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  • This story follows Eva, a traveler who experiences some car trouble and ends up spending some time with a group of women in a hotel outside of town. These women gladly accept Eva into their home and help her to feel at home. Quickly Eva discovers the secret that unifies these seven interesting women she's met. As relationships are being formed, an even deeper relationship forms between Eva and Liz. As they go on different adventures, Liz's secret that she's kept from everyone is revealed and it takes a toll on everyone involved. . It is worthy to note that there are not many male characters in this film, which leaves room for these women to show their own strengths, capabilities and who they truly are as vibrant women living their lives.


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  • Eva (Eloísa Maturén) is on her way out of town when her car breaks down on the side of the road. She makes it into a small town and when she asks for directions to a hotel, the mechanic points her to Margot's (Elba Escobar) place. Margot owns a small hotel and every year some of her friends come to celebrate Liz's (Patricia Velásquez) birthday. She usually would not accommodate another guest during this time, but seems to take pity on Eva and lets her stay. Unbeknownst to Eva, Margot and all of her friends at the hotel this week are lesbians. Having just recently lost a young child to cancer and found out her husband may possibly be cheating on her, Eva seems to have a lot on her mind when she arrives.

    Liz takes a liking to her after Eva sabotages her fishing outing and invites her to dinner with her friends that night. When her friends see her, Liz bets one of them that she can have Eva in her bed within three days.

    At dinner, Eva discovers that these women all have something in common: they are lesbians. Almost all of them have had or are currently in relationships with one another, and some have kids from previous heterosexual relationships. This seemingly catches Eva by surprise and it can be assumed that she hasn't had much interactions with homosexuals and has been a heterosexual her whole life.

    Eva seems to be more open minded than most people to the women's situation. They explain that they reside outside of town in order to escape the wary looks and slander from those in town. As relationships are being formed, an even deeper relationship forms between Eva and Liz. Part of this is because that Liz makes a bet with one of the other women that she can get Eva in bed with her within three days.

    Although this was Liz's initial motivation for getting close to Eva, it is clear that it slowly becomes replaced with true feelings for her. As they go on different adventures, Liz's secret, one that she has kept from everyone except for Dolores whom she had a very intimate relationship with, is revealed and it takes a toll on everyone involved: her cancer is back. Coincidentally it was the same illness that Tommy, Eva's son, had when he died.

    Unfortunately, on the night of Liz's 37th birthday celebration, she collapses and is rushed to the hospital and finds out that she has only a couple months to live. While trying to cope with her fear of not having left a memorable impact, she spends her time surrounded by her friends and Eva, who later reveals that she is pregnant and will name the child after Liz if it is a girl, which it turns out to be.

    The film ends with the death of Liz, agreed and brought out about with the help of Eva, and then a scene of the ladies playing cards briefly talking about Liz. Eva is still with them and plunges into the sea with Lizzy, her young daughter.

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