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  • In 2012, Mr. Reese goes undercover as an armored car security guard to prevent a robbery. In 2010, CIA plan to eliminate two of their best agents.

  • With some hesitancy, Carter re-enters life with Reese and Finch, in part because she feels her police work may be in jeopardy since she doesn't know who in the force she can trust, with Fusco at the top of that list. Reese believes that it still is not the time to tell either Carter or Fusco of their relationships. Regardless, Carter is in place for work on the next number, that belonging to armored car security guard Tommy Clay, who they believe is the intended victim. Reese's belief of Tommy being victim is strengthened by seeing, while Reese works under him on the three person team, that the team is ill prepared if an attack was to happen on their vehicle. Reese is only half right. He and Finch will have to uncover Tommy's hidden relationships to find out who was responsible for the hit, which works its way back to Carter and Fusco's continuing problems. Meanwhile, flashbacks show Reese on his last job in 2010 with the CIA, which explain why Snow is so eager to find Reese now.



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  • In 2010, Reese is listening to a message from his ex, Jessica (Susan Misner). She is upset and says she feels all alone. She says she'll wait for him.

    In present day Carter talks to Reese about whether or not she can trust her friends on the force. She wants know more about the cases they're working and he offers her the chance to work the next one with them. It turns out be a jealous girlfriend who they stop from shooting the woman with whom she's being cheated on.

    HR higher-up NYPD Captain Lynch (Michael Mulheren) is interrogating a man who owes them money. He wants Fusco to go with the man to pick up the money.

    Finch calls Reese to say there is a new number. Since Carter clearly doesn't trust Fusco, Reese wonders if they should tell her he's working with HR on their behalf. Reese thinks it'll be safer for both of them if she doesn't know. The next number is Tommy Clay (Pablo Schreiber), who works for Grayling Armored Services in the most dangerous position for making cash pick-ups, the hopper. Reese is being planted as a trainee with the company. Reese places a camera on the truck.

    Back in 2010 Reese is being assigned to a mission in China. He wants time to take care of Jessica, but they have an important mission coming up. They're being assigned to retrieve a laptop that contains a delicate piece of software. Reese is told by Snow (Michael Kelly) he needs to kill his partner, Cara Stanton (Annie Parisse), after the pick-up. If he does that, he'll get all the leave he needs.

    Fusco tells Reese that HR is acquiring street money at a rapid rate. Reese wants him to continue gathering intel.

    Carter traces a license plate of the vehicle following the armored car to a pair of scumbags

    Reese eats at a diner with the team, meeting their favorite waitress, Ashley.

    Tommy tells Reese he'd been robbed once before and ended up with cracked ribs. But mostly the job is boring.

    One of the pick-ups is for platinum to be used in pacemakers. They are transporting about $2.5 million worth in two cases. A bomb detonates below the truck, knocking them into the air. Tommy ends up shooting both Reese and the other employee.

    Back in 2010 Reese and his partner aren't sure about their mission. They arrive and find dozens of dead bodies.

    Reese wakes up in the hospital. Carter is there to meet him and takes him out of there. Tommy's bullet hit his vest. Carter's not sure why Tommy came out blasting.

    Lynch has a job for Fusco. He wants him to pick up something in Brooklyn and "failure is not an option."

    Tommy's wife says she never expected her husband would steal anything. When Carter shows her a stolen bracelet she realizes it wasn't for her, and must have been for a girlfriend.

    Finch has figured out that Tommy is seeing Ashley on the side. The plan is to send him a picture of her that is embedded with spyware.

    Reese goes to bursting into the burner home coordinates of Tommy' location. He finds dead bodies of Tommy's accomplices in the armored car heist and runs into Fusco.

    Back in 2010 Reese and his partner find the Chinese software engineers gunned down. One of them tells Reese's partner somebody "came and got The Machine" in Chinese. She lies to Reese about what the man said and kills the wounded man.

    Reese tells Fusco about Tommy being long-gone. Fusco thinks he'll be a dead man if he doesn't bring the guy back to Lynch.

    Finch found records that indicate Ashley and Tommy are probably are on the move.

    Fusco tells his HR contact that Tommy went rogue.

    Reese drops in on Ashley, who says that Tommy was supposed to meet her but is a no-show. They were supposed to go to Cabo together. Finch has found a burner phone voicemail with information that indicates where Tommy is meeting his buyer.

    Snow pays Carter a visit. He doesn't want them to speak with the police.

    Back in 2010 Reese and his partner are unsure of what to think about the scene they came across.

    Reese finds Tommy and quickly gets the best of him. Tommy seems to have gotten tired of carting around other people's money. Ashley sneaks up from behind Reese with her gun drawn.

    Tommy and Ashley are partners. At some point Reese figures out that Tommy is both perp and victim. Ashley promptly shoots Tommy in the back, but can't bring herself to kill Reese. On her way out she's killed by Fusco and Lynch. When Lynch is about to kill Reese, Fusco shoots him with Ashley's gun.

    Back in 2010 after she "paints" their pick-up area with cyalumes, Stanton then turns on Reese with her gun drawn; Snow had given her the same instruction he had given Reese! She tells him the agency wants everybody associated to the mission to be killed.

    Instead of picking them us, the agency's "rescue" aircraft uses the cyalumes as a target indicator. Reese escapes just seconds before the "friendly aerial attack" kills his partner.

    Back in the present, Snow and his team, entering an apartment with guns drawn in search of Reese, are ambushed and gunned down by what looks to be Stanton, Reese's late CIA partner.

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