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  • Christopher suspects another ploy and demands a paternity test when told, after Elena guessed, that Rebecca is pregnant. Desperate for oil he can't drill on Southfork but already sold to ruthless Venezuelans, John Ross tries in vain to win Ray's vote trough Lucy. Sue Ellen forces Elena to help him out temporarily during an extension which Vicente Cano grants after John Ross betrays Veronica, the false Martha, who admitted having stolen from them while offering in vain to team up with John Ross in bed and business again. Threatened with a nasty lawsuit, Bobby grudgingly apologizes to Ann's ex Harris Ryland for slapping him as 'wife-stalker', is handed a file on her darkest secret but burns it unread before her eyes. Bum's research suggest to J.R. Cliff's ambitious, quasi-adopted Pakistani 'driver', in fact chief henchman with a Harvard degree, may be his arch-rival's Achilles heel.

  • Rebecca reveals a life-changing secret to Elena. Still riling from his interaction with Bobby, Ann's ex-husband demands an apology. Meanwhile, John Ross is under pressure from his allies and tries to turn one family member against another. And a family associate is murdered, leaving everyone to wonder about the culprit.


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  • Christopher rides out to a tall tree on the ranch. Bobby and Ann's names are carved in, so are Jock and Miss Ellie's and his and Elena's.

    Christopher brings the DVD to John Ross, who is freaking out about not having the mineral rights. Christopher thinks he has John Ross beat. "Just because I'm fighting fair doesn't mean I won't fight -- for Southfork and for Elena," Christopher says.

    Rebecca visits Elena, bringing her a gift basket for taking her to the hospital. She's telling Elena she knows it'll take her time to forgive her when she gets nauseous and runs to Elena's bathroom.

    Elena figures out what's going on. Rebecca's nine weeks pregnant and just found out. Elena tells her Christopher has to be told. Rebecca's been trying to reach him, but he's ignoring her.

    Ann sits wistfully in a playground. When Bobby calls, she tells him she's at Neiman's. She turns down his offer of a ride before dinner. Ann watches the kids play with a profound sense of loss.

    John Ross has lunch with his cousin Lucy. He wants her to convince Gary to give him the mineral rights. He offers her a stake if she can convince Gary to let him drill.

    Christopher drops by Elena's and finds her working on her truck. He tells her he should have gone after her when she didn't show up for their wedding. She tells him he really needs to call Rebecca. She gets mad at him and blurts out that Rebecca is pregnant.

    Bobby's out on the ranch when police come and arrest him for assaulting Harris Ryland. At the court house, Lou (Glenn Morshower) tells Bobby that Ryland will drop the charges if Bobby apologizes. Bobby doesn't want to but Lou warns him Ryland is to powerful to cross.

    Lou hasn't had any luck tying J.R. to the ranch sale fraud. He does have some info on Bum.

    Christopher visits Rebecca. He's still angry and distrustful. He thinks she's lying. "I really thought you'd be more adult about this, considering what your birth parents did to you," she says.

    Back at the ranch, Bobby and Ann don't think Rebecca is lying. Christopher scheduled a paternity test. Ann gets angry. "That girl is trying to do right by you and all you're doing is being spiteful and cruel!" she yells.

    Christopher leaves and Bobby tries to ask Ann about the flowers from Harris. She doesn't want to talk about it. He tells her about slapping Harris around.

    John Ross goes out to dinner with Elena. He doesn't know what he'd do without her. He suggests a trip when things settle down. He sees Veronica/Marta walk through the restaurant and goes outside. He gets a call from Vicente's man demanding a meeting.

    At Vicente's house, he demands results. John Ross proposes a trade for more time. He tells Vicente that Marta skimmed from him in the sale of Southfork. He wants Vicente's men to scare her out of town. Vicente gives him one more week or he's taking the ranch.

    John Ross runs into Lucy leaving Bobby's office in Southfork. John Ross tells Bobby he has until the end of the week to produce results. Bobby tells him he's going to link them to the fraud and get the deed back.

    John Ross goes to Sue Ellen, who suggests using Elena's oil from the Henderson land to keep Vicente happy. He doesn't want to mess up the one good thing he has.

    Bum gives J.R. a progress report. J.R. doesn't think the 100 year old trust will hold up in court and that John Ross will sort it all out. He found Cliff's man "Frank" is really Rahid Durani, Cliff brought him home from Islamabad 30 years ago and put him through school. Cliff treated him as his own, except in making him heir to his fortune. They think Frank feels cheated, and a cheated man is a dangerous man.

    Christopher and Rebecca finish the paternity test.

    He remembers meeting her and now thinks he fell in love with a lie. She apologizes for what she said about his birth parents, adding that he'd never abandon anyone. "I know you, Chris, maybe better than anyone," she says.

    Sue Ellen has lunch with Elena to ask her for her oil. Sue Ellen thinks John Ross is too proud to ask her. She reminds Elena she's her sole investor and urges her to make the wise choice. Her point is clear. Sue Ellen leaves and we see Marta sitting at the next table.

    John Ross gets a call from Elena. He answers and finds it's not Elena, it's Marta on her phone. She gives him directions to a hotel room, threatening to hurt Elena.

    John Ross goes to the hotel room and finds it dark and only Marta there. She says men have been following her and she knows he sold her out to Vicente. She wants his help and threatens Elena again.

    Christopher drops by Elena's. She can't find her phone. She apologizes for telling him Rebecca was pregnant. He tells Elena he still wants to be with her. She admits a part of her wants to be with him, but says she's making things work with John Ross. "You have to stop this," she tells him.

    Bobby goes to Ryland, who fake apologizes for involving the police. Bobby apologizes for hitting him. Ryland picks up the phone and has the charges dropped. Then Bobby warns him again to leave Ann alone.

    Ryland gives Bobby a folder. "That's why you're here, isn't it? To find out what kind of person your wife really is," Ryland says. Bobby says he knows her, but Ryland says she's holding something back. "There's a lot about Annie you don't know," he says.

    In the hotel room, John Ross realizes Marta doesn't have Elena, only her phone. He notices a video camera. He grabs for her purse and she grapples with him, scratching his neck. He pushes her to the floor, takes Elena's phone and leaves. Two men walk toward Marta's room right after he leaves.

    Bobby comes home to hear Ann defending Rebecca to Christopher. Ann says Rebecca only lied about something in her past, something she was ashamed of. She tells him he can still be happy with her. Bobby puts down the file from Ryland and joins them.

    Christopher gets a call. The paternity test results are in, but they want him to come in.

    John Ross comes out of the hotel and hears a car alarm going off. Marta's dead body is lying flattened on top of a car, thrown from her room balcony above. He walks away panicked but several people get a good look at him.

    At the doctor's, Christopher, Ann and Bobby get the news that Christopher is the father. And she's having twins.

    Christopher joins Rebecca getting an ultra sound. She takes his hand. He gets choked up looking at the ultrasound but still pulls away from her. Ann cries and leaves the room.

    Back at the ranch that night, Ann looks at the locket Harris sent. She hides it from Bobby when he comes in to tell her the charges are dropped.

    He shows her the file from Ryland, that he said contained everything he needs to know about her. He wants to know what's inside, but says he doesn't need to open it to know about her.

    "I know you'll work through this on your own, but if you need me, I'm here. You can trust me," he says. He puts the unopened folder on the fire.

    Ann goes over and hugs him and can see the folder contents burning. They include an old photo of her with a baby.

    John Ross comes home to Elena, relieved to see her. She tells him she'll help him with the oil. Cops pull up. They're following up the murder of Veronica Martinez, aka Marta Del Sol. Witnesses saw his car at the scene. They want to question him. He gets in the back of the squad car.

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