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  • Christopher is relieved when Rebecca proposes to postpone their honeymoon until after the Southfork and gas deals are closed, ignoring that she and her brother Tommy have been hatching a plot for years. Trusted lawyer Mitch Lobell blackmails John Ross to quadruple his bribe not to tell J.R. about his plans to steal Southfork, but the impatient fox, having reentered the public stage at the cattle barons ball, consults his old Mexican friend Mr. Del Sol and discovers the 'paperwork delay' is a scam worthy of a son of his, who is meanwhile drugged by Elena. Bobby gets wife Anne to keep his cancer secret from the others, hoping for complete remission after laparoscopic surgery.

  • The plot to take control of Southfork gets complicated when two-timing affairs and blackmail arise, and J.R. starts to ask one too many questions. Meanwhile, Christopher and Elena bury their feelings in order work together on a business deal. But Christopher's new bride may be hiding her own secrets.


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  • After the wedding, Christopher and Rebecca roll around in bed.

    Elena rereads the email she now knows didn't come from Christopher. She dodges John Ross' call.

    John Ross meets with J.R. and Marta Del Sol. J.R. asks to speak with her father and asks John Ross about the paperwork. Bobby will think he's selling the ranch to the conservancy, but he'll really be selling it to J.R. He puts John Ross in his place, saying he's handling it. "Never pass for a good opportunity to shut up," he tells John Ross.

    Later, John Ross tells Marta -- with whom he's secretly conspiring -- that they'll celebrate like they used to when the deal goes through. If J.R. talks to her father Carlos, they're screwed. They do a little making out in the parking lot and J.R. sees from his window.

    The next morning, Rebecca suggests they postpone their honeymoon so Chris can deal with everything.

    Bobby talks to his doctor, telling him the pain is getting worse. He wants to keep the surgery scheduled for Wednesday, as soon as he tells his family.

    He takes a ride and Ann follows. She knows. There's a 70% remission rate with the surgery, he doesn't plan to tell Chris.

    John Ross comes to Elena's. She asks if he sent the email and shows it to him, saying they're different. He says he came to Mexico to find her because he's always been crazy about her. He denies sending it again. Realizing she didn't break up with Chris, John Ross asks if they're only together because of the email. He storms out.

    Rebecca's brother Tommy talks to Ann, saying he'd like to settle in Dallas.

    Chris shows up on the ranch, skipping his honeymoon. He tells his dad that selling the ranch to help him with his business isn't OK. Bobby says he's selling it so that if he's gone John Ross and Christopher don't fight over Southfork. Christopher asks him to reconsider, but Bobby says he gave his word.

    Rebecca goes to Ann for reassurance about Elena and Chris. Ann gives her the family's book of recipes and says she knows how it feels to be an outsider.

    Chris is going to try to stop the sale.

    John Ross visits the family lawyer, Mitch, whom he paid $500,000 to keep him in the loop on Bobby's moves. He wants more money. If he doesn't get $2 million by the Cattle Baron's Ball tonight he's going to tell both J.R. and Bobby what he's up to.

    John Ross confronts Chris in the bar, but Chris threatens him and walks out. Marta texts, wanting the documents from the lawyer.

    Elena drops by Sue Ellen's office, with the news she found a billion barrels below the Henderson ranch. She got turned down for a loan from the bank, but Sue Ellen's on the board. She wants Sue Ellen to see if she can sway them. Sue Ellen thinks Elena is smart and capable; she offers to lend her the money herself. She invites her to the ball as her guest.

    John Ross and J.R., using a walker for show, show up at the ball, a fundraiser. Someone from the audience asks Sue Ellen when she's running for governor.

    J.R. tells Bobby he appreciates him visiting all those times. He thinks what he said on the last visit (that he loved him) might have shaken him out of his depression. Bobby introduces Marta, J.R. says he knows about it. He says their mom did the right thing by leaving the ranch in Bobby's hands. J.R. tells John Ross to apologize and he does.

    J.R. asks Marta again about talking to her father and she says he's in the hospital having plastic surgery, but they can talk Tuesday.

    J.R. seeks out Sue Ellen to make amends. Two men are trying to talk her into running for governor. J.R. tells her she won (she is more successful than he) and that she'd make a hell of a governor.

    John Ross finds Elena and asks if they're still a team. "You've got the schooling and I've got the instinct," he says. She still thinks he sent the email broke up her and Christopher. She tells him they should take a break and his mother loaned him the money to buy oil leases.

    John Ross sees his dad making a beeline for the lawyer Mitch and tells him he's got $100,000 down payment and he should keep his mouth shut. J.R. asks about the papers and reminds him there was always one person he prized before all others. "I hate to hit a man below the belt, but I will," J.R. says.

    John Ross meets Marta outside and they start making out -- first he tells her he needs $100,000 for the lawyer. She takes him to her place where she pours them a drink, but spikes his. She asks him if he's sure he wants to mix business with pleasure. He pushes her down on the bed, he's sure.

    She hits record on a camera mounted in the lamp over the bed.

    The next morning before his surgery, Ann tells Bobby she thinks he's selling because he doesn't think he's going to be around and he doesn't have faith in Christopher. She thinks selling is admitting he doesn't have the strength to fight to live.

    John Ross wakes up in Marta's bed woozy. She counts out a stack of cash for Mitch, at another half percent.

    Chris visits Elena, wanting to use her research to prove his methane extraction can work. He wants her help. She invites him in, Tommy spies outside.

    Tommy visits his sister hard at work trying to bake. He tells her Ann offered him a job on the ranch. "I'm in." She's glum and says she wonders what the point it. She's having second thoughts. "We spent the last two years of our life working on this job, there's a lot of money on the line," he says. "Don't get too comfortable being Mrs. Ewing." She takes it as a warning.

    John Ross meets with a man to dig up dirt on Mitch LaBelle. He also wants to know who sent Elena the email she thinks he sent.

    San Felipe, Mexico J.R. pays a visit to Carlos Del Sol to look him in the eye before their deal. But Carlos doesn't know anything about it. He calls Marta, who's in the next room. A gorgeous woman comes in, but it's not the "Marta" J.R. knows.

    J.R. announces he's made "a hell of a mistake." He wants to introduce her to his son, "he's a chip off the old block," J.R. glowers.

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