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Here we go again. For the third time.
anthony-rigoni28 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Great. Just what I need, another Fred sequel. Lucas Cruishank, don't you think you have enough making Fred-related franchise? It's bad enough that we have sit through the first two movies, we don't need a third one! What's so bad about this movie? Let's find out.

First of all, at the beginning of the movie, there's this crappy musical number that look likes a rejected High School Musical play done by kids with Tourett syndrome. Third, yeah, we got the same stupid characters from the first stupid movie and the second stupider movie! Fourth, the jokes are very poor and boring. Fifth, there's the overuse of day dreams promising that Fred is dead. That is what I call false hope. Sixth, there's yet another pointless musical number with Fred and the Crocobearimoose, who looks like a rejected character design for one of the Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White. Finally, Camp Iwannapeepee? Oh, that's a dignified name for a camping ground! Why don't you think of another name for a camp like Camp Ijustwetmypants?! And if I were to use that camp greeting at someone else, I'd get punched in the face!

By now, while you're watching the movie, you'd keep praying that Cropsy from The Burning would show up and carve Fred and all the characters in the movie to pieces with his garden sheers. Unfortunately, it never happened, BUT I WISHED IT WOULD!!! The first movie was stupid. The second movie was even stupider. This movie is way, way, WAY beyond stupidity!! And for those of you who disagree with me, you need to go make reservations at an asylum before you start writing reviews of your own.
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God, why have you forsaken me?
Monolight9 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Fred 1: Very bad.

Fred 2: A little better but far from good.

Fred 3: Camp Fred: Abysmal. Torture from start to finish.

Wow. I mean WOW. I'm sorry, but everyone who was involved in production of this movie and their families should be arrested for crimes against entertainment. I don't even know where to start.

The characters are not themselves. Not that I'm saying there were any actual characters to begin with, but in this movie everyone is noticeably different. The mom turned into an annoying valley girl parody, the best friend disappears after 60 seconds of screen time, the bully went back to who he was during the first movie. None of the actors have any idea about comedic timing or intonation. And we get several new stereotypes as Fred goes to camp for summer. The camp's "hilarious" name "Iwannapeepee" is the comedic high of the movie (and frankly the bubonic plague was funnier) so you know what to expect from everything else. Fred this time is the only main cast member, which makes matters even worse.

The story this time is as generic as it gets. Fred goes to camp he doesn't like. He meets friends he doesn't like. There will be a competition with another camp that "Iwannapeepee" hasn't won in 69 years. Yes, even a 5 year old can see where all of this is going.

Fred's voice in this one is especially annoying. It's like a thousand fingernails scratching a thousand blackboards, during two active fire alarms at a vuvuzela concert. I don't know how my ears didn't bleed. My soul sure did.

This abomination shouldn't be seen by anyone. This is the bottom of the barrel, end of the road, nightmare. Frankly, a colonoscopy would be more entertaining.
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One camp that you'd want to stay well clear of
TheLittleSongbird25 August 2013
The first Fred movie is one of the worst movies ever made, while Fred 2 is a marginal improvement- and is still the best of the three movies- but still very bad. Fred 3: Camp 3 is on the same level as the first and manages to almost be even worse, and this is coming from someone who had low expectations already. The movie visually never rises above bad TV show quality, with gaudy sets and very simplistic camera-work, and just as badly made as the Friedberg-Seltzer movies. The music is no better either, there are musical numbers that are mind-numbingly cheesy as well as out of place and irrelevant and there is nothing interesting or memorable about it generally. The story is practically non-existent and often feels like a predictable, badly-written parody. The writing and jokes are lazy, painfully unfunny and immature, the name of the camp is the closest the movie gets to induce a strained smile. The characters are obnoxious and stupid, as well as cardboard stereotypes. Fred is without a doubt down there as one of the most unbearably annoying characters ever committed to movie celluloid. And the acting is terrible, consisting of either people over-compensated or looking and sounding embarrassed. Siobhan Fallon and John Cena have little to do with badly written characters, while Lucas Cruishank shows no acting talent whatsoever, and personally there is yet to be a voice for any actor and movie so painful to hear that it literally splits the ear-drums than Cruishank's Fred. To conclude, every bit as bad as the other two and is this close to be worse than the first. This is one camp that you'd want to stay well clear from, otherwise you'll be living a nightmare if you had a camp name like that and to have people behave the way they do here. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Lucas Cruickshank's attempt to establish himself as the king of bad, obnoxious, irritating and worst actors of all time
bellino-angelo201425 January 2019
As someone would have guessed I am not only a bad movie fan, but also a fan of bad actors and actresses. Some performances are painful to sit through, some are very stiff, some are very laughable. But unlike the majority of these bad actors-actresses Lucas Cruickshank decides that he can be MUCH more obnoxious, talentless and irritating than all those... and he succedds.

The plot is about Fred Figglehorn, a super-stupid, loathsome and talentless 16 year old that hopes to go to the summer camp of his dreams. But instead he ends in another summer camp, and here the movie becomes very disturbing. If you SEE this film you will have the magnificently glorious opportunity of seeing a horse with three legs, Fred's nightmare where his body parts are served in the canteen (a sight so gross that I nearly throw up), a scene where Fred has to send a letter to her mom and for sending her the letter he puts a slingshot between two trees and lets a poor cat (with the letter on his collar) flying with the slingshot (man isn't this animal abuse or not??????????), Fred that doesn't want to go to the camp and shrieks like a 1-year old (a scream so horrid that I seriously wanted to gouge my eardrums for stopping hearing him), and a monster called ''crockabearamosse'' that in a scene chops Fred's head away. The problem is not only that the movie is 100% unfunny and painful to sit through, but also that the main character is not even likeable or endearing in the least. It's just a dreadful and worthless movie... and I am sure that even small kids who think that THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY are far too smart will find this movie boring.

However, I can enjoy a movie with a dumb character as the lead, so I don't expect a masterpiece when I want to see a movie for laughs. One of the worst movies I have ever seen and it made me hate everything about Cruickshank... EVERYTHING. I also am seriously worried about the poor persons that love this tasteless and gross disaster of a movie... since it apparently tells us that animal abuse and violence are funny. An incredibly unpleasant movie in every single aspect.
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Why was this dreck even made?
tomdaly-1743615 August 2018
You'd think after two Fred movies and a sitcom, Nickelodeon would cool it a little bit with Lucas Cruickshank's screaming teenage character. But no! We get this monstrosity! Basically Fred goes to this summer camp that's struggling. That's it. I swear, every time you watch Fred run around and listen to his aggravating voice, you wish for Jason from Friday the 13th to jump out of the TV and finish you off already! Thank god that this was the last movie in the Fred trilogy, and Lucas eventually retired Fred for good.
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An utter disaster.
invisibleunicornninja23 March 2018
These movies are terrible in pretty much every way. The only reason I'm writing a review is because I've been told that the story behind how I watched these movies is funny.

Around when this movie came out, I had never heard of Fred before. I also had little understanding of YouTube. When I was told by my friend that I should watch these movies because they were awesome, I believed her and went on Netflix to binge-watch them. This movie is shot like a YouTube video, so that confused me. The same friend had also told me about Five Nights At Freddie's, and I thought that it was the same thing because they both had "Fred" in the title. I thought that this movie was supposed to be a horror movie, and was a bit creeped out by all the nonsense in it and how Fred is a stalker. The next day, I told my friend that the movie was stupid and she said that I just didn't understand it and that I should watch the next two. So I did. The second movie is a confusing mess. The third movie doesn't even have a plot. There are a lot of dream sequences in this series. I found them very confusing. I don't think that you can use the excuse "its just a kids movie" for these things. When I watched them, I was around the target age range and I was confused, scared and annoyed by these movies. I don't see why anyone would watch them. They aren't even funny to watch ironically. If you want to have some fun, go on YouTube and watch the bulk review of all three movies on the channel "I Hate Everything." Its hilarious.

I'm not even going to write new reviews for the next two movies, I'm just going to copy/paste this review. These things are dumb - and by things I mean the Fred movies.
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The worst movie I have ever seen
aaaronhamilton18 January 2018
I didn't think it was possible, but they did it. Each movie in the Fred trilogy somehow tops the other in how mind-boggling awful it can be. We're not here to talk about the other two movies, though. We are here to talk about what is, in my opinion, the worst of the three. Let's start with the obvious: it is an entire movie about an adolescent boy with a chipmunk voice, doing stupid things, messing up, and screaming. If you can't watch the first minute of the movie without getting a headache, then you aren't going to have a very good time, to put it lightly. All of the "jokes" end up falling flat on their face. At least the previous two movies each made me laugh once! The supporting characters are all extremely generic and uninteresting. The plot is non-existent, and jumps around all over the place. One minute Fred is creating a theory for why people in the camp are getting sick, and the next minute he is in a team competing with another camp. The editing and cinematography are both awful. Multiple scenes have Fred suddenly jumping around the screen for no reason while he is talking. Finally, the movie is extremely boring. The only possibly(?) good thing this movie has going is that John Cena makes a very, very short appearance, and that isn't saying barely anything. I'm pretty sure the actor and creator of Fred once said that he wished this movie never existed, and I agree with him!
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This movie is just downright awful
BearCoff19 November 2018
I've watched this movie once when a friend told me to, but it was a complete waste of time and it was just awful.

The plot is horrible, the jokes are awful, I mean, only immature 5-year olds would even smile during this movie. I probably lost 1,000 brain cells to this godawful movie. Camp Iwannapeepee? More like Camp Iwannaneverwatchthisagain.
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This movie physically hurt me
ghostfiendghost10 February 2019
This is one of those films that if you don't have a headache then your a god. Wheres the challenges to not be annoyed our physically hurt by watching all 3 of these films. Congratulations Fred, you made one of the worst trilogy's ever.
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surprisingly OK movie.
coolandawesome9929 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the original Fred videos and the icarly episode and i find Fred the movie but i thought the second one was not as good and i just recently watched the third installment to be ..........better than the first and second.It beggins with Fred whining and that was way to annoying and that is probably would be when most people shut off the movie or change the channel to cartoon network , Disney channel or syfy channel or something like that but if turned off the movie you will miss a pretty good movie i recamend that you don't buy the DVD because you would most likely get really mad for buying a $20.00 DVD like this but if you find it on nickelodeon while surfing channels i suggest you give it a watch. It might surprise you.
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Actually surprisingly good!
After the first two movies, we all gave up when we heard about the third. We all expected the same jokes and the same side characters, But this movie actually is enjoyable! Its that kind of movie that you can watch whenever you bored. Considering I'm a 15 year old, you would think i hate it. But i enjoyed the jokes and puns used throughout the movie. The plot is 'ok' , other than the fact that its very cliché. Its also a very predictable movie, but it still keeps you giggling. The only people who will hate this movie are the people who hate either Fred or high pitched people. Growing up watching Fred (lucas Cruikshank) on you tube, i have grown to enjoy his videos, thusly enjoying this movie! I recommend it to everyone. Don't judge this movie by its title.
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Fred rules in Camp I wanna Pee Pee i n this Fred movie!!!
cureariel15 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I love this Fred movie!!! Why? I love Fred screaming in the bus on the way to the camp! It's so hilarious i can't even stop laughing at that scene!

I also like his bunkmates working together to defeat Camp Superior, which is led by Kevin, Fred's childhood enemy.

Anyways, Summary Time!!!

Schools out and Fred's dreams of water slides, Clydes dales and waffle bars turn to nightmares of gruel and poisonous berries when his mom signs him up to the wrong camp!

This is movie is better than The first Fred movies!! it gives me more memorable named characters, and even Fred's awesome screams in the bus.

I would recommend this movie a watch for all Fred fans!! YAY!!!
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Camp what?
betelgeuse-619 February 2013
In a lot of ways, Pee Wee's back.

If you missed the original Pee Wee Herman shows, the nutty humor, the in-jokes, that voice, that laugh, the you-must-be-kidding-me gender ID, the wacky characters, the silly quests and quirky quirks... if you missed those things, then, in a lot of ways, Pee Wee's back.

And Fred Figglehorn takes Mr Herman way out there... no red bike needed. The present and the basic story flip in a flash into dream, fantasy, fear and desire, and then flip right back.

A friend wanted me to point him to the trailer of the movie, but I didn't because the official trailer misses the film's appeal. Zany, bizarre, wildly inventive, and just plain funny, it's its own trailer; pick any two minutes.

And you needn't worry about taking time to get into it; you will know within the first five or so minutes whether or not it's your thing. What you see in the first five minutes, is what you will be seeing, in one novel form or another, though the whole film.

One recommendation: See the movie with someone who wants to get silly with you and vice versa. A child is a good choice, five or older... maybe, if you should be so lucky, a grandchild.
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Greatest trilogy ever made
jdbbb28 November 2018
This is the perfect way to end off a trilogy. You may of heard of the lord of the rings trilogy that is nothing compared to this behemoth of movies. Everything about these movies are perfect I find no fault in them. And this is the perfect way to end it. Fred's unforgettable dialogue IS SOMETHING TO BEHOLD. John Cena Joins in on action once again. A truly underrated movie and trilogy.
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