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Better than most
coachjacques23 May 2019
What a great nights entertainment. Clever, well acted, sexy and demanding, with everything that a spy/action movie should have but classier. DO NOT believe any of the pretentious reviews that look to bag this movie - it's great. Both leads are terrific.
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Hot! Do A Mash-Up With Red Sparrow
abassarrington21 April 2019
Best Of the Theron movies. Hands down better than any of the so-called action movies. I loved this movie when it first showed up on the silver screen back in 2017 and am watching it right now on DVD. This girl is tasty.
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Absolute masterpiece: Beautiful, sexy and silly
telleliot11 May 2019
Yeah, this has "sexy hot chick" written all over it. I simply love this movie and it is in my top 3 of 2017. It has it all: Beautiful babes, action packed as hell and easy to watch while not being simple in any sense of the word. It is tongue in cheek all the way and keeps your attention every minute of the ride. If you like your action sexy and flaunting, you need to watch this movie.

I may still talk my wife into a menage a trois
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Very hot in every way !!!
andresgiltorres7 July 2019
Very good movie !!! Good story and very good music and atmosphere !!!
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Sexiest Cold War Spy Ever! Exceptional Fight Choreography. Great Use Of Color.
RealReviewPosting1 May 2019
RealReview Posting Scoring Criteria: Acting - 1/1 Casting - 1/1 Directing - 1/1 Story - 1/1 Writing/Screenplay - 1/1

Total Base Score = 5

Modifiers (+ or -) Cinematography: 1 Standout Performances: 1 ( Charlize Theron ) Exceptional Choreography: 1

Total RealReview Rating: 8
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The Lesbian Sex Scenes Are Short. I Love these Sweet women.
avirariva11 August 2017
Atomic Blonde is a great action movie from the beginning to the end.I really loved it.The thing I hate about this movie is the unnecessary bad language.

Delicious woman Charlieze Theron is is a British agent MI6 sent to a divided Berlin on a secret mission to track enemies and spies. She is surrounded by hostile opponents everywhere she goes. She is the Wonder Woman or the Super woman who is so capable of fighting every aggressive and evil person,thanks to her profession in combat fighting.

The Lesbian Sex Scenes were short,but hot indeed for Lesbians to enjoy.

The Fighting Scenes Are Amazing.

I advise all adults and especially Lesbians to see this magnificent movie.
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Unexpectedly Great - But What Is With All The Dull Blue Tint???
crcybjia7 October 2018
The story line is fascinating and so is the performance and body of Charlize Theron. Literally the one movie from 2017 one could compare to classic James Bond but this time it goes with the standard female is da best formula of Hollywood.
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Everything You Want In One Film
lor-4477210 May 2018
Great film or what? It had it all. Action, intrigue, spying, fashionable woman who is well put together, sexiness, zaniness and violence. It was great. This chick is hot and yet she kicked rear end. She didn't have to be ugly to be empowered. I loved it. I wish only people would stop comparing it to John Wick. That film was stupid. At the end, the whole world and 1,000 people around them were all part of this secret underworld. That made no sense. Atomic Blonde did make sense.
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Plenty of Violence
anitacharran2 August 2018
And bisexual sex.

I love it. This is an adult-oriented film that fuses power, spycraft, intrigue and betrayal into one.

Charlize in bed with another girl. Charlize evading a bomb and the Russians desperately using their network to death.

One great film.
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Gorgeous women
jamiehoobanoff24 August 2018
Face it tese women were sexy gorgeous and sensual. Sexual liberation is not new anymore, but that is what Atomic Blonde dpicts. For fans of the Cold War and espionage films
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They didn't understand what was happening and why.
Amani23 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This a spy movie more in LaCarre than Flemming is correct. At first, it does look like it Bond with great 80's music that goes so well with each scene. Until you get to the brutal fight on the stairs. The question becomes is she telling the truth with what happened? It it a lie? Is it both? You literally have no clue of what is really happening until the last scene. Which is just how a spy movie should be.
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Lesbian Sex Scenes & Lesbian Kiss Were All Deleted In All Arabian Countries Including Lebanon!!!.
barikasaya4 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am visiting Lebanon this summer and surprisingly was shocked to see more than 10 minutes of Lesbian sex were heavily censored in a country regarded as one of the most civilized countries in the Arab world and where people are open-minded!!!. Even The Lesbian Kiss Between Charlieze Theron And Sofia Boutella was censored from the movie in Lebanon,even in all Arabian countries this is happening!!!. Despite the fact it is rated 16+ in Lebanon, the Lebanese General Security censors Lesbianism & gay adult scenes!!!.

Lorraine Broughton is a sexy and smart spy in MI6, an agent who is always ready to use all of her lethal skills to stay alive during an impossible mission. With the Berlin Wall about to fall, she travels into the heart of the city to retrieve a priceless dossier and take down a ruthless espionage ring. Once there, she teams up with an embedded station chief to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies.

Catchy Disco Music,except for the noisy hard rock song.Clever acting,great action and amazing direction.

Do Not See This Movie In Any Arab Country (Including Lebanon) where censorship is heavy!.
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A definitely over-rated film in my opinion
kinsmanivan23 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I think many reviewers, including the mainstream media, have been far too generous to this film.

Basically, the plot line is rather thin so there is a lot of emphasis on style. Charlize Theron ponces around in a lot of different designer outfits - she seems to be wearing a different one for each scene - and, despite knocking back bottles of Stolichnaya vodka and chain smoking, she still seems to be able to beat the crap out of every man who tries to kill her.

Percival, the British agent heading up Berlin, is another hard boozing, hard smoking spy who likes to drive at top speed around the city in his Porsche (wanting to blend into the local environment apparently, plus his short haircut).

The film does have some good fight scenes and what makes it credible is the West and East Berlin backdrop that is very authentic and captures the mood of the time, and I also enjoyed the 1980s background music. However, the whole film is a bit of a tongue-in- cheek romp that has a very thin veneer of depth to it.
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IMDb Schills are at it again!
greginess7878-113 October 2017
Okay, so I just got done watching this film. I usually don't make it a habit to leave reviews on here, but what motivated me this time was the result of reading a slew of suspicious 'one star' negative reviews from people who have left extremely vague comments.

I found it very odd (to say the least) that on all of these so-called one-star negative reviews, nobody bothered to write any specific information concerning the plot of the reason for the negative reviews on these critiques, but merely just wrote generic insults such as 'this was a waste of time', or 'two hours I can't get back', etc. what's even odder, the vast majority of said reviewers have only been IMDb members for about a month. Funny, that! Now, I'm not saying that 'Atomic Blonde' is on par with Citizen Cane, but it was written well enough, had a lot of tense action-packed moments to keep one interested throughout, and in addition to this...had a lot of twists and turns to the plot to make the story very engaging! Any review on IMDb that tries to malign the film without providing specific enough examples that actually proves that the writer of said review actually saw the film should automatically raise red flags. So what was it this time? Some sort of anti-lesbian cabal who have made it a mission to lower the IMDb score as much as they can in order to preserve the traditional family ideals? Seriously, this is getting to be a joke! So for those out there who want a genuine review from someone who actually saw this... I think that this film is a breath of fresh air. This is one of those rare films that had truly mastered the art of suspense. Not only that, but it was so well written, that the end reveal of the true antagonist packed that final unexpected blow that I very rarely get from the plethora of predicable plots that are floating around out there.

So to all of you mysterious 'anti-Atomic Blonde' crusaders/Facebook group/posse out there: chill out! Just have faith in the fact that there are intelligent people out here in the world that can make up their own mind when it comes to film critique, and that don't need to be influenced by some bizarre propaganda from people who have never even watched this movie. Life is to short to waste it in trying to pursue some bizarre hatred crusade.
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Overly slick and superficial. Ultimately boring.
jbk_199913 October 2017
The film 'looks good' in a way few others do. That is not meant as a compliment, it felt as though the aesthetic was the ONLY thing the film's creators cared about.. even the soundtrack became irksome as one cool track after another was put in, for no apparent reason other than to keeeeep saying 'how 'COOL' are we?'. The lesbian sex scene.. Ugh! Like everything else; so contrived, so choreographed and so self-aware.

This film will likely best be enjoyed by the vapid, shallow generation who care about image and nothing else, or those who like end-to-end fight scenes without any story-line or character development to make them interesting.

I should also like to add it feels like the alcohol and tobbacco industry financed a lot of this movie, as the smoking and drinking follows the same 'cool' line and is as ever-present as the fight scenes.

Looked good, bored the pants off me. One hopes this isn't the direction film-making is going.
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Smoke and mirrors
dintjommi4 November 2017
There is no story, no characters and not much action. I like the fight scenes, but they are only 2-3 minutes. I guess this is what the audience wants, people posing with a gun in 1 hand and a cigarette between their bruised lips. Also a bit of lesbian action and some casual ice baths for the hardened super agent. If you want to see a good film on DDR, i suggest "Das Leben der Anderen" , which is *****infinitely****** better than this stylish garbage heap of junk-food-film. And if you like spies and agents, i guess "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"from 2011, or any old classic will be better, like: "The Day of the Jackal", "The Forth protocol" or even any BOnd or Bourne film, for that matter. The point is: This film, "Atomic Blonde", is crap. CRAP !

Why Charlize, WHY ? Fire your agent !
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Had high hopes, total let down
bowiekid28 July 2017
3 stars for the fluid direction, the setting, and the gorgeous outfits. The cinematography goes beautifully with the OST - a collection of original and remixed new wave/dark wave 80s hits - which I really enjoyed. It's unfortunate that the director couldn't elevate the film into something more sophisticated.

Charlize Theron is stunning and has talent, but not even she could save the mess of a script. Her character Lorraine's bland personality made the plot even more cliché than it already was. Lorraine is the stereotype of a classic spy: cool, collected, and emotionless. 'I don't show emotion on my face because one day it'll get me killed' get the picture. Obviously, that lack of vulnerability and greater dimension makes for a very boring protagonist. Lorraine simply became a vehicle to carry out the plot, not a person I could relate to, care about, or even hate. By the latter half of the movie, I knew what to expect: Lorraine dressed to the nines and fighting with a straight face, taking a shot of vodka, and then smoking alone in her room. That's about as much variety as we get. James McAvoy, her partner, is her male counterpart - though he enjoys saying 'fuck' twice as often as she does, and his drink of choice is a shot of jack...Delphine, Lorraine's lesbian lover, is actually more interesting and likable than Lorraine herself. Unsurprisingly, the Lorraine/Delphine story line is given little to no depth and comes across as fan service.

While I feel the director was going for sexy, sleek and mysterious, many key details were lost in translation. Rather than building on the characters and focusing more on delving into the story, like how Spyglass fits into the plot, the director shoves one GORY fight scene after another down our throats. If violence disturbs you, don't bother with this one. I left the theater asking myself: why did I just sit through 2 hours of seeing people brutally strangled, violently stabbed in the head with a screwdriver, knifed repeatedly, bleeding out, stabbed in the face with keys, and shot at point blank with their brains all over the wall? The brutality left me uncomfortable at, and times, nauseated.

I guess it's a matter of what you find personally entertaining. But this isn't an action flick I would call 'fun', not by a long shot.
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Atomic Blonde
colewaters29 July 2017
Atomic Blonde is one of the coolest movies of the year. This movie was action packed the whole way through. If you are wanting a rush in the movies this is the movie for you to see this summer. The movie was not the only good thing about the movie the acting was on point, the action was great, and the soundtrack was totally 80s. Thus was definitely a mind blowing action film.

Parents this film has a bunch of sex scenes involving woman and women so I don't think this is a family film at all. This movie also has some of the best action scenes I have ever seen in a movie this movie was just non stop action packed fun. John Goodman was Fantastic in this, but he is good in everything he is in. If you like my review of Atomic Blonde and if it was helpful then go enjoy the movie.

My score 10/10
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80's action with today's intelligence.
myaskywalker6 September 2017
Atomic Blond it's an action movie, with a lavish style and the music shuffle on just to enjoy the moment. The movie follows the same rules of action movies from the 80's and the 90's: you have the problematic mission, the good "guy", the bad guys, the questionable guy and the sexy girls (women). But because a woman is in the lead role, Charlize Theron (instead of Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis or Silvester Stallone), the dynamic of the movie is a fresh breeze. She's not clumsy or in conflict with her abilities, (like most of the female agents in movies) she is a great agent send to deal with a problem and in the processes stumbles with an another problem that she handles in the best way, she knows possible. The thriller/mystery plot stumbles a little bit in the narrative, but that doesn't spoil the thrill of the action sequences, the beautiful choreography of the fights or the great music, and fixes some of 80's and 90's problems, like only strong and intelligent men, only silly sexy girls, no women, racist and sexist jokes, all of that without being boring. It is a popcorn action movie inspired by 80's with the intelligence of today's society.
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Waste of time and money
mailes226 August 2017
If you want to watch a movie produced by Charlize Theron and orchestrated solely around Charlize Theron getting her gear off in her first scene, followed by Charlize Theron sitting around looking very beautiful and sultry in extreme closeup in pretty much every other scene, then this is the movie for you. If you want any sort of plot or remotely believable action scenes, pick a different movie.

You have been warned.

p.s. Ms Theron is a lovely lady to look at, but it's rather tedious after a while.
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Joan Wick
lurchajn7 July 2019
Very similar action scenes. Well choreographed and frequently shot with few cuts. The influence of the Keanu title is obvious but that's no bad thing.
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Good action movie that does its job. Recommended.
EnricoFn6 July 2019
Great action sequences, photography, and acting, a solid action movie in a sea of garbage. The movie is very entertaining and just flies by.

The plot is relatively simple, standard spy movie stuff, and presented in an interesting way appropriate for the genre. The acting is good, with characters whose intent we're never quite sure of. Of course, Charlize Theron is perfect in this femme fatale role.

The action is very well made, with relatively long, well-choreographed shots (much like John Wick). It gives a really good sense of actual fighting as it really seems like they're beating each other up. Her fighting style makes sense as the slender woman that she is: quick, uses her environment, and frequently performs various Judo throws which is always nice to see.

The photography is great, and personally I quite liked the aesthetics of the purple and blue lights, and the gloomy depiction of 1989 Berlin.

What surprises me most is that this movie currently has the same rating as the last Fast and Furious, where the action seems to be filmed by someone high on coke who keeps cutting left and right, and with ludicrous plots and acting.

In my humble opinion, this is leagues above that, and hopefully action movies move in this and John Wick's direction.
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This film is everything it wants to be - no more no less
krieg-frieden23 April 2019
What does it want to be? A hard bloody action movie - check A mega cool 80s setting the tells the cold war like nowhere else - Berlin check A soundtrack that sends you back in time no matter how old you are - check

What doesn't it want to be? A ultra realistic intellegence thriller - nope A movie that shows how people in 80s Berlin actually lived - Berlin nope An inspired by true events days before the Berlin wall fall movie - nope

For me it is great because it knows what it is and it doesn't want do more then that. Many movies now a day want to do everything - this movie shows me that it simply is enough to be consistent and to have a cool soundtrack, a blonde TAKEN lady and a charismatic antagonist clearly helps
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If You're Looking For a Female James Bond Feel, Look No Further! Simply Splendid!
zero-to-HERO18 August 2017
This movie immensely had James Bond tendencies with a small shot of Bourne Identity in the mix (all the while based in the eighties). That been said I don't mean that in an unoriginal manner, quite the contrary - it was completely original and all the while exhilarating. Charlize Theron was pure electric in her spy tailored role yet enigmatic at the same time. Not to mention the rest of the cast perfectly meshed in this flick (from James McAvoy & Toby Jones to John Goodman & Sofia Boutella), while the story made you yearning for more. And with all the talk these past few years of one day having a female James Bond, well look no further - this movie will surely fill your appetite via the realm of spy films, and then some...
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La Femme Nikita in Berlin
mgruebel25 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Leitch as director and Theron as producer really concocted a nice spy action film with Atomic Blonde. Set around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it traces the attempt of a British agent (oh wait, or is it a CIA agent?) to prevent a list of friendly agents, available only engraved in a watch and in the mind of a German collaborator, to fall into the hands of the Russians. The film is framed by a debriefing, where Theron recounts her tale of sleuthing and mayhem.

The film bears much resemblance to Nikita, Luc Besson's female assassin film of 1990. Not coincidentally, Atomic Blonde is based on a graphic novel, and Besson was also a big fan of adapting graphic novels, as in "The Fifth Element," for example. Both films have a stylized touch, that works given the graphic (in all senses of the word!) theme.

One aspect where Atomic Blonde rises above analogous efforts such as the Bourne series, is that despite all the action, some of the relationships can be worked out a little, like the one with her nemesis double agent, which turns from mistrust to respect to hatred, or the lesbian relationship with a French agent who is in over her head and pays the price. Even the relationship with semi-competent Russian agent Bremovych gets its full arc in the story. There's not much time to do it in an action film like this - what time is spent doing it, is spent well here.

McAvoy's take on the double agent is great, especially once it becomes clear why he would be motivated to make the list disappear - for exactly the opposite reasons the British and Americans would want to keep it out of Russian hands.

The film captures Berlin well (I have a flat there and my parents live there), from its punk-grittiness to the fancy but somewhat clinical looking bar, to the pre-war construction that's left in many parts of the city despite the destruction of WW II.

The film does not have too many plot holes, but Theron's habit of spending 5 minutes dismembering enemy agents while getting seriously hurt herself, before just picking up their gun and shooting them (which she could have done right away) becomes a little forcé.

A fun spy flick that's a cut above similar efforts in sophistication: 7/10.
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