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Robert Carlyle: Rumplestiltskin, Mr. Gold


  • Regina : Can you teach me how to use magic to bring back the dead?

    Rumplestiltskin : That's what this is about? The stable boy?

    Regina : I want true happiness.

    Rumplestiltskin : Then find it elsewhere, dearie. Magic can do much, but not that. Dead... is dead.

    Regina : Then I am lost.

    Rumplestiltskin : And I've had my time wasted. I'm sorry, but, erm, transcending death is beyond even my reach.

  • [Rumplestiltskin has ordered Regina to take out a unicorn's heart] 

    Regina : I can't. It's innocent.

    Rumplestiltskin : Nothing is innocent.

  • The Mad Hatter : I got what you wanted.

    [he holds out a glass ball] 

    Rumplestiltskin : [Wizard of Oz reference]  What about the slippers?

    The Mad Hatter : Ugh! Couldn't find them. Heard talk they've already been moved to another land.

    Rumplestiltskin : That's what I needed to get to that other land!

    The Mad Hatter : Well, come with me in my hat. I'm sure we can work something out.

    Rumplestiltskin : No, no, your hat only transports between magical realms. I need to get to a land without magic.

    The Mad Hatter : Why would anyone want that?

  • [Rumplestiltskin is supervising a girl practicing magic, when Regina enters the clearing] 

    Regina > Evil Queen : Who's this?

    Rumplestiltskin : Uuh, your replacement, of course. I needed someone more dedicated.

    Regina > Evil Queen : Dedicated?

    [she turns to the girl, nonchalantly rips her heart out and crushes it] 

    Regina > Evil Queen : Now... where were we?

  • The Doctor : It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

    Rumplestiltskin : Oh, the pleasure was mine. Thanks to your efforts, I've made my monster. Now, I do hope you'll be able to make yours.

    The Doctor : I'm not "making" a monster.

    Rumplestiltskin : Sure you're not. Good luck.

    The Doctor : If these hearts are as strong as you say, I won't need luck.

    Rumplestiltskin : Oh, just magic.

    The Doctor : No. What I'm going to accomplish goes far beyond magic.

    Rumplestiltskin : And yet, you need a magical heart to do it.

    The Doctor : So small-minded. I need my powers to transcend the limitations of your magic.

    Rumplestiltskin : This must be quite a land you hail from, if you think your abilities are more powerful.

    The Doctor : They are.

    Rumplestiltskin : Care to wager? I suspect someday, you'll see it my way.

    The Doctor : I doubt it.

  • [Whale has asked Mr. Gold to reattach his arm] 

    Dr. Whale : You said you can do it.

    Mr. Gold : Oh, yes. But there's a difference between 'can' and 'will'.

    Dr. Whale : Name your price.

    Mr. Gold : Say it.

    Dr. Whale : Say what?

    Mr. Gold : You know what. You came here, not the hospital. So say it.

    Dr. Whale : [the penny drops]  I need magic.

    Mr. Gold : That's all I needed to hear.

    [he magics Whale's arm back in its proper place] 

    Mr. Gold : Always a pleasure doing business with you, uh... Victor.

  • Rumplestiltskin : [to Regina]  So long as you harbor foolish notions of bringing back the dead, so long as you live in the past, you'll never find your future.

  • Mr. Gold : When they say I charge an arm and a leg, that's meant as a figure of speech.

    [when Whale enters Mr. Gold's shop with a cooling box containing his arm] 

  • Mr. Gold : You want me to reattach your arm?

    Dr. Whale : Can you do it?

    Mr. Gold : Of course. But first, tell me why.

    Dr. Whale : Because I want to use it again.

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