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The Impeccable Mr. Darnell Comes Through
philipwayn18 September 2012
The subject of the LGBT community as parents can often be one that focuses on the struggles, the legalities, the negatives. Mr. Darnell gives us the humor, the unconditional love, and the brash truths behind what makes a family. We are shown the hurdles, but also the strength in humor and ultimately the love between two characters with whom you feel immediately drawn to, as if you had known them for years. Mr. Darnell and company gives the audience nothing but straight forward and swift humor that is both gratifying and inspirational in sharing the journey of this family. This film is a must see, compelling story, brilliant and humanistic dialogue played flawlessly. Very rare in LGBT cinema does a film comes along which shows magnanimous truths, flawless dialogue, embraceable characters, and the entire cast and crew deliver on all levels. Out of the films running the festival circuits, Groom's Cake gives us the biggest slice.
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