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Scandal - All Roads Lead to Fitz
Scarecrow-884 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A possible voter machine fraud could very well be tied to the Presidency in this episode of "Scandal"! So David Rosen feels in his heart that Hollis Oil is tied to the company bombing that Quinn was linked to and framed for. Hollis is quite insistent that Pope put a stop to David's snooping "or else". Governor Samuel Reston (Tom Amandes) shoots what appears to be a rapist of his wife (Brenda Strong), but this story has more than meets the idea…the twists that come from this one, lemme tell you. Anway, Reston was the candidate that almost defeated Fitz…before Olivia joined the team, that is. Just a few thousand votes are what kept Reston from the White House. Olivia will have a lot more to handle with Reston than she could possibly imagine. What appears to be a simple case of husband finds man raping his wife is a lot more complicated…a lot more. Cy's partner decides to go back to White House reporting much to his chagrin as typically correspondents and politicians are considered "enemies" (one group wants to put out the truth while the latter needs to keep secrets). While Fitz is off at the G8 Summit in Tokyo the show doesn't just end, even though he's still on the tips of plenty of tongues and a part of the conversation between characters (like Cy and Olivia). Cy shows a dark side when you attempt to cross him as the First Lady finds out when she proclaims she'll never sit in with Olivia, Hollis, the Supreme Court Judge Verna (Debra Mooney), and him again, and he informs her she very well will. Abby's learning of Olivia's "plant" to push David away from Doyle Oil has her returning to him which questions her loyalty to the crisis team. Huck has finally found a possible love interest as he communicates his "alcoholism" (a metaphor for his murdering CIA days and acts committed for Olivia) to an AAA type group, with her giving him her number. The ramifications of one man winning the presidency over another and the effects on the loser are well documented here as the irony of Olivia, the culprit behind little friendship (and time away from his husband) and her telling him she doesn't like it when the bad guy wins, followed by her with a specialist in bugging listening in on a conversation between Abby and David really is quite a contrast that leaves us wondering just who this woman is. Hollis Doyle's contributions to the group that collected together with him is a scandal in itself! That Cy considers himself a monster that political animal Mellie doesn't want to anger is a scene that shows just how ferocious he might be if the gloves come off...he has a scary side, indeed!
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