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6 Jan. 2013
Episode #1.4
When the children come to stay over, the three men should clean the entire house. They get some help of Trudy, the mother of Joris. Joris become desperate when Kevin disappears.
13 Jan. 2013
Episode #1.5
The three men decide to start dating again, but Joris and David both have no experience in it. David's heart beats faster in the presence of his cardiologist.
20 Jan. 2013
Episode #1.6
Boudewijn is hopeful when Sophie are request a service. David goes into therapy with Tamar. Joris wants to hide his secret for Boudewijn and David.
27 Jan. 2013
Episode #1.7
Boudewijn has trouble with the new friend of Sophie. David has an intimate encounter with Tamar. Joyce comes back from rehab and appears to be pregnant.
3 Feb. 2013
Episode #1.8
Sophie asks Boudewijn to help her for finding the perpetrator who hit Emiel. Joris is dating with a girl and is falling in love. David and Tamar end up in a messy divorce.
10 Feb. 2013
Episode #1.9
Boudewijn is confronting by his son with his separation. David joins forces with a tough lawyer. Joris goes back to school. Aart found potential buyers for the villa.
17 Feb. 2013
Episode #1.10
David has bought the villa, so the trio can stay. Boudewijn, eager to impress a mother at his boys' school, volunteers to chaperon a them park visit. Even after commandeering his house-mate's help, it proves a tall order, especially due to that woman's gluten-intolerant son. Meanwhile Joyce practically invites herself after a robbery and tries to take over the household. David's daughter Naomi also invites herself after a row with Tamar.
24 Feb. 2013
Episode #1.11
Joris is now confident enough about his reading lessons to accept, caught, some tutoring from Daid's obviously smitten daughter Naomi, who finds an enemy in parasite Joyce. Boudewijn's sex date with the allergic boy's mother frustratingly is canceled last-minute due to the queasy knave missing football practice. David gets jealous of 'romantic rival' Boudewijn, even wants to throw him out of the house, only to find his mate unwittingly 'dates' his cardiologist merely for her family estate sale.
3 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.12
Joris has exam anxiety. David fights with Tamar on her planned six weeks holiday with the kids. Sophie finds out about Boudewijn's relations with Leona and demands he breaks up with her.
10 Mar. 2013
Episode #1.13
Joris cheerfully accepts Joyce's graduation gift and a celebratory dinner, only to be 'treated' to the news that she secretly expects his twins. The inevitable death of the worn-out family dog brings Boudewijn close enough to Sophie, so he dumps Leonore. David allows his boys to go on Candian holiday with their mother and aunt, so he can concentrate on wining nd dining his cardiologist, but his ridiculously expensive steak gets lost.

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