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  • Harvey and Jessica get ready for the vote. They learn that the vote is split after Hardman got rid of one of Jessica's supporters and that Hardman made Louis a Senior Partner and as a result is the deciding vote. Jessica wants Harvey to get him to vote for her. Harvey and Mike are working on a case wherein a reporter is being sued by a baseball player when he accuses the man of using steroids. The reporter claims the story is accurate because he has a source whom he will not reveal. And Mike's grandmother comes to the office.


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  • Open with Harvey meeting Donna on the street. They go back and forth before she eventually agrees to come back to work, on two conditions: A bigger bonus check and something we don't hear.

    Louis hands out bonus checks to the associates. He does not have one for Mike.

    Harvey does have a check for Mike. With the partner vote coming up in four days it looks like the numbers are even, with a tie going to Jessica.

    Daniel has Louis into his office. He says he is allowed to name one senior partner per year and he has picked Louis. Louis is overcome with joy. Daniel tells him the move is official but wants him to wait on telling anybody until after the vote.

    A fired-up Louis arrives for work the next day. Donna is also in the office. Her "one more thing" was to fire Harvey's temp assistant.

    Harvey is defending a TV sports talking head named Zielinski who is being sued for saying on the air he thinks a baseball player named Solis is using PEDs. Harvey points out that Zielinski is stating his opinion. This seems to work until the prosecution shows off-air footage of Zielinski saying he wants to get Solis out of the league. The case is headed for trial.

    Afterwards Solis' attorney tells Harvey that they've sent Zielinski evidence that his client is clean, but he won't mention it on-air. Solis wants an on-air apology and retraction.

    Louis apologizes for how he treated Donna in the mock trial and gives her theater tickets. When Donna notices him wearing a new suit she realizes what's happened.

    Donna tells Jessica about Louis being made senior partner.

    Mike's grandmother Edith shows up at the office and Mike is clearly embarrassed.

    Jessica confronts Daniel about making Louis senior partner. He thinks she should have promoted him years earlier. This leads to an argument about how she got the firm. She offers him an opportunity to take a few lawyers and leave the firm. He says the only reason he even came back is because Harvey approached his teenage daughter about his infidelity.

    Jessica tells Harvey he needs to counteract Daniel's promotion of Louis. Since Louis idolizes him so much she wants Harvey to be nice to him.

    Mike is looking for a place in Manhattan for Edith to live. Rachel decides to help.

    Louis tells his parents about he promotion. Harvey comes into his office, gives him the address of his tailor and invites him to dinner.

    During dinner Harvey tells Louis about Daniel trying to make him the patsy when he embezzled money from the firm. Louis points out Harvey is using him the same way Daniel is. Louis storms out of the restaurant.

    Rachel and Mike find the perfect apartment for Edith. There is definitely some sexual tension between the two.

    Harvey tells Mike about getting shot down by Louis.

    Zielinski tells Harvey there is no way he'll retract his charge against Solis. He wants Solis to have an asterisk by his name, a la Roger Maris. He says he has a rock-solid source that Solis is juicing, but won't reveal who it is. After the meeting Harvey tells Mike he thinks Zielinski is probably right, and they need to figure out how Solis passed the drugs tests. Mike is given that task.

    Harvey comes to Louis with an asterisk argument. He thinks Louis shouldn't want to be named senior partner under these circumstances. Once again Louis rebuffs him, pointing out that Jessica didn't have the courtesy to court him herself.

    Mike tells Rachel he cancelled a dinner engagement with Edith because of his work commitments. She shows him her LSAT scores have come in the mail but she's too nervous to open the envelope. She's gotten a great score.

    Mike has figured out Zielinski's source is an old teammate of Solis' who provided him with clean urine. Harvey thinks they can make use of this information without going public.

    Jessica isn't surprised Harvey couldn't close Louis. She sent him first because Louis wouldn't believe her if he didn't have to work to get her there. Harvey thinks Louis' anger is "deep" and words won't be enough. Harvey offers up his office, a sign he's putting the firm's needs above his own.

    Mike confronts Solis outside the stadium. He says if Solis doesn't drop his suit and retire, they'll go public with him being a cheater. If he does, Zielinski will never mention him on-air again.

    Louis tells Jessica he wants to be valued, nothing more. He closes the door and says he's tired of being strung along. Jessica explicitly tells him that Daniel is buying him. Louis says it's time she put Harvey in his shadow and essentially threatens to go with Daniel. Jessica tells him that she was prepared to give him Harvey's office, but since he's threatened her has changed her mind. She promises him she'll win the vote and if he's on the wrong side there will be "no coming back."

    Louis confronts Daniel about him making him a patsy. Daniel said the reason he used him was his financial expertise and it wasn't personal. Louis says he could've been sent to prison and Daniel says he didn't care back then. Daniel says he's a different man and if Louis doesn't believe he can be managing partner he shouldn't vote for him. He also says making him partner was not contingent upon a vote for him.

    Harvey tells Zielinski about Solis retiring on the condition he never mention him again. Zielinski hates the idea. Mike walks in Zielinski's source, who is furious because he think he was given up. Harvey says the only way he can protect his source (and therefore his career) is to take the deal.

    Louis stops in to see Jessica and Harvey. He gives them his senior partner buy-in check but tells them they'll have to wait 24 hours to see which way he'll vote.

    Mike is putting the finishing touches on Edith's new apartment. There is a knock at the door but it is Rachel, not Edith. She tells him that Edith has passed away.

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