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  • Nick is puzzled by several cases where a suspect who escaped the police is violently dealt with by a masked, cloaked avenger. He even leaves Nick messages, suggesting he is a 'real Grimm' who is cleaning up 'weakling' Nick's messes. But he strikes terror even with gentle Wesen, like the beavers, who seek help through Monroe, who fears it's a descendant of a medieval Grimm vigilante order. Nick suspects a police mole.


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  • Nick tosses and turns on the couch, seeing visions of a young woman. He is awakened by Juliette, who apparently won't let her fianc√© sleep in the bed. "We've got this missing girl ... I just keep running it over and over in my head," Nick explains. Juliette doesn't want to talk about the bed situation. Nick and Hank then head to the house of a man, Adrian, who is busy burning pictures of the missing girl. When Hank shows Adrian a picture of the girl, he claims not to recognize her. Nick sees the pictures in the fire and Adrian turns into a hairy-faced creature. The wesen runs and is promptly tackled by Nick.

    Adrian is soon in the interrogation room claiming that he was burning pictures of an ex girlfriend. "I know what I saw in his stove," Nick tells Renard. But it's no good. Without evidence, they'll have to let the man go. "If anything happens to me, he did it!" yells Adrian while staring at Nick, a Grimm. Later, Nick tells Hank that whatever he decides to do, he'll do it alone. "I don't want you getting tagged for this," Nick tells Hank. Renard then calls Juliette asking for Nick ... and suggests meeting her for coffee under the guise of speaking about Nick's mental state. Juliette agrees to the guise and the coffee.

    Nick then heads to Monroe to get a special truth serum. Nick applies the concoction to a crossbow and goes to Adrian's home. He enters the suspect's basement ... to find Adrian head and hanging from the ceiling by his wrists. Nick hears a noise and turns to find Hank. "Nick, what have you done?" asks Hank, eyeing he crossbow. Nick tells his partner that he isn't responsible. The two then notice that Adrian has been branded with small face-like symbols. Wu soon arrives with news: Adrian called 911 and confessed to kidnapping the missing girl. The confession was obviously the result of torture.

    Either way, Adrian also provided the location of the girl, Donna, who is returned home to her family. Later, Monroe and Bud see the symbol on the TV news and, in a panic, call Nick. Nick and Hank go to Monroe's house. He explains that the symbol is that of an ancient band of uber-Grimms -- death squads that would roam the countryside, mutilating wesens and marking them with the symbol. So there appears to be at least one other Grimm in Portland and he/she isn't nearly as sympathetic as Nick.

    Meanwhile, Renard calls a man in Vienna, Austria and asks about the new Grimm. "I think we have one here in Portland ... Did the family send it?" he asks. The man on the line isn't sure, but promises to look into it. Back at Nick's house, the detective gets a call from the other Grimm, whose voice is disguised and claims that the girl would've died without his/her intervention. In other words: Nick isn't doing his job. Nick and Hank then head to Donna's house. She tells the cops that she was taken in a van. They check the security tapes from the parking garage where Donna was abducted and match the van. It belongs to a Portland resident, Richard Burner. Richard, also a wesen, is arrested.

    Juliette then meets Renard for that coffee. They talk about Nick for a minute before Renard offers to help Juliette in any way he can. "He's a complete stranger to me," Juliette says. "And I'm just starting over with you -- him! Him! I'm just starting over with him." Renard then takes Juliette's hands ... and she excuses herself. Richard, in the meantime, is being interrogated. But he doesn't want to talk about Donna. He wants to talk about the Grimm that killed Adrian. "What's going to stop him from killing me?!" Richard demands. Nick and Hank are called away to get news about the van: it's filled with hard evidence, down to Donna's purse. Confident, the detectives return to the interrogation room to find that Richard is gone. Somebody has released him from custody. Soon after, Richard is found with his throat cut and branded with symbols.

    Nick receives another call from the other Grimm, who is probably a cop or at least somebody within the department. Bud arrives at the station and warns Nick that his standing in the local wesen community is in danger. This other Grimm needs to be found -- and quickly. Nick and Hank then look at the security video of the interrogation room. In a reflection, the police spot intern Ryan. Speaking of, Ryan confronts Bud outside the station and jabs a needle into the wesen's neck. Nick and Hank head to Ryan's home to find his disheveled, alcoholic mother and, in Ryan's room, a wall filled with Nick's newspaper clippings. "Some serious hero worship going on here," Hank observes.

    Nick and Hank race to Bud's shop, where the wesen has been hung by his wrists by Ryan. "A Grimm that doesn't kill wesen is not a Grimm!" Ryan yells. "Examples must be set!" Ryan then runs outside into an alley and Nick tackles the young man. Turns out Ryan isn't even a real Grimm. In fact, he morphs into a scaly wesen. So Ryan is a self-hating wesen acting like a Grimm. He came to Portland to help Nick, but soon became soured by the detective's insistence on respecting wesens. "Kill me!" Ryan begs. "Please!" Nick refuses, and places the former intern under arrest.

    That evening, Renard stops by Nick's house to return Juliette's sunglasses that she (accidentally?) left at the coffee shop. Soon, they are kissing. That prompts Juliette to remember that Renard kissed her in the hospital. She pulls away and closes the door.

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