Olympus Has Fallen (2013) Poster

Gerard Butler: Mike Banning



  • Mike Banning : [to Kang]  Why don't you and I play a game of fuck off. You go first.

  • General Edward Clegg : I am giving you a direct order!

    Mike Banning : Newsflash asshole - I don't work for you.

  • Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs : [on the phone after Mike has mentioned an altercation with one of the terrorists]  Is he alive?

    Mike Banning : Now ask me a serious question...

  • Ray Monroe : [giving abort code]  Hashtag.

    Mike Banning : What?

    Ray Monroe : Hashtag.

    Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs : Shift 3!

  • Mike Banning : Classified? Really? Well right now I believe I have the proverbial need to fuckin' know.

  • Mike Banning : [walking in front of the heavily damaged White House, and over dead bodies of their colleagues]  Sorry about the house, sir.

    President Benjamin Asher : It's ok. I believe it's insured.

  • Mike Banning : Come on. Scoot back. Put your belt on.

    Connor : What if I don't?

    Mike Banning : Then O'Neil here is gonna punch you in the nuts.

  • Kang : I underestimated you. It will not happen again.

    Mike Banning : There is no again. You're gonna die down there. Alone. Cut off from the rest of the world. My advice - save the last bullet for yourself. Because if you don't, I'm gonna stick my knife through your brain. But don't worry. I'm going to leak the photos of your body to the press. You know, because I know you like that kind of shit.

  • Mike Banning : [after stabbing and killing one of his prisoners, he wipes the bloody knife on the leg of the second prisoner]  Yeah, I guess I'm a little rusty... I like your friend, though. He seems like a funny guy.

  • [first lines] 

    Mike Banning : You're going to seriously try to rope-a-dope me? That's an old man's move.

    President Benjamin Asher : I am an old man.

    Mike Banning : No, you're not. But you box like one.

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