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Top Notch
fung01 May 2017
It's impossible to over-rate this series. Black Sails is pirates done right, at last, putting to shame all other video renditions (especially the over-the-top Disney fantasies).

A few comparisons are in order. For example, Black Sails is highly reminiscent of the series Deadwood: both are dark, violent and based loosely on real people and real events. (In both series, some of the most unbelievable events are the true ones.) There are also similarities to the series Rome, as far as the strong characters, ongoing rivalries, and evocative period detail. But Black Sails out-does these predecessors in several ways.

First, the characters are, without exception, brilliant. Captain Flint, Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, John Silver, Charles Vane - these personalities are truly memorable. Larger than life, yet always credible, always consistent. You probably won't recognize the actors, but they *will* make you forget Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp.

Second, the dialog is amazingly literate, almost Shakespearean. Without seeming artificial. Characters constantly engage in deep, intense discussions that are often more engrossing than the ship-board action.

Third, the intertwining tensions and plot-lines are maintained with absolute logic throughout all four seasons. We see winners, losers and casualties, all utterly believable within the bounds of the show. Power ebbs and flows among the various factions, and the conflicts always feel real.

Fourth, the ending is one of the most satisfying I've seen for any multi-season dramatic series. Everything comes together, as if you'd been watching a single, very long movie. What's more, despite the deaths, the violence, the many defeats that end this story, the series wraps up on an upbeat note and leaves the audience with a big grin.

As a bonus, the historical underpinnings are used cleverly. The show isn't constrained by the facts - it expands on them in a way that's both plausible and enthralling. Black Sails seamlessly blends history and myth, and even finds time to comment on the way they interact.

The staging is impressive, by any standard. The naval battles are believable, and depicted on a grand scale. The inevitable computer graphics look real enough to keep viewers immersed. The hot Caribbean sun permeates every frame of the series.

In short, Black Sails is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable dramatic series ever. It's great adventure, great drama, and by far the best screen representation of the great days of nautical piracy. This is one series you don't want to miss.
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bogunjackass23 April 2014
OK, it has it's flaws, it has fictional characters united with the real ones, yeah, it is using the "pirates hype", but MY GOD, it is a good show! I hear people complaining about the pace, or about lack of fighting and plunder, but I assure you, it is not needed, for it has a lot of intrigues, unanswered questions, all sort of factors that will make you gasp on an episode per episode. The acting is exceptional, especially by Toby Stephens, who is unbelievable as Cpt. Flint, with such charisma that makes you root for him even dough he certainly doesn't deserve it. Female characters were a weak spot at the beginning, but that reeeeally changed quickly. I stumbled on this show while I was waiting for the new GoT season to start, and boy, was I surprised, I had more fun watching this than watered down episodes of GoT, that seem to go on forever, in one infinite circle. That was my favorite show, but after Breaking bad, True detective, and now this, the flaws are more than evident. "Black sails" are an absolute gem, I'm sorry for the all hate it's getting from the critics/GoT/Spartacus fans...
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100% Pirated
Denirosdad29 April 2014
Fantastic series....if you can't watch for free its worth buying and I normally would never say that but I loved this form start to finish and every minute in between. It is pleasing on the eye regarding location as well as some of the cast but before forming an image in your mind of beautiful well over groomed characters that just don't look right then I am pleased to say that for once this is not the case....(OK slightly groomed here and there is more accurate) Acting is spot on,characters are mostly very likable, the action scenes are great, the story is for the most part simple with a main objective and doesn't have 50 twists along the way to try and out twist every thing else that gets made these days. I must point out that there are quite a lot of adult scenes and foul language which although I have no problem with it ,I definitely would not want any of my kids to be sat in the same room regardless of age, so don't let your kids watch it, no matter how much they love pirates. So if you fancy something a bit different with great actors and some proper filth, you must watch Black Sails.
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Finally a top-notch production pirate show!
ryan-beauchesne4 February 2015
As some other reviews point out here, this show is totally underrated. The production value is really quite high, especially for a pirate show like this where there's ships being blown apart, intricate costumes, detailed settings. I'm really pleased with the quality overall.

Acting is very believable and quite good, especially for Flint (pretty bad ass character).

Some people complain the pace is slow. I really don't find it an issue. I'm always captivated, and there's pretty dynamic/various characters and subplots that it keeps you involved. Breaking Bad.. now that show was dreadfully slow at some points..

Only thing I don't really like is the intro. The song is awesome and catchy, but the visuals of the intro are super boring. IMHO.

Overall, one of the best shows on TV if you like a gritty, pretty realistic, high production value pirate show!
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Like fine wine it gets better with age
darkstar00728 March 2015
To tell the truth there were many times in the first season that I almost stopped watching this show. But I stuck with it and boy was it ever rewarding. Season 1 was pretty slow to me sometimes boarder line uneventful. I know a few people that stopped watching after season one because of this. But Season 2 has been explosive. Probably one of the best seasons of a TV show out there and it was all due to the character development from the first season.

During season 2 I found myself consistently updating my rating of this show. I initially had it scored a 6 out of 10. Now have it a solid 9. I can't wait for the next season.

If you are planing to watch this show. Stick with it through some of the long drawn out scenes in season 1 and you will be rewarded immensely.

This is defiantly another winner for starz
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Love Black Sails!
peperharow22 February 2014
Rarely do I find a TV series worth my time to follow…..Black Sails has got my attention. Actors are terrific and the storyline is adult and intriguing. The storyline mix of the Treasure Island prequel and true life historical pirates is extremely compelling. It is a TV genre that has never been explored before. I like seeing women in powerful roles (Eleanor) as I think it provides a positive role model. I just watched episode V and I am anxious see what happens next. Zach McGowen, Captain Vane, is doing an outstanding job in his pirate role……and his fit athletic frame is not hard to look at …...amazing shoulders and abs. Toby Stephens is really top notch as Captain Flint…..he brings a passion to the role not unlike how I remember him as a Bond villain. The sets for the show are grand…the detail of the sailing ships is amazing…..the scenery is dazzling. The unfurling of the top sails gave me a rush… was so good. I am glad to hear that there will be a second season. This is the first time that I have done a review in IMDb……..I felt compelled after reading all the negatives from the other reviewers. I thought that the show overall is fast paced so I do not agree with some of the other reviewers (at all).
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Starz Really Outdid Themselves Here!
RoswellAlien24 January 2014
Wow this show is amazing! The opening scene is absolutely brilliant one of the best opening's I have ever seen in a show before. The whole pilot is done extremely well plenty of Action which they really did well here. Character development is done really really good without going overboard which I was surprised. The setting and locations were absolutely amazing! It is exactly what I would have pictured back in the days of the Pirates. Story might be a bit confusing for some though you will understand it in the end. Honestly I really can't praise this show enough it's one of the best Pilots I have ever seen but then again I don't watch much TV. I really look forward to seeing this series to go on. I will be watching this every Saturday night. I recommend this to everyone that's looking for a good show. Absolutely brilliant 10/10

*Edit* 2/16/14- Just finished episode 4 and I am still enjoying this series a lot. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.

*Edit* 3/17/14- I rather enjoyed Black sail's season 1 a lot and I am looking forward to seeing the second season.
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Unreal. It has the makings to be a Sell-Out
Honoba8 March 2014
I've been hooked on this show since it's release, at last a proper Pirate T.V. series. In my opinion the attention to detail rivals such shows as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, the acting has the potential to possibly match that of Breaking Bad. I would expect nothing less from the list of producers and directors. The Story line is much more complex then i first thought and the amount of time that the character building has taken so far just to understand and completely enjoy this show is immense but not unjustified. The performances by these actors and actresses (Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Zach McGowan, Luke Arnold, Louise Barnes, Tom Hopper and Mark Ryan) has increasingly made this show more intriguing and more powerful. I'm intrigued to watch and want more. There are no limits or boundaries as to what can and can't be done throughout this series. This series takes a bit of patience as it's only just starting out, but once you adjust and settle in for the ride it's exciting, truly exciting.

EDIT: 24/02/16 After two and a half seasons, I stand by everything originally stated. This T.V. Series is absolutely amazing. The script writers have matched or bettered every single one of my expectations.
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Good storyline with fantastic cinematics
AlexanderExtazy14 July 2014
The story is very good; despite the annoyance of several characters whom one would wish to see them dead, but the continue to live throughout the season !

Nonetheless, it's all part of the act I suppose; and the cinematics and filming was beyond incredible.

When viewed on 720 or 1080p quality, the viewer actually feels they are in the Caribbean in the time where the filming took place. The Nassau island looked just as real as it did in the past centuries.

Other than that, I'm sure all viewers appreciated the fact that it took more than 300 people to build one of those ships used for filming the series.

Overall, I'm sure looking forward for another season.
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Best New Show of the Season
illamental111 April 2014
Really loving this show, I was pretty much hooked from the first opening sequence (superb cgi from ImaginaryForces & music by Bear McCreary)! Been waiting for a serious pirate drama that isn't based on comedy; because there really wasn't much to laugh about naval battles in the 1700's!

The Detail & Realism of Black Sails is amazing, and draws the viewer into the world; especially with the Ships(believe they actually built the main one, possibly more), Nassau(Starz seems to always fill their shows with hundreds & hundreds of extras), and the Costumes. Also like that they used real characters from history (Capt. Vane, Hornigold, Anne Boney, etc.), and I'm curious how the Treasure Island characters will play into it.

The plot is very smart and a lot more complex then I first thought, and story is probably the most important ingredient to any series. Have read a few people here saying that the story is clumsy or convoluted, but it must be too complicated for them, because everything fits together nicely with quite a few major surprises.

My biggest disappointment is the short, 8-Episode, season. Although many British shows like Luther and The Fall are even shorter, I really wanted more with this one. It wasn't until I checked IMDb that I even knew it was over!

But the bottom line is that I highly recommend this show to pretty much everyone... I'm just waiting for more and will back at the start of season two for sure!
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Top Notch
roshley-5252331 March 2017
Not even gonna go into depth, this is a must watch for anyone hands down, quality acting and script writing. Apparently I have to write more lines, every season only gets better, everything in this show is done for a reason at some point. Enjoy make the time to start watching. Their is nudity and violence, but all make sense to the story line and is not for no real reason.
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Surprisingly, This is one of my Favorite Shows of all Time
PStyles5 June 2017
Friends have been telling me to watch Black Sails for years, yet I put it off because I did not have Starz (and also because it didn't look that appealing overall). I recently earned myself a few free months of Starz and decided to give this is a shot, and I am so incredibly happy I did.

Throughout the show, I found myself utterly surprised by the overall quality of...everything. The ship battles are sincerely epic, while not occurring so often as to make them seem dull. The costume design, set design, ships, location etc. are all extremely well done. The creators also got many of the historical aspects of the time correct, much to my astonishment. I found myself fact checking things said or done in the show only to find that they were indeed real or at the very least, plausible. This is not a children's story; Black Sails portrays pirate life much differently than we are used to seeing in present standards.

The acting in this show is truly captivating as well. While some of the lesser characters don't deliver their best at all times, the mainstays of the show are always at their very best. From the badass captain Flint to the nefarious Charles Vane, every character feels impactful. This is very much a show about anti-heroes; you will find yourself rooting for the bad guys more often than not. I tip my cap to all the actors involved, as the central cast does a truly fantastic job.

Luckily, Black Sails also improves as it progresses. Midway through the first season, I was left with mixed feelings. By the end of the 4th season, I was stunned and utterly upset it was over. You really become attached to these characters throughout the seasons, which to me is a sign of great character development. Black Sails does it better than almost any show out there, matched only by the very best.

I rarely give out 10s, but this show is most deserving of it's rating in my opinion. From everything I stated and more, Black Sails will go down as one of my favorite TV shows of all time (and probably the best damn pirate saga we may ever get).
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It's a plunder-ful life
southdavid21 December 2018
When I first started "Black Sails" I was relatively indifferent. I assumed that it would be a poor mans "Game Of Thrones". What I got was a layered and deep series full of compelling characters and a great story.

The show acts as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" combining characters from that with a few real life pirate characters like Edward Teach, Jack Rackham and Charles Vane. The plot revolves around the port town of Nassau and the scheming and sometimes pitched battles that determine who controls the largely lawless Pirate paradise. Central to all the scheming is the charismatic and calculating Captain Flint (Toby Stevens) a former Navy officer with a pronounced hatred for his homeland.

Despite the fact that it's seemingly never really caught on in the UK, for some reason, "Black Sails" is a show with enormous production values. The town of Nassau is recreated, as well as several plantations, and of course the ships. "Black Sails" is very much an adult show, with swearing, violence and nudity all as prevalent in this as it is in "Thrones" for example, but also like "Thrones" it's a show about "Pirates" per se, as much as it's about, scheming, plotting and forming/breaking alliances. That is not to say that the action associated with a Pirate adventure is missing, there are pitched ship battles, towns invaded, treasure buried and buckles are swashed.

Performances are excellent from all the cast, so much so I'm not going to single anyone out as being especially good, as it would be unfair on the others. My favourite character though is Jack Rackham, played by Australian actor Toby Schmitz. Also impressive are the effects, set dressing and art direction. (It's comfortably the best thing that Michael Bay has had anything to do with).

One more vote to reconnect the cast in a few years for a tonally same version of "Treasure Island". "Black Sails" is up there with "The West Wing" and "The Wire" amongst the best shows of my lifetime.
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Surprisingly smart!
nomadniko20 March 2017
This is one of the best shows I've ever watched! It is just straight extremely interesting. It's smart, made convincingly believable and the story is told in a most profound way.

The cast perfectly match the so well developed characters with outstanding acting. With one exception - Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Hands down especially for Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Tom Hopper and Zach McGowan - thank you, guys!! I think I actually fell in love with Eleanor (Hannah New) ..omg! And I am truly sorry I can't say the same about Jessica Parker Kennedy, who is so bad that she becomes unbearable after season 1. I have not seen her in other roles, but here she sounds like an old movie robot reading Taco Bell menu out loud, no matter the situation - the whole time!

Can't wait for Ep.9 (S4) to come out. The show got me so hooked to the genre, I tried watching also Marco Polo, since it had about the same rating, only to abandon it after the third episode. Compared to Black Sails it was an unfunny joke.
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culmo8015 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
At first glance, Black Sails is just another offering of sex and sadism in the tradition of Game of Thrones. Stick with it and you'll find the show moving past that. This is definitely a show that will suck you in.

If you don't know, Black Sails is a semi-historical story about the pirates of Nassau, but it is also a loose prequel to "Treasure Island." As such, you'll follow John Silver, Captain Flint, Billy Bones, and other characters from the novel as they earn their fierce reputations from the book. These fictional characters interact with historical figures such as Jack Rackham, Charles Vane, Edward Teach, Ned Low, and Woodes Rogers. It takes an unflinching look at life in 18th century Nassau, London, Carolina, and Philadelphia (and other locations). This show neither glamorizes nor vilifies pirates, colonial governors, and others. They are all shown complete with virtues and flaws.

The cast is excellent, as are the plot and character development. You are pulled into each episode wanting to know what happens next. Of course, if you know history and/or if you know the story of Treasure Island, you pretty much know how the story ends for some of these people (whether they make it or not). That said, the show takes creative license with many of the historical characters and events.


In the first season or two, but especially in the first few episodes, the sex and nudity are absurd. Everyone is having sex with everyone, all the female characters are bisexual (with one or two exceptions), and the sex scenes are over the top. Fortunately, this is faded out and the show focuses on characters and plot, thankfully.

I did feel the romantic relationship between Flint and Thomas was a bit contrived, and it was done to be culturally relevant in modern times. I also felt the resolution to Flint's story was silly--that he'd find Thomas alive and well, but as a slave laborer in Georgia. Of course, this very well could have been lie told by Silver to appease his wife. But if this was the actual ending, it is hardly a happy one. Life as a slave laborer or an indentured servant under those circumstances wouldn't be happy in any sense. And it's unlikely the overseers--in those times--would have allowed a homosexual relationship like that to exist.

There are other aspects of the show that took liberty with history-- but I didn't mind them so much. In some instances, the fiction is better than the reality.

Many of the actions that Flint did were done by others in real life. -The 1715 Treasure Fleet did sink in a hurricane, of which the Urca di Lima was a part. The Urca itself allegedly wasn't carrying treasure. Anyway, pirates did raid the survivors camp and carry away a sizable fortune--but it was Henry Jennings and Charles Vane who led the attack.

Charleston was blockaded by pirates, but it was Blackbeard who did it ... and he didn't raze the city afterward.

Black Bart Roberts did allegedly take revenge on royal governors after they hanged pirates.

Charles Vane did escape Nassau when the royal navy arrived and he did use a fireship to escape. However, he never returned to Nassau. He was deposed as captain by Jack Rackham and was captured on Jamaica were he was hanged.

Blackbeard's historical end, I think, is far better than the keel- hauling he endured in the show. Blackbeard fought two royal navy ships in Okracoke Sound. He is said to have endured dozens of stab wounds and had been shot several times before finally going down. That said, keel hauling was a real-life punishment used by all sea- faring men of the time ... and the results were horrible.

Woodes Rogers was indeed imprisoned after his first stint as governor, but he returned later, albeit in ill health and he died shortly later.

Ned Low, who was killed early in season 2, actually outlived all the fictional pirates, being killed in 1724.

Jack Rackham, Ann Bonney, and Mary Reed were all caught and put on trial. Rackham was hanged, while Bonney and Reed claimed to be pregnant and thus were saved from the noose. Reed died in prison, while Bonney disappeared. It is thought that she died of old age.

One thing is true though. After Nassau was closed as a pirate port, piracy fell into decline. While it still existed well into the 19th century, it never had the same threat/prestige as it did from 1650- 1720.
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Perfection at its best
faizanmairaj19 February 2018
All the characters are perfectly casted. And the location are top notch. Also the music and costumes add to the quality of the show.
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Brilliant Series based on Historical Fantasy.
asad_yaqoob1012 March 2017
Black Sails is one of the best series on television and its sad for the fans that season 4 is its last. Black Sails replaced Spartacus and Da Vinci's Demons as the Starz' leading TV series and filled the void perfectly. This show should be the standard bearer for other series on how a budget could be put to great use with brilliant CGI and beautiful settings.

The show is based during the Golden Age of Piracy and its main plot includes the hunt for the Treasure Galleon "Urca de Lima" and struggle between notorious Pirates and British Empire for the control of New Providence Island.

Reviewing the characters, Captain Flint has to be one of the best leading men in television these days. Toby Stephens was a perfect choice for the role as he shows his versatility and wide range of emotions throughout different plots and directions. Flint's tactics and strategies at different points of the series are Art and Science. His motivation, driving force and commitment may vary from time to time and that includes an extra layer to the character. Not sure if anyone else agrees with me but Captain Flint is one of those characters that no matter what he does, you just can't dislike him. He can manipulate your favorite characters, sacrifice anyone or be selfish for his own gain, you just can't hate him. His tragic love story with Barlow woman is beautiful and sound, with a few skirmishes here and there. Although, they slightly missed a trick with his "connection" to Thomas Hamilton in Season 2 and had to correct it in Season 3. Overall, Captain Flint is the best and the most fan favorite character. Toby Stephens is a gem of an actor.

Other leading characters include John Silver, another favorite character of the fans who goes through different transitions and directions, and is played brilliantly by Luke Arnold. He is arguably the best John/Jon in television these days. John Silver is the only character that could challenge Flint's superiority and popularity as the leading character of show but if you have to choose one, Flint would be the one.

Other supporting characters include; anti-hero Charles Vane(Zach McGowan), someone who could impress or frustrate you in a single instant and the only pirate that could match Flint's level. Jack Racham, who the fans love for his wittiness and intelligence and would be in the top 3 favorite characters of everyone. Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) who you admire at the start but he tests your allegiance with his opposition to Flint. and Gates (Mark Ryan), Flint's able deputy and friend. Edward Teach "Blackbeard" (Ray Stevenson)joins the party in the latter seasons and leads to some of the best plots of the entire series. The supporting cast was brilliant throughout including shipmates, pirates and prostitutes.

In the latter seasons, Governor Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) joins the story and plays the part of a likable antagonist; arguably another favorite character of the fans. Although, Governor is an opponent of the pirates, yet part of you wants him to succeed. The leading women in the series include; Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), a character that either you like or you hate. In fact, many fans would arguably switch their admiration/hatred towards her at different points of the season. Her relationship with Governor Woodes Rogers is a one of the better things about her.

Now, coming towards Max(Jessica Parker Kennedy)who starts off on a positive note but then turns into an excruciating presence throughout. Her annoying accent and inclusion as a main character is dreadful to say the least. It seems like the writers had a soft corner for her, and kept her for far too long. Her love story with Anne(Clara Paget) is just unengaging and an unnecessary distraction. Still don't understand why they elevated Max's character so much, when she's nothing but a prostitute with a clever mind. Anne(Clara Paget) starts as one dimensional character who develops slightly through the course of the series and you end up admiring her connection with Jack Racham.

Overall, Black Sails is one of a kind pirate series that impresses you with its in-depth writing/twists/plots, likable characters, and attention to detail. It is a fantasy(inspired by real events), that you would love to be part of. The tactics, strategies, war mechanism, beautiful sights/settings and character development should be the standard bearer for other shows. Unlike GOT, the Battles shown in Black Sails are actually fought with strategies and tactics, one of the best things about the show. GOT's Battle of the Bastards looks like an amateur compared to some of the battles shown in Black Sails.
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Worthy of attention
crow_guy15 February 2014
I am liking this show more than I expected. I will admit things are slow going at the moment but then again, the show did just premiere a few weeks ago so the majority of the show, at the moment, is build up. I wouldn't go by what the negative reviews say about this show, it is good and it really builds up for something intense, hopefully. It's obviously no Game of Thrones, but it's still worthy of my attention every Saturday.

Going back to a previous statement, the show did just premiere a few weeks ago so it's worth it to give it a chance until, at least, the end of the season, I definitely am.
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Bloodthirsty, intense and exciting
Robin_clarke419 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Finally we get a pirate show we can sink our teeth into. Pirates were pretty bad people, not like Captain Jack Sparrow or Pugwash. They terrorised and made the Caribbean a no-go area for many years. Black Sails has all the nasties in one place; Charles Vane, Flynt, Rackham and Ned Low. All horrifically violent individuals intent on causing whatever harm was necessary to get their prize (and enjoying it along the way!). Season one was mildly enjoyable but the show comes into its own in season two. The effects, sets, action, sex and brutality is all significantly increased. Lovers of Spartacus, Rome and Vikings will be in their element. OK so it's not Shakespeare and a bit of a guilty pleasure but so what? When a show is this entertaining all we care about is getting more! A fantastic, exciting, well- acted historical drama with a healthy dose of swashbuckling moments. A great triumph for the creators.
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How many TV shows have better season 2 than the first?
artur-roszczyn22 March 2015
How many TV shows have better season 2 than the first? Not many... I would say, But this one blows our minds with quality, acting and story telling.

Who would guess that some prequel to Treasure island, that normally should be cheap, lame and boring, would be that appealing and deep? I would even say that its better than breaking bad as you don't have to fast forward trough the scenes with Walter Whites wife. The only negative thing i would say is the actor selected for John Silver, as he does not fit visually with the description from the book, but he is a good actor and its forgivable choice.

Don't miss the show.
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One of the best (pirate themed) shows produced..
Mhb66611 April 2019
..since the beginning of the new millennia, probably even further back in time. Stephens (one of the best actors in his generation) and many of the other actors and actresses are a delight to witness. Ashame it ended so quickly though.

P.s. Give Ray Stevenson better acting opportunities ffs! The man is a diamond in the rough!!
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Mesmerising astonishing series.
thatchmike4 April 2017
Today I watch the last episode of Black Sails.....I am a 71 year old man and I cried openly twice.....the endings were so wonderful. My life is somewhat different after it. This series has got to be the most amazing TV I have ever witnessed - how on earth did they construct those incredible high seas battles with the old ships?? Most episodes I watched twice in case I missed something.....the whole idea of mixing fictional characters from Treasure Island and real ones was inspirational.....I went back and read Treasure Island again just to be sure. The lead character played by Toby Stevens was superlative but the relatively unknown actors (for me anyway) are going to hit the big time as a result of this series especially the likes of Luke Arnold and Toby Schmitz both of which were unbelievably good with such lucid prose (did they really speak so well in those days? there a modern day conflict with Robert Newton's famous drawl??) Can't wait for the Emmys or whatever....if they don't truly recognize this masterpiece then I for one will despair. Happy but choked that it's all over......I can only do it justice by rewarding it with a 10.
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Of Passion Misery and Hope)))
voranimmer21 March 2017
Do you know Luke Arnold is an accomplished swordsman? Adds up much)

So... Black Sails... is not your ordinary Arrgh Matey! cutlass and a bottle of rum movie. Here we have lots of sex, passion, tragedy and hope. The show is about the heart of a Man so to say) The Heart of mistakes, wrong choices, overwhelming passion and tragedy and also beauty of humanity) Characters make wrong choices every minute and deal with it))

One interesting thing about this show is that pirates talk not in manner "Hey pass me rum matey arrrgh!! Me likes this lassie")) But in highly civilized language and appear to be a very well developed society of free men... it somehow reminds of the first imprints of 13 colonies and their strife for independence more than a dirty pirate colony... and the parallel is clear)
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A thoroughly outstanding production
mklope16 February 2017
One of the best shows I've ever had the privilege to witness. The series is bookended by inspired plot design and cinematography. While it leans towards familiar nuances in the middle, the writing flourishes in the fourth season and brings the series to a captivating and tumultuous crescendo. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in fulfilling story lines and believable character motivations.
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Pending the last season
asitshldbe26 January 2017
I cannot believe this show is ending. Only one more season. There are many other Pirates in history. Will miss. There are very few series that I watch religiously, this is one. The actors are wonderful and the plot enticing. So much is going on that apprehension peaks even with the reruns. Always something new, every time I watch them. We are taught that pirates were criminals, this show makes me think that they were indeed the first Patriots. First time I viewed them as just fighters for freedom and no oppression. The ultimate goal was not only riches of gold and assets, but peace of mind. This show gave me a different perspective of their needs and desires. Hopefully, additional seasons can be added.
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