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26 Mar. 2012
Love Letters
Professional decorator JJ is illiterate,fighting shy of paper work. When his wife Lisa is unable to accompany him he attends a parent/teacher evening at daughter Abbie's school,the stress giving him a panic attack,though he is consoled by teacher Fiona Taylor. When JJ finds a sweet tin full of letters to Lisa he suspects she is having an affair with his work-mate Anthony and asks Fiona to read them. She refuses,instead teaching him basic literacy skills. They become more than friends and are planning an affair until,with his new-found skills,JJ learns the true content...
27 Mar. 2012
Help Me If You Can
Single parent Valerie gets a job in a chemist shop run by kindly but lonely widower Ray. Despite comments from her friend Sylvia that she and the older Ray are more than friends their working relationship is good but she is alarmed when he suggests she sits an exam to become a dispenser because she can barely read and uses a system of picture cards to help her identify the different medicines. When a customer is rushed to hospital she feels she gave him the wrong prescription,due to her situation and resigns. However she is exonerated and decides to carry on working ...
28 Mar. 2012
A Study in Time
Manual worker Sam,despite having no formal qualifications,successfully gets a job as a teacher through his persuasive interview but,whilst celebrating,falls down and bangs his head. After waking in hospital he finds he has lost the power of literacy but,anxious to get the job,gets girlfriend Naomi to help him begin to learn to read again. Paranoid that people will find out his secret he lashes out,causing Naomi to leave him. However,after a family dinner he realises his priorities and reconciles with Naomi,putting the job on hold.
29 Mar. 2012
The Crossing
To Kathleen,looking after an invalid mother for most of her life,her one link with the outside world is as a school crossing lady. She is friendly with pupil Megan and her divorcee father Jimmy and when Megan and Jimmy are asked to do a reading for the school's Christmas play Megan,knowing her father is busy,asks Kathleen to join her instead.But Kathleen is illiterate,having given her life over to caring,and eventually must tell Megan,who feels betrayed. However there is reconciliation when Kathleen encourages Jimmy to let Megan contact her mother and the little girl ...
30 Mar. 2012
Mightier Than the Sword
Superficially Jackie Jones in happily married to hair-dresser John but her poor literacy skills condemn her to being a house-wife and dependent on her husband for almost all household arrangements, a situation which suits him. Jackie,however,wants more and secretly enrols at her local adult literacy scheme. As she grows stronger in her confidence John feels she is drifting apart from him and begins an affair with employee Stacey. Jackie is now extremely literate and is able to read the credit card statement relating to her husband's affair. She concedes that they have...


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