be. They also come from different continents and different surroundings. "Sense8" asks us to have faith in each other and perhaps even to coexist because and not in spite of our differences. However, story is slow, and in the beginning there is just to many characters to feel any real connection to any of them. It doesn't matter really. We can see the sketches of the things to come.

"Sense8" tackles some serious subjects. Homosexuality, transgender relations, racial differences, feminism and deficiency of capitalism.

Of course, all that criticism probably won't appeal to everyone and it will probably offend the feelings of the conservative viewers but neither Wachovskis nor Straczynski are worried about that.

"Sense8" does what it describes. It introduces us to the bigger picture. The story will fully develop in the later stages, the universe of the S8 is just fleshed out here. This passed with B5 in the nineties but today when people are watching their cellphones while watching the movie and when everything must happen now or it doesn't matter anymore - S8 is a bit anachronistic. It's not made for everyone and it won't be liked by everyone. But it isn't bad. On the contrary, it's one of the best SF series in a while.
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Even better than I hoped it would be
sarahferraro5 June 2015
I had very, very high expectations for this show. I've never been so anxious for a new show to come out. From start to finish and at every point along the way this show more than met those expectations, it blew them away. The transitions from one person to the next, one scene to the next were exquisitely done every time. The way each sensate connected with the others, what they were able to help each other with emotionally and physically was masterfully done. Nothing felt inevitable, at each point there felt like there was genuine risk to each of them. I love this show. I literally stayed up from midnight until noon watching each episode one after the other. And tonight, when I get home from shopping, I'm gonna do it again but with friends. This satisfied me on so many levels. Genre, plot, gender, race, sexuality. I care so much for each of the eight and I love how they all complement each other. They are amazing. This show is amazing. The editing, the directing, the writing, the acting, the chemistry between the eight....just perfect. I can't wait to watch it again and again and again.
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Intriguing, well-done new Sci-fi drama. Loving it.
Perse_phone6 June 2015
I very rarely write reviews here on IMDb, but after reading some of the other reviews of this amazingly diverse, colourful and new show I actually feel the need to do so.

There have been a few reviewers complaining about "all the gay and/or transsexual people in this series", going as far as claiming this to be "gay propaganda"(!). ... Well, okay. I admit that I am shocked because really?? Yes, there are gay and even one transsexual character in Sense8.. Oh, and they even get to be main characters! Wow. That really must be gay propaganda - because surely no Scifi TV show intended for the mainstream could possibly have normal, every-day gay characters in it -- that aren't even there for the usual comic relief. I mean, of course there are TV shows and films that have plenty of gay characters and plot, and that's apparently OK, because they're mostly intended for a gay audience. And most importantly, they advertise beforehand that the show "is gay". And Sense8? It had the bloody gall to not follow this fine established etiquette. (Boo hoo.)

Seriously. There's plenty of straight sex to be found in your average film/TV show and no one would ever call that "heterosexual and/or anti-gay propaganda". It's simply two (or more) people, in the nude, having, ya know, sex. Nothing new in the world of TV. Considering the fact that there are plenty of gay, bi, trans etc. people out there one might possibly find it strange how most shows or blockbusters have so little glbt lead characters... But no, instead we're confronted with a scandalised outcry because gay sex. And gay people's problems. (Okay, the slippery strap-on dildo wasn't really necessary, I'll give you that. But on the other hand, there're plenty of other TV shows showing similar or even more explicit sex scenes/stuff - and with those being of the straight variety there aren't half as many people complaining about it as here.)

In my (very humble) opinion, Sense8 is a very engaging, well-made and super interesting science fiction drama with a very interesting and varied bunch of characters. And I really mean interesting - there isn't even one character that I can't bond with, don't want to know more about or find interesting here, which on it's own is quite an accomplishment considering that there are 8 main characters who couldn't be more diverse.. Made even more intriguing by all these developing connections between culturally very different people.

The show is not fast-paced, and far from your average sci-fi action show. I get that this show might not for everyone and understand how one might be disappointed and call the series (too) slow - especially if one started watching this show expecting it to be a fast-paced, action-packed SF mystery.

This is, imo, more a drama about very different people who start connecting in the strangest of ways despite all their differences - may it be culture, gender, sexual preference, job (policeman vs. criminal) or social background. And in the first few episodes the show mainly concentrates on exactly that development - introducing each character, their history and the world they live in. (Yes, that includes a bit of "gay plot line" or "cliché"-characters as well - i.e. a parent not accepting their transsexual daughter or a guy being afraid of facing the possible consequences a coming out might entail.)

The so-called "clichés" are unfortunately still a harsh reality for lot's of people - may that be the poor African guy with an HIV-diseased mother, a women working in a business in which there's seemingly no place for a woman or a policeman confronted with a world in which saving a kid might possibly mean saving the very gangbanger who might kill your partner/friend at some point in the future.

Who the hell would wanna watch a show with characters that live totally happy, trouble and drama free lives anyway? Right, no one.

The mystery SF element unravels slowly, yes, but the show picks up and draws you right in with intriguing & very vivid characterisations. I recommend sticking with it, because the show and the 8 MCs really grow on you. :)


Short update after having watched season 2:

Chapeaux. Season 2 was every bit as good as I hoped, even better. The show picked up some speed & the plot was gripping af. In short: I bloody loved it! Can't wait for season 3.
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Intriguing concept, bogged down by gratutitous soapboxing
asiantaleweaver22 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sense8, in and of itself, is just what you would expect from the Wachowskis' works like Matrix or Cloud Atlas: a philosophical look at how human beings are connected and what human connections entail. In the case of Sense8, these connections are of a telepathic nature, with eight people around the world being able to feel and experience each others' lives. Each of them has a life of their own, be it a Kenyan bus driver, a Korean businesswoman or an Icelandic DJ, but all of them are hunted down for their nature as "sensates" by a villanious organization or, to be more precise, one of their henchmen known by the moniker "Whispers" or "the Cannibal".

The series does a great job contrasting each of the main characters' individual lives and troubles with the overall thread posed by the faction of villains (and it cannot be put any differently: they serve no other purpose to the plot than that, an organization of evil people working together to do evil things, like Spectre in the James Bond movies) while keeping both "plotlines" interesting, if maybe too close to stereotype: A transsexual woman struggles to find acceptance in society. An Indian woman is pressured to marry a man she doesn't love by both her family and the family of her prospective husband. A thief betraying his own mafia-structured family to afford a life of his own is forced to deal with constant attacks on his life.

Sense8 shows how the eight protagonists, through their connections, are able to help one another get through their individual trials and tribulations and escape the threat of the villanous faction, and that's where it shines.

Where it doesn't shine is in its presentation of the several different political and social messages it's trying to convey.

See, the transsexual woman doesn't just struggle to find acceptance. Almost each of her interactions with people outside her closest circle of friends is characterized by sharp resistance against her sexual identity. Society, apparently, is overwhelmingly both anti-trans and so outspoken in it that life appears nigh-unbearable.

And that Kenyan bus driver? Of course, lawlessness and the threat of violent street gangs trying to rob him and his customers are a daily reality (because Africa), and of course his mother suffers from AIDS (because Africa), and of course he lives in a shantytown (because Africa). And everything is as it is because African politicians are corrupt. Because Africa.

And then there's that Mexican actor famous for his action flicks. He's a closet gay because in Mexico, you can't make action flicks if you're openly gay. And the moment he comes out, there are no more movies for him to make in Mexico, because everything there's so anti-gay.

And it goes on like this. Business woman in Korea? Gets no recognition because women can't be successful businesspeople. New York cop saving a young black teenage gang member gets flak because save a black kid today, he may shoot a cop tomorrow. The world is made of prejudice, and you've got to fight it all.

Unless it's the sort of prejudice that fits your political narrative. Sense8 is the kind of show that discusses a mass shooting in the US with everybody agreeing to this: "Violence has a gender - it's male". Sense8 is the kind of show where, during a wedding reception, people need to address the wedding guests as "cisgendered" because otherwise, they wouldn't understand how unable they are to understand their privilege in society. Sense8 is the kind of show where people are in full charge of their sexual preferences and everythind is equally valid - homosexuality and heteosexuality - and then the sensates link minds into a eight-person-orgy, and suddenly, the gay guy enjoys heterosexual bliss and the straight guy enjoys taking it up the butt of his mind. And they're still fully in charge of their sexual identities, which are really really important.

It doesn't make any sense.

A show with that great a premise doesn't need the war terminology of third-wave-feminism to work, and stuffing a political agenda down the throats of viewers is possibly the worst way to convey it to an already receptive audience. If you have a beautiful metaphor for tearing down boundaries, you needn't rely on soapboxing galore and moments of anvil-dropping to convey a message of love and understanding. Just trust in your narrative.

Sense8 doesn't. That's why it fails.
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An incredibly original idea with some seriously thrilling stories
csharpforevermore6 June 2015
There are few people who can make good and bad films quite as polar opposite as the Wachowski's. They made the Matrix but almost destroyed their genius reputation with the follow-up films. Now they produce a series Sens8 which I must admit crept up on me. I don't like watching or reading previews because the wait kills me when I see something I really like. Such a film is Sens8.

It is an incredibly well written story. It's familiar to those of us who watched The Matrix, because of the philosophical and dramatic moments that pepper the storyline. When it came out on Netflix, I literally binged the entire first season. It's so well written that the director's even add ultra-realism, such as the feedback echo when two callers use their phones to call each other, along with many others. There is also some wonderful humor in this show - including a scene where a machismo-infused actor empathizes with another "sens8" who is on her period.

The story is that multiple people suddenly discover that they are beginning to share mindsets. They begin to appear to each other, especially when one is in trouble. Such a simple premise but it opens up so many possibilities for story lines.

I love this show and really urge you to watch it. You'll be glad you did.
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Interesting series
tronba5 June 2015
This series is riveting. watched the first six episodes back to back.

The concept of linked minds is interesting in it's simplicity. Modern technology has brought us closer together, this series looks at how things might be if we were even closer connected.

The characters are well defined and are believable. There is a strong focus on the individual stories of the main cast reminding me of Orange is the new black.

like Orange is the new black some people might object or take offense to some of the content, thinking it is to progressive or liberal. I hope these are few because these topic are important and help build the story and perhaps also teach us a bit more about the stereotypes we build about people we might be afraid of. We are all human and that is an important part of what I think the series try to tell us.
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Such a great premise
hhlnn6 June 2015
It's a great sci-fi story and the writing unfolds it really well, with each episode creating a build up. There's well written action, romance and intrigue within the sci-fi. The story develops mystery, but with questions still being answered answered along the way, and it created a great build up for the finale - which in itself was a great way to wrap up the first season, giving the audience a moment most would've been expecting from the beginning, while creating an 'omg what's going to happen next' impact.

There's a slow start in the first couple of episodes for everything to start intertwining, but it's worthwhile as episodes 4/5 had me hooked. The writing gave some foreshadowing lines and scenes that made me interested enough me to guess and theorize what would come next. All of the individual character story lines are well developed throughout, with great acting. Sun's an absolute favorite for me, personally.

I really hope there's another season to see how the characters will continue to cross paths and work together, especially with the quality of the story. While it's not breaking bad, it is a really recommendable sci-fi. I'm looking forward to see what unfolds.
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Not what you'd expect
antonio_b-112 June 2015
Sense8 is a new SciFi drama from Netflix, which got me interested by its first trailer, but also got me very disappointed halfway through the season.

I've watched 5 episodes of this series and haven't progressed in plot development any further than after seeing a preview! In my point of view this is a lengthy and very boring introduction to main story characters with absent plot, excessive amounts of heterosexual and homosexual sex scenes, sloppy action sequences, pointless dialogues and way too much drama...

If it gets any better after episode 6, I will bump my score by a point or two, but overall this is a crappy show.



This is plainly awful. Every single episode follows the same formula:

  • 15-20 minutes of f#$%ing, grinding, kissing and ass-groping - 5 minutes of misplaced silent scenes with beautiful ambient music. In these people do nothing/stare at things/cry - 5 minutes of some nonsense - couple of moments of clarity

As stated earlier - movie has no plot, no character development, no connections and no pace (not even slow). It boils down to following: for the duration of the entire season you are forced to watch almost non-stop gay and lesbian sex, floppy wieners and more sex. Characters mostly interact with each other either through sex or by appearing in each others heads at the most inappropriate moments.

This is show is awful and I hope I don't see anything like this again in my entire life.

Dropped my score to 1/10
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Wait and see
anton_57575 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Comic books authors and their readers love to ask questions like "What would happen if Batman and Superman got together and fought the same enemy (or each other)" Sense8 is a new series that just came out on Netflix. It is asking the ultimate geek question: what would happen if you bring The Wachowski (Matrix & Cloud Atlas) together with Straczynski (who created Babylon 5) and let them make a TV series? The answer is that you get something amazingly beautiful, very detailed, often uncomfortable, with the arc that would span at least 5 seasons, and something that a half of the internet reviewers cannot make sense of.

There are no spaceships, aliens, or virtual world gun fights. It's not easy to watch. The pace is very slow for the first few episodes I've seen. It's almost like it advances with one episode per day in the life of the characters. But I think the authors goal is to get the viewer feel like a character in the story. How weird would you feel, if you suddenly started experiencing a horrible migraine and life-like visions? How confused and disoriented?

If Babylon 5 is an example, then prepare yourself for the first season to be the extended pilot: setting the stage, introducing the characters and establishing relationships among them.

I'll be watching.
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The worst storytelling
bryan-d-ellison9 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This series starts off OK with episode 1. We are immediately shown a villain and our unwitting protagonists, but after that, it's just downhill. The characters are nothing but cliché. This might be OK at first, but they are never fleshed out. Other TV shows and series with good writing provide more depth to their characters after 15 minutes than this show does in 5 episodes.

For example, one of our characters is a female Indian soon to be married (presumably pre-arranged. She has apprehension about the marriage. Almost every single conversation centers around this marriage and nothing else. Another is the gay actor who plays macho roles and is terrified of being outed as that might ruin his career. Again, almost every scene with him centers around this fear. Boring.

If it isn't the shallow character development, it's redundant scenes. Every character needs to go through the same thing. If two share a psychic link, they each feel the need to wonder and marvel at their new surroundings. We go through this time and time again ad nausium.

And if it isn't one of the two above. It's the characters talking about BS philosophy that doesn't amount to anything. Just teenage angst stuff that's really dumb and goes nowhere and never answers it's own questions.

Then there's the extensive use of completely unnecessary slow motion. If one were to cut all the 48 and 72 fps from this series, I swear it'd be only 9 episodes. No joke.

There is almost no conflict, either self or external. We don't see the villain again until much later in the series, and then, that plot line moves at a snails pace.

The series is lit well and lensed well. The few action sequences that do exist are well choreographed. It's expertly acted. I'm on episode 12 right now and only watched it because I have OCD, but it truly is a terrible series. It's such a shame because the trailers and the premise has so much potential that is completely wasted. Without good writing and storytelling, no amount of acting or cinematography can save a piece.
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Incredibly boring and annoyingly PC. Shouldn't be marketed as a sci-fi show, because that's clearly not the target audience.
konrad-40-2059157 July 2015
Honestly, I think the show is just very lackluster all around. The characters simply are not interesting. I'm sure the tumblr types will love it but to me its just another botched job from the Wachowskis. It covers premium channel adult themes, but it has the writing style of a CW show. The critics don't like it because its just isn't a well executed show. They loved other LGBT shows like HBO's Looking and LGBT movie like Brokeback Mountain and Blue is the Warmest Color. Also, critics get flack for liking "pretentious" art-house films by the general audience...but now we are accusing them of not liking Sense8 because its too thought provoking? Please. The show just isn't that great. I think Netflix is look for its own Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad hit show and they missed the mark with this one

I could care less about the sexuality or the international cast that this idiot thinks is "diverse and artistic" but the reality is a show about 8 people who share a psychic link yet still aren't fully linked by the 3rd episode is more like someone trying so hard to break the "normal people rules" they forgot to make an actual scifi show. It moves that speed of a turtle while screaming "Look at me I'm different!" over and over and accomplishes nothing.

It's simply marketed to the wrong audience, that's all.
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Fractured powers combines
furis886 June 2015
So if you are one of those people that cannot keep along in Game of thrones, then this will be particularly hard to follow through. The notch is a little bit cranked up and with a lot of characters to follow.

I've seen 9 episodes so far and I can now feel the build up of the series is done, and the actual story is beginning. I can sense a lot of dynamic going on here between several different characters and you really start to care for each and everyone of them. That depends also on your own view of life, because love of every kind is represented. Horrors in all of its forms is presented and you probably need to be one of those empathic people to appreciate the story-telling. But when they start to join forces it creates this fantastic empowering feeling that you want to be a part of. The fight for some good, because you sense what they can become in the end.

This is not a show for your bigotry, this is a show for the time we live in.

The characters lives and issues is connected to our real world problems and you can sense that each of them is represented in a real person in our world.

What will happen when they all meet in physical form?

Thats what I want to know.
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Great potential but Complete waste of time
coxscab25 June 2015
I was looking for some great sci-fi to pass my time this summer and someone recommended me this title. It is rated >8 here so i started watching it. Until 3rd episode , i was patient and hopeful that story will go somewhere , but as i progressed, all i could get was more disappointment. In lieu of Sci-Fi (and its misleading IMHO) all i got to see was homosexual scenes,pointless waste of time and dubious storyline.

I think this title is intended for a very small section of viewer-ship who are interested in gay/lesbian sex and nonsense drama. I am not against homosexuality. Those who like it;good for them, but why mislead rest of us. This title is 99% useless drama and maybe 1% story/sci-fi.

Better change the genre to drama
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How to take a great idea and destroy it in public
That was really, really disappointing. They (and I mean the whole crew except the actors - those did great) took a universe-size idea of EIGHT people living as one in different corners of the earth, and instead of opening it endlessly in million ways possible just concentrated on homosexuality problems and xenophobia. That was soooooo banal, soooo simple and shallow, that I just didn't know what to think at first. OK, everybody knows about Lana Wachowski's past, but is the mass-viewed product really a platform for some long-lasting reflexia? Why spoil a good idea to point out some ideas, already chewed and digested by millions before? The Matrix once was something new, a revolution. So where are The Matrix Wachowski? Where is the mythology-level plot? Vanished. Killed by a falling wet dildo.
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Stereotyped and pointless.
carvalh_330 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
You can tell they put tons of money into this, and technically it is very appealing. But I don't understand why it has a rating of 8,4!!!! I had to fast fwd the episodes just to get through some of it. Why would they show 8 different cities in the world and then not do any research about the cultures they are portraying? So you get Korean billionaires making jokes that only USA people would make. And the entire population of Mexico City speaking English the way Americans think immigrants at the border would. I guess that's too many corporate decisions influencing the directing of the show (everyone speaking English because little kid viewers won't have interest otherwise?).

Anyway, that just made me a bit mad, but the REAL problem with the show is it is very implausible. And I am not talking about the sci-fi bits, or the general idea. I am talking about the development of simple scenes and story-lines. All hard to believe or engage with. Nothing happens. The conspiracy is too feeble. The point of the show is nowhere to be found. It is 8 soap operas with no connection whatsoever, where nothing relevant happens. Some action films have the same problem, but at least they show lots of action and explosions, but this show is boring even in that way.

The only thing I liked was that everyone turns out to be gay, which is a more fun absurdity than the rest of the whole thing.
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More of a propaganda piece that real sci-fi
songofchrist-5340811 June 2015
I saw the trailers for this series and was very intrigued. Looked like there was a lot of potential here for a fascinating story. But the directors seemed more concerned with promoting the LGBT agenda than with telling a good story. Honestly it was just a boring watch for the episodes that I labored through. Lot of dark themes for no apparent reason, no thematic cohesion, and no reason to continue watching

Now I don't mind watching films from time to time where I have to deal with material I don't care for and just filter it out because the story is just that good. But when the story is lacking in the way that this is, it just makes me feel like I've wasted my time, and that's exactly what I came away with here. Lots of better series out there to spend your time on if you ask me.
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Disjointed and Unpolished
Deuces-Wild8 June 2015
When I first saw the preview for this it looked amazing. An original take with directors at the helm, whom when they're good, they're great. The main issue I took in the show walking away from the pilot, it that it's disjointed and ham fisted.

Secondary characters seem only to be there to heavily set up the preconceptions of the movies world (maybe our own? but this doesn't really represent our own.) The hospital that has a policy on not helping dying kids if it's a gunshot? The cop basically saying "just leave him there to die, because your dad was killed by on of 'them'" and the heavy handed "what if he lives and kills someone else, a cop perhaps?" Just all feel like being hit over the head with the story.

The South Korean woman who rises to the rank of essentially co- running a major company who's treated in the typical "go make me a sammich" fashion.

The Lesbian couple that faces every gay stereotype known to man in the first 10 mins they're on screen. With a heavy helping of The L Word thrown in for whatever measure.

The writing was blocky, the script felt unpolished, and just left me feeling disappointed. I know this has been a hit with some people, and especially the LGBT community, and that's good. Honestly. But personally, I only have issues with the script, the filming, and the horrible acting on the part of secondary characters.
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I gave the show a chance, but I can't take it anymore
coe-2951810 January 2017
8,4. With these ratings I had to give it a chance. But you fooled me very hard. I finished two episodes but I can't watch it any further. The show is a liberal progressive dream. They are rubbing the LGBT and BLM agenda directly in your face.


The story is supposed to be of people who can sense each other telepathically. But 50% of the episodes is filled with unnecessary side stories. You will be puzzled who is actually the sense8 and who is not. It is super slow paced but packed with scenes like this:

  • You see a sex scene between a lesbian women and a transgender. And they throw the wet dildo on the floor. Classy.

  • Transgender women is not accepted by her mother, calls her Michael. Yes, we get it. Transgenders have it very hard. But can I please see an interesting peace of the story.

  • Boring scenes of gay pride parades which add nothing to the story.

  • Another sex scene with a mixed couple. Yeah, I get it. People have sex. Where is the damn plot?

  • Another sex scene. This time with a gay actor. Again, it adds nothings to the story. I don't care if he is gay or not. Do we really need to see this?

  • Black criminal kid gets caught by cop. He has a gun shoot wound and cop saves his life. So far so good. It portrays the cops emotions. But from then on they show us lots of scenes with people who wanted the kid dead including his father. Yes, I get it, all people are racist against poor black kids!
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Sorry just slow tripe that doesn't go anywhere
simonmarcwilliams26 June 2015
Sorry I really wanted to like it but it's just awful. Cookie cutter characters that you just can't care about....The tough cop, the Asian martial artist (no stereotyping there), the African with a heart of gold that just wants to get on in life, the streetwise female DJ, the eastern European gangster and a transgender/gay character that should be groundbreaking but even she seems to be derivative....I mean wtf? That character just seems to have been shoehorned in to meet some diversity quota....Don't get me wrong there's some really great transgender characters in TV, Laverne Cox's Sophia springs to mind....But this....this is awful, terrible.

I tried to like it I really, really did. The Matrix is one of my favorite films of all time and honestly? I even liked Jupiter Ascending .....But this just convinces me that the Wachowski's should never be allowed near a camera again
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Weaving a perfect composition with style! Not for cynics.
apolloninen-964015 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love how the script is more like composed than following the doctrines that have made television predictable for so long. Also, watching the characters weave together like ripples on the surface of a water is beautiful and poetic to watch. The human connections are humane and though the characters go through darker circumstances, they keep their humanity. And the mythology of being each other's symbolic guardian angels is just excellent good television! Having to wait for season 2 will be the only negative from me. And what about the existential themes in their dialogs? There are only a handful of TV-shows, mainly J. J. Abrams', that deliver depth of emotion and meaning. I hope this type of composing of television continues. It's so rare to feel connected in the spirit with the characters and what they go through. Darkness is easy, to engage the audience in the metaphysical and in the spirit of compassion is hard.
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The Hill Street Blues of Science Fiction
morcego6 June 2015
On an interview for Indiewire, J. Michael Straczynski mentions that while Startrek and BattleStar Galactica were to SciFi what Dragnet was to police shows, SciFi never had its Hill Street Blues, and that he hoped Sense8 would be it.

Now we have the answer: it is.

That is what we expect to get when we mix the creator of Babylon 5 (et al) with the creators of The Matrix. It is a SciFi show where there "heroes" are not only human being with human relationships, but also with all human flaws and beauties. Drugs, love, violence, greed, cowardice, weakness. It is one story, but it is also 8 stories. It is the story of all of them, and it is the story of each of them. It is their successes and their failures. It is life in all its beauty and all its ugliness in a scifi that is something as close to our world that you at times have trouble remembering it isn't. It is a magnificent piece of work, shot in all parts of the world using, and those places are not just a background, their are part of the story.

The premise for this show is quite simple: 8 different people will start entering each others minds, living each other lives, visiting and sharing. We learn the story as the characters do, while also visiting and sharing their lives. It is not an epic story, although it spans the world. It is a story told by its basic elements, with superb writing and production quality.

The bad part? Now we have to wait for season 2.
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This series is the film version of the emperors new clothes. The writer cynically tries to appeal to different markets and manipulate the audience.
jonnithomas22 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking forward to this and plodded through the first episode thinking it would improve but sadly it just didn't.

The storyline has a good basis for a series but rambles into Lesbian and Gay PR with the transgender and and ethnic minority appeal thrown in.

So if you want a series which for no reason hops into a bollywood song including the group dancing followed by scenes from adolescent girls dreams of romance and then homosexual romping for no reason this is the program for you.

The script is mainly meaningless rubbish too. The acting is OK but the characters are just unbelievable and unrealistic. The script is facile and full of gems such as 'you take my beer and I will f"ck you up'.

On the plus side the directing is OK and the photography is good.

The only reason I can think for people giving it high votes is not wanting to appear stupid as they didn't understand it and thought it must really mean something.
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The worst show I ever saw, this is not Sci-fi, it's garbage
gquiring18 September 2015
I am puzzled over the 8+ average review on this new Sci-Fi show. First off it's not really sci-fi. The first episode made me wonder if they should call this Make no Sense. By the 3rd episode the plot was clear enough. I was tempted to hit the delete button and not watch more but instead I wasted more time watching this disaster because of the IMDb rating being so high.

Gay sex, straight sex, sex, more sex and yeah sex. That's the theme of this TV series. The plot is boring, these people are linked together and that's all. There's nothing else to this story except well the sex.

And then the music, at times I was thinking about Glee, is this a music show, but no it's all about sex and people being linked. That's the theme.

One positive the show is beautifully filmed with some nice scenes from around the world. The colors are vivid and make my plasma TV look great.

Run away from this one, it's a colossal waste of time. It's hard to believe this is from the creators of one of the best sci-fi shows ever made - The Matrix.
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Awesomely fun
jtkirk1612 July 2018
I am a straight white male and I just loved this show. Open your mind and enjoy the ride.
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